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Old 02-25-2007, 11:58 AM   #41
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Thank you, Half Baked. I needed that too after having a cat put down not that long ago and his mum what seems like not long before that.

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Old 02-25-2007, 02:16 PM   #42
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Goodweed, I am thinking of you today and sending lots of warm {{{{hugs}}}}.
I am so sorry.

In the book of life, the answers are NOT in the back.
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Old 02-25-2007, 02:52 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by Snoop Puss
I'm about to get a dog in the next few months, and I've learnt a lot from reading this thread. Our local vets even sell all those things like pig's ears, chews and those rope and twisted cotton toys. I always thought the toys were good for the animals teeth - a kind of tooth brush and a bit of fun exercise. If vets sell them, how are we supposed to know they're not good for animals?
Just because the vet sells it or recommends it doesn't mean it's healthy. One need only look at the way they vaccinate every year for things most of our pets have already built up immunities to and knowing full well that they are going to be changing the vaccs protocols as soon as they can come up with a way not to lose 60% of their revenue. At least in the USA.

That said, like cooking, you need to gather as much information as possible and make an informed decision yourself.
Most toys/chews come with a "Always supervise your pet" clause somewhere. Most pets do fine, some do not. Like the big Greenie scare last year where a few pets died from the lodged chunks, but look at the millions who didn't have a problem and get one daily. Pets have choked on kibble dog food and died.....
You need to evaluate your particular pet and do what's best for you both.
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Old 02-25-2007, 03:12 PM   #44
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I am very sorry to hear about your beloved pet...
maybe the memories it brought to you threw the years will
offer some comfort to your broken heart...
losing a pet is hard...My thoghts are with you...
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Old 02-25-2007, 05:03 PM   #45
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So sorry to hear about your pooch.
Take heart in knowing you're doing what's best....
This is taken from "The Dog's Prayer"....

"And, beloved master, should the great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest - and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands."
"Mmmmmm. Floor pie."
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Old 02-25-2007, 05:51 PM   #46
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Originally Posted by Goodweed of the North
I know that there are those who think, well, she's not like a real human and you can always get another dog. I don't understand how people can think like that. Though they may not be as smart as people (at least most people), they have intelligence, personality, emotions, and a spirit. They are not little machines, or hunting tools, or toys, or protection devices. They are living creatures. And yes, I feel that way about all living creatures. Just as I am animated by a spirit, so too are they.
I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I'm with you on dogs having their little personality that make us melt over them. I have fallen in love with our new puppy and I know she will be irreplaceable when she's gone. I hope something can be done for your dog. Have you considered surgery?
If you have much, give of your wealth. If you have little, give of your heart. - Arab proverb
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Old 02-25-2007, 06:27 PM   #47
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Goodweedl, I am sorry to hear about Kaysee. It just breaks my heart to think about her. Our animals sure do become an important part of our families. My dog is like my best friend. He is always glad to see me no matter what kind of day I have had. Take care and I will be thinking of you and Kaysee.

Hugs, SC
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt
26th president of US (1858 - 1919)
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Old 02-25-2007, 06:36 PM   #48
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Originally Posted by Half Baked
I've been avoiding this thread like the plague since my heart is still so raw from having our beloved Skeeter put down but I realized that it wasn't fair. You all were so good to me.

Goodweed, we all do the best we can with the resources that we have. You know Kaysee had a wonderful life with you and she'll be free of her pain. omg, how it hurts to lose a pet...but she can't live in misery. I kept Skeeter alive at least a month too long because I selfishly wanted to keep him by me.

I feel so very sorry for you and I have tears in my eyes, too.

<Rainbow Bridge>

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

You just made me cry!! I hope I see my pets someday when we are at Rainbow Bridge...
You never know if you like something until you try it once. ~Grandpa Walt
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Old 02-25-2007, 08:52 PM   #49
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GW - my thoughts and prayers are with you - I pray for peace for your sweet 4-legged baby.

"Count yourself...you ain't so many" - quote from Buck's Daddy
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Old 02-26-2007, 05:32 AM   #50
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Goodweed, so sorry I didn't get a chance to post a reply until now... my thoughts will be with you and kaysee today. Try not to be too sad... keep the poem Halfbaked posted above in your heart, she will be going to a better place, where she no longer suffer, and will be watching over you from above. Please don't beat up on yourself too much over what could have been, or what you may have done wrong... My little winter white hamster feasted on sweet treats, cheeses and all sorts of people food all along, which I discovered with horror very late in his life that those things are absolute no-no's for hamsters of his type, that this kind of food could kill them. However he exceeded the normal life expectancy of hamsters almost by double, and was always robust, happy and full of energy. You gave her a happy, full life... and all the love any pooch could wish for. You shared a special part of life together, and her little spirit will stay on in a special spot of your heart forever. Kaysee was fortunate to be loved and cared by you during her time on this earth, and she will remember that, too.

(((Hugs))) to you and kaysee.

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