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Old 11-22-2006, 07:58 AM   #1
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Reanie's Mom (moved from Venting)

I just found out my mom has lung cancer - I am so lost..How do you get through something like this??


"There are many things in life that will catch your eye - but only a few things will catch your heart. Pursue those!"
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Reanie - I am so sorry to hear this. I just said a prayer for your mom and you - getting through this? You have your friends at DC to lean on, don't forget that.

Michele Marie
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Originally Posted by Reanie525i
I just found out my mom has lung cancer - I am so lost..How do you get through something like this??
Oh Reanie I'm so sorry. I can only tell you how we got thru with my Dad. We just took every day as a blessing and enjoyed the time we had. There were tough days, but there were just as many good ones. Someone told me something that stuck with me and it helped me so I hope it helps you. You know that your Mom is going to pass away someday, its just now you have the blessing of knowing its going to be sooner so that you can truly cherish the time you have left.

I hope that the doctors can do wonderful things and give her lots of time for you to cherish together.
You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. Robin Williams
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a close family friend got the diagnosis two weeks ago, lung cancer. He has two kids in their early teens. Another family friend (a doctor) has breast cancer and my godmother's s-i-l just found out he has prostate cancer....spread to his bones, his eldest kid is 10.
The only thing one can say is at least you have this time to fill with love.
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Hold your mom close, do some of the things you know she has always wanted to do. Sit quietly with her and have a cup of coffee or tea. Take her hand as you walk, remember to hug her when you part, this will be a difficult time, but, you can get through it. You still have her and you have each of us here at DC..Lean on us all you need to..I'm sending prayers for all of you..Wish there were more I could do.
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Old 11-22-2006, 12:56 PM   #6
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Reanie, all I can tell you is how our family is handling my favorite uncle's battle with lung cancer. We take every day as it comes, with prayers, love and family unity. We laugh with him and we cry with him and we shower him with our love. I pray that the Lord will be your strength as he is with us thru your days ahead.
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Reanie, I sympathise with you on your dear mum's plight. Don't give up hope. Miracles can and do happen! So keep your spirits high.
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Take it one day at a time. We are told not to worry about tomorrow just get through today. The Lord has our time in His hands and He will surely show you His love when the time comes. My mother was everything to me and when she got bad I really got mad at God. Wrong! I ask for Him to help me to give me strength to accept it. I just turned it over to Him cause this was my world crashing down on me. Going through divorce, no job, etc. many things to cause me heartache and now He was taking her. My only understanding is He planned it this way for me to know He is the source of my life, not my mother. Hard for you to know now since you just found out. Please keep praying and I will do the same. He hears me always, even when I couldn't find the butter this morning! All I did was ask and t here it was! Your mom just needs your love to know that you care. She is in good hands. Every day is His gift to us and our love to others is our gift to Him. sharing my love with you and your precious mother.
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Originally Posted by Reanie525i
I just found out my mom has lung cancer - I am so lost..How do you get through something like this??
I don't know your beliefs, but strong family support, and the knowledge that death is inevetable for everyone helps. For me, I rely on my belief in the afterlife and that I will see them again. I trust my Heavenly Father, and that he knows so much more than I do. I trust him to be a great Father, and that the difficult times we experience are for our own growth.

Sometimes an illness can teach us compassion, and help us to grow closer to those we love, even though it is still difficult. I have lost parents to cancer, and to heppatitis (my mother contracted it after receiving a blood transfusion after the birth of my youngest sister). And though I wept for their passing, I still knew that our seperation was only temporary.

I may be out of line here, speaking about my beliefs. Rely on your family to assist with you needs, as well as your mother's. And know that we area always here to listen. And I can do that very well, and if you prefer, not respond.

As we travel throough mortality, eventually we lose loved family members, freinds, and watch things happen that wrench our heart. That is mortality, life on this Earth. And no matter how much we wish it weren't so, it is so. And all the doctors, and scientists can really hope to do is extend our lives a few scant years, and hopefully help us to remain comfortable and reasonbly able to participate in those things we wish to do.

This may sound bleak, but it is meant to be. We are here for a short time, and then leave for a greater place, a place where money and selfish desire aren't present, where people genuinely care for each other. And then, in that place, we are reunited with those we loved here.

Besides, great strides have been made in cancer treatment. She just might have another fifty years to go. Keep your chin up and know that you are there for your mother to rely on. And when things seem too tough, get support from those around you.

Seeeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North
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I've tried sending a private message Reanie, but I think they're not getting through. If they are, apologies for bombarding you. Just wanted to let you know how sorry I was to read your news and that I'll be thinking of you and your Mum.

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