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Originally Posted by AllenMI
Skunks actually make very good pets, once they have their scent glands removed. .
that's because they're afriad you'll take something else the next time.

i've had raccoons walk right across me while i "slept" in my sleeping bag, trying to get to food in the corner of an open trail shelter. i just stayed still until they left. (they didn't touch my cadbury fruit and nut bar, or it woulda been a donnybrook.)

one thing i can say for raccoons: do not try to get them out of your attic by yourself.
i had one try to take up residence in the attic above my old apartment. he got in thru a small hole in the eaves caused by ice damming.

well, one day i decided to chase him out, them hammer the eaves back into place. i crawled around the attic on my belly, armed with a fishing pole and a flashlight, eventually cornering him near the hole. i slid the pole into the tiny corner of the eaves, and started poking the stubborn little bandit to get him to leave. but, he just turned, glared at me, and dissappeared in an instant.
i wasn't sure which way he'd gone as i couldn't see around the rafters very well. but lying there prostrate, unable to move more than an inch at a time, i heard a sound directly behind me at my feet.
i think it was snickering at me.
i can't tell you how uncomfortable i felt, as i pictured him standing behing me with a large hammer, cartoon style.

eventually, i wiggled out of my predicament, and outsmarted him (it took a while to complete both of these things...lol )
i left some peanuts outside the hole on the roof, and when he went out to chow down, i closed up the eaves.

"Thunderbolt and lightening,
very, very frightening me!" Galileo
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I can just picture that Bucky!!!

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Not cute. Nope, not cute. Besides being a terrific rabies vector, they also carry a kind of roundworm that, in humans, encysts itself in the eye (treatable) or the brain (untreatable).

And, they kill chickens. Many more chickens than they could ever eat. And some of the chickens they don't kill, they just eat half their heads off and I have to kill them, as they flutter and make ungodly noises with the half of their heads they have left.

Not cute. Nope.
I just haven't been the same
since that house fell on my sister.
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We have had a racoon visit us quite often since we moved here three years ago. He likes to share Lily's food. We know it's the same one because he doesn't have a tail. It must have lost it when it was a baby. Last year it was pretty ill looking... it was very skinny and it's eyes were always dripping. Wasn't so cute then. It's much healthier this year though.

Lily jumps up on to the roof when it comes and the two of them just ignore each other UNLESS he's outside and she's inside where she's safe. Then Lily sits in front of the glass door and hisses and screams and tries to act big and strong. It's really funny. The coon just looks at her likes she's crazy.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. Robert Frost
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