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Old 12-04-2008, 07:02 AM   #1
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Wink My parents are coming soon

T-minus 30 hours and counting. My mom was completely packed on Monday. I suggested she start walking and by the time she got here, her luggage would have arrived. I understand her excitement prompts her packing frenzy. Having been safely swaddled in the womb, I can only imagine what her nesting habits were like before she gave birth. Picture, if you can, a diminutive woman, great with child, beehive hairdo, red lips with a dangling Virginia Slim...ordering my dad to wallpaper, change the carpeting, move the window to another wall to get better light, etc....

I'm sure my dad is packed, by now, as well. That scene would have been something like "Jim, don't forget your jeans" (an item he's worn every day since his mother put him in long pants) There would also have been comments such as 'what are you taking that for?', or 'you're going to need this' and 'if you think you're going to wear that shirt with those pants you're nuts'. At some point, he'll suggest she just pack for him, at which time she'll remind him that he's a grown man, capable of packing his own bag.

Most of you know that when I'm working (oh, how I remember that...) I don't really bother with dinner. Considering I'm not, and I have company (they'll be here for 11 days. Did I mention I was having my head examined on the 17th?) I needed food, more food than usual. Between shopping for dry goods last week and perishables this week I've spent $400 on stocking this house. With proper planning and frugal toilet use we could survive in here for 6 months. Easy. My mother insists on drinking bottled water. It could be whatever medicine she takes makes her thirsty, but this bottled water thing kills me. You know me, I'm a decrease the landfills sorta gal. I have a pitcher of filtered water in the fridge, plenty to fill a nice big glass. So, I bought one six -pack of water. She'll have to refill as she goes or I'm apt to pull my hair out.

I have a tentative menu in my head for the week, too.
Friday: pumpkin soup followed by homemade pappardelle with short ribs. Apple pie and strufoli for dessert.

Saturday we're going into the city to see the tree. Dinner will be at Delta Grill for cajun and creole.

Sunday: Pernil with fried plantains, sauteed collard greens, yellow rice with pigeon peas.

Monday: chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, baby peas

Tuesday: macaroni, meatballs, sausage

Wednesday: some type of fish with rice, etc...

I cannot even think as far ahead as Thursday. Just getting the aforementioned menu together was daunting. Even scarier will be trying to cook it while someone keeps my mother occupied and out of the kitchen. That someone will have to be my dad. Unfortunately, all she has to do is say "Jim, why don't you rearrange all the summer furniture in Roseann's garage before it get's dark?" and that will be the end of my buffer. I'll be elbow to elbow with her. All she'll want to do is help, and all I'll see is that the peeler is in the wrong drawer. She does keep a spotless kitchen, so putting her on clean up is usually the solution. But...there's that everything's in the wrong place problem to deal with. The good thing is that I can look her straight in the eye (well, I do have to look down a bit now...funny how older people shrink, hmm?) tell her get the **** out, and she'll go read the paper for a while. Then she'll ask me if I've calmed down and can she come back in. We'll do that dance till dinner is ready.

So, here's my plan, for anyone who cares to watch this show. I've got to pick them up at 2pm tomorrow. I'll pop in here as often as I can to let you know what we're up to, if the house has been painted a new and exciting colour, if the oven has exploded, if I've buried anyone in the garden, and if the authorities have been called.

Oh yea, both Marianne and Jim quit smoking over 40 years ago. Still, I think the damage has been done, don't you?


How can we sleep while our beds are burning???
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Old 12-04-2008, 07:09 AM   #2
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She'll be comin' round the mountain....

Surely you will kill the old red rooster, and have chicken and dumplings one evening....
--- Cornbread on the side?

There is only one Quality worse than Hardness of Heart, and that is Softness of Head.

Kool-Aid...Think Before You Drink
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Old 12-04-2008, 07:20 AM   #3
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Actually, I saved a hunk of the cornbread from Thanksgiving in the freezer. I'm planning to make crutons out of that for the pumpkin soup.

The rooster ran away last week.
How can we sleep while our beds are burning???
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Old 12-04-2008, 07:30 AM   #4
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Had to look up "pernil". http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/02/di...tml?ref=dining

Yumm! Does that look close to your recipe, Vera?


P.S. Just reading about your parents' impending visit is making me itchy! LOL!
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Old 12-04-2008, 07:51 AM   #5
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That's about it, QSis. I use a bit of brown sugar in the rub, too. It's an inexpensive cut of meat that comes out magnificent when done.
How can we sleep while our beds are burning???
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Old 12-04-2008, 08:08 AM   #6
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Sounds like it's going to be quite the show, VB! As for the pernil, "cutting it into uniform slices is almost impossible; rather, whack it up into chunks.", that's my kind of recipe!
Practice safe lunch. Use a condiment.
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Old 12-04-2008, 08:16 AM   #7
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Vera sounds like your going to be very occupied for the next little bit. And here the liquor cabinet is going to be unguarded as we head off for a long-ish weekend in northern Michigan. A pity.

Still, it sounds wonderful and I'm sure you'll have a great time. If you need a place to hide though, we'll have room up north. (We'll be north of Detroit but south of Goodweed.. In what's referred to as the "upper lower")

(We'll have drinks and a hot tub, too)

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Old 12-04-2008, 08:42 AM   #8
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Ha....this sounds better than reading a good book!! I'll have to get nice and comfy on the couch, a little cooler beside me and watch the fireworks. lol
I'm sure it will be a wonderful time with your parents.

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Old 12-04-2008, 08:57 AM   #9
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VB, do you have room for 12?????? You sound like a great hostess with fun plans....and I know that you're a great cook........I have 7 coming but my brother in law and sister in law and their families are more than happy to stay at a local hotel....we just don't have the room..........I remember when we'd have all the grandkids at my mother-in-law's spend the nights and just being wasted crawling into bed after running after them.......have fun!!:):)
The only difference between a "cook" and a "Chef" is who cleans up the kitchen.
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Old 12-04-2008, 09:14 AM   #10
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Ok, why did the title of your thread change???

Anywho... I think this is the most appropriate icon to use for this occasion!!! (Thanks Jeeks!)

Name:   popcorn4jj.gif
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Size:  2.9 KB

Oh... and your menu sounds awesome Miss Vera!

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