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Old 08-01-2007, 01:24 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by candelbc
One of the most common suggestions I heard about lawn care was that you should cut your lawn at one of your mowers highest settings. This allows the thick pretty green grass to basically choke the shorter weeds out of the equation.

That's right. Also only mow 1/3 of the lawn height.

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Originally Posted by candelbc
Lastly.. Consider Dethatching your lawn. This is pulling up the dead, matted grass that tends to lay down and get trapped. They make a Dethatching Rake that you can pick up at a home store, or you can also rent/buy devices to do the same thing. Dethatching can be important to promoting further growth, light, and water absorbtion. Some people claim that thatch can sit and like a sponge hold water instead of sending it where it needs to go.

Again, I am no pro.. Just several years of going the extra mile for that nice lawn.

Aaah, can you tell me when the best time to dethatch is - spring or fall? And thank you for all the valuable information!

Michele Marie
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I think it mostly depends on the severity of the thatch... If I had to pick which is more important though, I would say the Spring.

Also, if you live in a climate that gets snow, make sure that the last time you mow for the season that you cut the grass as short as the mower will let you. This keeps grass from creating snow mold.

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Early spring March/April is the prime time followed by early fall September/October...Use a thatch rake. They can be bought or maybe rented. Plan on using plenty of old fashion elbow grease if this method is used....
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What a difference watering makes on the lawn! Looked so yellow and dry and today has beautiful green color. The birds even seemed happy when I watered.

Now to look forward to built in sprinking system. Wouldn't that be great? I never paid much attention to them before. Dragging the hose from one place to another makes me wonder what life would be like without manual labor? I believe if you really want your lawn to look the best person should invest in one of them. Maybe in my dreams I can feel what it's like to have one. Sounds so wonderful to just turn a knob. I am grateful I have running water.

I appreciate all your thoughts about taking care of the lawn. When I listen to gardening show, there are so many commercials.
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" told me to water in morning 45 minutes before sun comes out, three times week. "

We've had watering bans on and off all summer. The city is suggesting if you feel you must water the lawn, give it a good soaking once a week in the early morning. I haven't bothered, and neither have the neighbours. It saves a ton of money. We de-thatch in the spring,
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Lawn Care - Once Again Proving We are as Dumb as We Look!

Just my $0.02. I think collectively as Americans the dumbest thing we do is mow our lawns. We gripe about $3.00 per gallon gas (and the price will get higher), extoll the virtues of organic and pesticide free food, and are warned every day in the summer about the ozone level. Then what do we do? We go home and spread pesticides and herbicides on our lawns around our gardens (your gardens not mine) and run gas guzzling mowers (calculate the mpg on your grass shortener sometime) without any catalytic converters. As for watering, just how much of that precious natural resource do you think is out there? The answer is less than you think regardless of where you live.
We must be nuts!

If you want to de-thatch your lawn try this. In the spring right after the snow is off mix the following ingredients.

12 ounces beer (anything but light beer, un-pasteurized draft is best)
12 ounces cola (not diet, you need the sugar from real cola)
8 ounces non-sudsing household ammonia

Put in a hose sprayer and spray across the lawn. Wait one week and manually rake, If you are lucky there will be very little to rake as the thatch will self-compost in place thanks to this recipe. If you don't rake that is ok too because the first time you mow it should disappear in the mowing.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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The GREEN Thread
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That is what person likes to share is their feelings. I never have watered like I said as I did what the rest of the neighbors did. Now that I am in process of trying to get house ready to move, I have been told that the outside as well as the inside has to be appealing for someone to be interested. The way it was, had hardly no grass, mostly weeds and didn't have any reason to mow the lawn. So after many years of doing without maybe now I should make it look appealing for others. Even if we do not sell right away, the looks of a house is the way the people who live there like it. I admire green grass and I hope others will too. I try to be as 'natrual' about things as possibly acceptable but others aren't as accepting.

thanks for venting. Helps us both.
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A couple of nights a week for 2 hours will do. And that's because we live in a hot and humid climate of about 105 degrees in summer. A good fertilizer twice a year will do wonders for the lawn as well. Keep using weed killers to keep the weeds from absorbing all the moisture out of your lawn. Hope this helps.

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