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I'm almost at the end of The Long Walk, The True Story of a Trek to Freedom, by Slavomir Rawicz. Set in the early 1940's, escapees from a Siberian labor camp make their way on foot to Tibet. Grueling is the word here. Impossible for someone like me to actually comprehend. Two take-aways from the book -- the cruelty of Siberian winters and the warmth of Tibetan hospitality.

Waiting are a couple of "what are you reading" recommendations: John D. MacDonald's The Deep Blue Good-by and The Children's Blizzard. I'll do the Deep Blue first - Siberia was too cold to follow up so soon with more snow. Thank you, recommenders.

No matter how simple it seems, it's complicated.
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Just FYI, I've reviewed the following book in a different DC topic ("Knock You Naked Brownies" in DC's dessert section, and I'm quoting it here for those of you who may not be following that topic:

Originally Posted by Gourmet Greg View Post
I finally got a copy of Pioneer Woman's cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks: recipes from an accidental country girl (by Ree Drummond) from the public library. After going through a couple dozen recipes all I can say is that I'm impressed! None of these are recipes you haven't heard before but PW has them done perfectly, with directions complete enough that only a total newbie would have any trouble following them.

Here's several of her recipes that I reviewed and want to try soon:
  • BBQ Jalapeno Poppersb (jalapeno halves stuffed with cream cheese & cheddar cheese, bacon wrapped and baked)
  • Pico de Gallo (her version looks good, although conventional, makes the point that tomato, onion & cilantro must be in equal parts)
  • Guacamole (just avocados + pico de gallo, and don't over mash them, definitely don't process it!)
  • PW's Potato Skins (almost like mine but + bacon)
  • Katie's Roasted Corn Salad (just a bunch of grilled vegies, chopped, plus a dressing)
  • Hot Artichoke Dip (from canned artichokes, seasoned with cayenne)
  • Cinnamon Rolls (looks like a killer recipe!)
  • Pizza Crust (very basic but I want to try her version)
  • Potato-Leek Pizza (with bacon of course!)
  • Perfect Pot Roast (very basic and conventional, but concise)
  • Chicken Pot Pie (again, very basic, uses following crust)
  • Perfect Pie Crust (with an egg and 1 T vinegar? I'll try it)
  • Chicken Fried Steak (conventional, simple, looks delicious! egg + milk dip, seasoned flour dip, egg/milk dip again, flour dip again, pan fry them, make sauce from some drippings + milk)
  • Meatloaf (she lays bacon slices over the top, then sauce & bake it)
  • Twice-Baked Potatoes (I think mine are better but I wanna know, both very similar)
  • Fried Chicken (again, basic and conventional, but it's simple and looks perfect)
I've looked at perhaps only one-eighth of the recipes and almost every one looks worth cooking, even the ones that resemble things I already have my own recipes for.

Her style is a bit too cutesy for me. I'm not interested in the non-cooking, biographical or philosophical stuff either. Nor the family pictures, but I am interested in the food pictures! Pure hard core food porn!

I've made up my mind that I will definitely buy my own copy of this book. It's only $16.50 at Amazon and all I need is my next coveted book to push it over the $25 free shipping threshold.

Note: Do not confuse this with The Pioneer Woman Cooks: food from my frontier which is her new book going to be released just this March 13th, Tuesday next week. Obviously I haven't reviewed it yet, but I intend to, and I bet it'll have some good recipes too!

So take that you PW scoffers! I give the book a hearty thumbs up!

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Originally Posted by SharonT View Post
For "Hunger Games" fans - you might like "Divergent" by Veronica Roth. The second book in the planned trilogy, "Insurgent," comes out May 1.

sharon, where did you hear of veronica roth?
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Old 03-11-2012, 08:22 PM   #2224
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Originally Posted by vitauta View Post
sharon, where did you hear of veronica roth?
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I am listening to " Our Magnificant Bastard Tongue " written by: John Mc Whorter ...

It is a factual read on the English language and itsī components, origins, linguistic issues, its connection to Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, Dutch and German. Fascinating for those who are linguistically inclined and curious to delve into what makes the English language tick.

Margaux Cintrano.
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Originally Posted by vitauta View Post
hunger games is a compelling story based on an utterly abhorrent premise. suzanne collins deftly shepherds us through repeated scenes of human exploitation and carnage, still *hungering* for that romantic and happy storybook ending. suzanne collins is truly a modern day literary wizard.

additionally, suzanne wizard is giving the green light to the upcoming movie of her book, praising both the director and actors for bringing an honest and faithful portrayal of her story to the screen. she reserves a special commendation for the female lead actor of the hunger games, and credits the film for bringing an extra visual layer of reality to her story.

i don't know about you, but this is the first time i'm hearing an author warmly embracing the handling of her work by the movie-makers. sweet.... :)

hunger games might just get me back into a movie theater for the first time in ten years or more. this movie, i expect, will be a phenom like none other in this century....

i just wanted, also, to respond to those book reviewers who are comparing suzanne collins to stephenie meyer as being similarly outstanding contemporary authors. NOT!!! suzanne collins has a rare gift for descriptive writing that has captured the imagination and attention of millions of readers widely ranging in age and interests. imho, stephenie meyer, while insanely popular, mainly with the vampire obsessed tween reader market, seems incapable of putting together a respectably literate paragraph in her twilight saga....
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Hmmm. I enjoyed all three of the Hunger Games trilogy. I found Mockingjay a bit preachy toward the end though. I also thought it ended rather precipitously and was not as well done as it could have been. Maybe I'm the only one with anything remotely negative to say about that. If so, I'll take my lumps as they come.

I enjoyed the Twilight series. I think you need to take it for what it is though. It was written with teen girls in mind. YOUNG teen girls. The "rescue me I'm a tragic heroine" syndrome is in full swing at that age.

I am thoroughly enjoying lots of teen fiction these days. I have high praise for Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Power's trilogy. She blends the paranormal stuff in with some excellent teen angst. Group home, magic, romance...its a winner.
You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. Robin Williams
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Coming Apart by Charles Murray. A compelling read after I got through the statistics. He is the author of Bell Curve.
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I know the Kindle and other ones like it are the latest rage. But one of the things I really enjoyed in my working days was listening to books on my way to and from work each day. I need to get back into that. I still have my casette player and head set. Time for a trip to the library. Maybe I should invest in a CD player instead. It would be a lot easier. All my clothes have pockets and I could put the player in there while I am working around the house.
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I listen to books on my ipod. Audible.com has great selection and it is easy to download.

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