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Old 03-07-2006, 08:51 PM   #21
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Wow, you guys hit so many of the pet peeves I have and didn't even know I had!

Thanks a lot for making me clench my jaws while reading this thread! :-)


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Old 03-08-2006, 07:35 AM   #22
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Originally Posted by mudbug
"at the end of the day", bucky, I will find you and hurt you.
whatever 'bug, talk to the hand!!!

corinne, you gave out pacifiers?
fantastic, that's just phenomenal!!!!!!

(ok, why is there a gang ouside my window with torches and pitchforks?)

"Thunderbolt and lightening,
very, very frightening me!" Galileo
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Old 03-08-2006, 07:36 AM   #23
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as long aas genuine apperichation is shown I really don't mind the response,myself :)
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Old 03-08-2006, 07:42 AM   #24
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just an fyi on "adult" pacifiers: the trend began with drug use, specifically ecstasy. "e" as it's known, dries out your mouth so you'll often see people drinking a lot of water, and sucking on pacifiers to help combat the cotton mouth.

i like lefse's reason much better. i keep one of my son's binkies clipped to my visor in my truck to remind me not to run poor driving tourists off the roads on my way to and from work in the city.
"Thunderbolt and lightening,
very, very frightening me!" Galileo
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Old 03-08-2006, 09:28 AM   #25
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Now a binky hanging off of your luggage or rear-view mirror says to me you have a baby in the house and my brain goes "aww", but what drives me crazy are the adults that actually walk around sucking on them "ewww"

Bucky thanks for the info on how that got started. I never knew that.

Another thing that drives me crazy are eyebrow rings AAARRGGHH!! I just want to yank it off and scream "Give me that you freak". Oh I hate those things. Those and Tongue Studs. ICK!

I told my daughter she could get her ears pierced and/or her belly-button but nothing else. We reached a compromise on the points that 1. any piercing had to be able to be covered for work, church or formal occasions and 2. would not compromise the structural integrity of a condom.

~ Raven ~
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Old 03-08-2006, 09:34 AM   #26
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I'd rather get a "no problem" than no reponse at all
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Old 03-08-2006, 09:41 AM   #27
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Originally Posted by mudbug
Let's not hear anymore of these unless properly applied:

"it's all good"
I get sick of "it's all good", hear it from the teenagers around town, all the time.
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Old 03-08-2006, 10:37 AM   #28
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One of my biggest pet peeves is most definitely the misuse of apostrophes. I had a very in-depth discussion with a friend of mine about this. I was making a vinyl decal for their mailbox (don't get me started on the misuse of there, they're and their) that said "The Andersons." She wanted me to add an apostrophe so that it said "The Anderson's."

I refused. I told her that by using the apostrophe in that way she was making it a singular possessive when she was intending to say "The Andersons live here." I told her that if I did *anything* with an apostrophe it would read "The Andersons'" because there were *two* of them living there, so it would be a little more correct to use a plural possessive placement of the apostrophe.

I won in the end, but their email header *still* says "The Anderson's" when it arrives.

VH1 uses "The Big 80's" in their advertisements. Arrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh!!! It's '80s, not 80's. It's not possessive. It's a *contraction* people! You are removing the "19" from "1980s" and therefore use the apostrophe to indicate the contraction.

Yeah. I'm a little retentive at times. Sue me. It's the journalism degree in me.
It's good for the soul when there's not a soul in sight.

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Old 03-08-2006, 10:48 AM   #29
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Phinz, that is by far my biggest pet peeve in the universe. I am the "apostrophe police" around everyone I know. They make fun of me, but it drives me nuts! I've seen words PRINTED on signs at the grocery store (not just handwritten), such as "Bartlett Pear's" and "Tri Tip Roast's". It makes me want to run out screaming and waving my arms. I bet I see a misuse of the little apostrophe at least a couple of times a day. I could say it's my OCD that makes me crazy about this, but it's the just plain lack of proper word usage.
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Old 03-08-2006, 11:05 AM   #30
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Originally Posted by buckytom
awesome suggestion mudbug!!!

i understand your gripe, but ya know, in the end (lol, i can't say that without thinking of tg and brokebutt mountain) it's all good!

(running awayyyyyy)
I told my DH of this comment yesterday and he laughed. He/we won't see it (the flick) but he refers to it in a similar style, he calls it Pokeback Mountain....He isn't very nice
I have a confession to make and it's healing I hear to do that. I have 3 binkies in my kitchen on my cookbook bookshelf, as well as 1 bink in my glove box and 1 on my dashboard. I also carry 1 in my suitcase. Okay, I feel better now. They're his (to the left in the pix).
Oh gad about the apostrophe. That is a hoot! And about the use of the AR, the last part 'R' meant retentive but didn't want to put what the 'A' stood for, now you probably all know. hahah
I wrote an 8 page letter to Bloomingdorks about a problem I had with them in November last year. I sent it, as per a request, by a law student. She was at the event that I wrote about so she wanted to read it < my complaint. She dissected it and wrote back to me with all the corrections included. One thing she mentioned was, "Oh my, you DO love commas don't you?" I now call her the comma police. hahha
And the there, their, they're thing. Oh my. My DH, the Rocket Doctor, even makes mistakes with that. How can such a brainiac be so oopsie on the their, there, they're PLUS your/you're?

I now have to rest..............

...Trials travel best when you're taking the transportation known as prayer...SLRC
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