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Recipe-- SavedóDuly Copy and PASTED??

How often do I read this on DC? Everyday!!
What does this mean to you. How do you Save your electronic recipes ??
Do you use a recipe file software such as Living Cookbook or Master Cook or another Recipe/Cookbook application? I would appreciate your ideas , what you use and how you manage your recipes
Since Iím asking, Iíll respond first. I used to keep all my recipes C/P into a word document(s). One recipe followed by the next. Chicken or Fish or Vegetablesóthe recipe of the day/ moment. Then I copied the Recipe title and a Date onto a more organized spreadsheet. More organized similar to a paper cookbook. Appetizers at the top, Vegetables at the bottom. Sub categories in each, eg Beef= Roasts, steaks, beef casseroles, etc; or Vegetables sub alphabet = beans, corn Ö zucchini at the end. I would also periodically highlight sub-categories and data sort recipe titles in alpha order, so it was pretty visually easy to use. To retrieve a recipe, Copy the Recipe Title and let the computer Search and find the recipe in my Word Documents. This seems like a few steps too many, especially after collecting recipes for a number of years.
This was fine, until the computer died. The hard drive was still good, but itís in a box in a drawer. Still waiting to have the documents copied to the current computer. Certainly No access to Those Recipes at this time.
Most recently I have been copying recipes over to a Free Recipe App called PepperPlate. Itís easy to use, as far as importing a file (recipe). It will auto copy recipe links from selected websites, such as Epicurious, Food dot com , AllRecipes et al. It is easy to Edit recipes once copied. Even though it is free ware there are no advertisements. It is cloud based, so no recipes are stored on your computer and you can look up one of your recipes wherever you are. You can insert a picture to go with the recipe ( displays as Thumb size only) It has a moderately useful Search function.
Itís disadvantages are you can not preview the App or trial use it unless you open an account. To do this, they make you use your email addy as User name, put in your own password. Thatís all the info they ( whoever they are?) require. Recipes Titles in the Table of Contents/Index are inserted one after the other, similar to a long word document. If you want to find a recipe and you Forgot to Name it to a food category, it displays 25 per page. When you say Show Me More, it opens another25 titles, but brings you to the Top to scroll through the first batch Again and then the 2nd / subsequent batches. You have to create your own recipe categories. Thatís fine, until you come to What Category did I put a similar recipe so if you want to compare recipes , itís best to Place them relative to each other. Did I call Corn bread - Quick Bread or Vice Versa. And where did I file my last Corn Muffin recipe, Under Muffins or Cornbread ? Are Brownies Cookies, Cakes or Bars .
After I have imported a few hundred recipes into the PepperPlate app, I am beginning to confuse myself.
This is why I would like to read if you have either better organizational ideas or if you are satisfied with a different software or app. ( Iíll Attach a You Tube/PepperPlate Demo. I have No attachment to this website/ app, other than I have a private account. I guess you can use it on your Ipad, Cell phone or home computer. ) I apologize this is long. Thanks for your comments.


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Word Documents and saved to thumb drive weekly. They are sorted similar to a cookbook. I have a few extra categories, Ethnic, Dog Treats, Pasta (just for the pasta not the sauces). Vegetables are sides, Vegetarian are entrees. And so on. The most important to me is at the bottom of each recipe is the authors name and the site where I got the recipe.

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I use an iPad/iPhone app: The Recipe Box. You can do just about anything with it. Not to be confused with Recipe Box, you need the "the".

It will even give you a grocery list. You can C&P from anywhere.
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My process is similar to Princess Fiona's. I save mine to a thumb drive in RTF using Wordpad.
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I cut and paste online recipes to a MS Word document. I have file folders set up on my computer in the rough format of a cookbook.

The main folder is 'Recipes'. In that folder is a series of category folders (see image below). In each category folder is a 'Cookbook' folder that holds all the recipes I keep paper copies of in a three ring binder. Below the Cookbook folder are individual recipes in that category that I have saved but not yet used. When I use a recipe and decide to keep it, I format it to my standard recipe format and move it to the Cookbook folder in that category.

I use 24 pound paper in a 3" 3-ring binder with computer generated divider tabs that align with the categories on the computer. If I get a recipe dirty or change it, I just run off another copy.

I back up my laptop weekly so always have an extra copy of everything.
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I may be old fashioned but I copy to a word doc and print it out. I have a place in my kitchen to store them. Once I've tried the recipe and we've decided it's a keeper, it gets hand copied onto a recipe card and filed in the card box. Once that happens the printed copy is tossed (recycled).
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Similar to Hoot, PF, and Andy.

I have categories of recipes in folders in a "recipe folder".

My recipes are PDFs, Open Office documents, text documents, and even spreadsheets.

If I don't know if I want a Danish pork recipe under "Danish" or "Pork", I'll put it in one and put a shortcut to the recipe in the other folder.

For cooking, I print them out and stick 'em on the fridge with magnets. I have a three ring binder, but need a bigger one and need to organize it better. I write notes on the printouts and sometimes I even remember to transfer the notes to the computer.
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Wine Guy
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I do pretty much the same as Andy. All of my recipes are in MS Word format and saved to categorized folders. We have a home network so everything is stored there and gets backed up to both an external drive and in "the cloud" (boy, I hate that phrase, lol).
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I too print out a copy after pasting to a document.

I keep untried recipes unsorted in a notebook.

I have another notebook for recipes I've tried. I use the printed copy to make notes of changes, things that worked, things that didn't, things to try next.

When I make the recipe again, each time, I make note of those changes on the same printed copy.

I don't sort the recipes except to keep different versions of the same type together, and keep them in chronological order of when I made them.

When I want to make something again, I find the original recipe, remove it from the notebook, and again make notes of any changes, then put them back in the notebook in the front.

When I've got a recipe that I consider tried and true, I put it in a third notebook.

These are recipes I've got tweaked the way I want it to come out every time, all still using the original printed recipe (mine or others') sometimes with extra pages showing all the notes, with a new print out of the finalized recipe stapled on top.

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Zhozara, what a neat way to do this. I hope you keep those sheets forever. Can you just see a great grandchild finding those as a young cook and seeing all of those wonderful changes you have made. Oh, it gives me chills. I just love Grandma's old cookbook that I have with all of her fantastic notes. I will treasure it forever, and one day my grand and grands will read my notes too.

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