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Old 08-07-2012, 02:40 PM   #181
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We had a dog that we got from an animal rescue place. He picked out my son by following him around. He was a black lab and St Bernard mix. He kind of looked like a giant black lab or a little like a Newfoundland. He was my sons soulmate. He Had arrival failure after a couple of years and we had to get shots for him each month. Because he was such a big dog, the shots were over 100 dollars each. He also had a couple of hospitalizations, and everything was expensive because he was a giant dog. When his liver gave out and we had to put him to sleep it was a sad, sad day. Every penny we spent on him was worth it, but it sure was the most expensive dog we ever had.

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No...he couldn't ride a bike, but he looked great in a bike helmet, don't you think???

He was already named Elvis when we got him, but we changed his name to Shadow.

No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best!
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Addie, thank you for saying what needs to be said, that is that if you cannot care for a pet, no matter how heart-breaking it can be, just say no. It truly can break your heart to want a companion, but also can break your heart to have an animal you cannot care properly for. Luckily, we're still active and relatively young (57 and 65), so were able to care for our new doggie, although she was a trial. My parents love to care for my siblings' pets, but have decided they cannot have their own any more. So they sort of "borrow" my sibs pets for a weekend here and there. Baby doggie is our love child, she is sitting behind me. There are many people who think I'm odd because i believe in crate training. She loves her crate. Because I knew I was going to have to ship my first doggie (lived in Hawaii), a friend/breeder showed me how to crate train my first dog. Rosebud was completely and totally crate trained when we adopted her. We keep her crate in the living room, and she believes it is her bedroom. She often goes into her crate when life gets to be a bit too much for her. She actually has a sort of ESP, she knows if we're going to leave the house for any reason, and goes into the crate and lies down. At least once or twice a day, she just goes into her crate to take a nap.

The best thing you can do for your doggie is crate train her (him).

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What a handsome boy, Chopper!

We got a third-hand Dalmation, from one of my former students, years ago. She was overweight and a trip to the vet confirmed she had heartworm. We had her treated, of course. A sweet and lovely dog, but a very expensive girl! She also got some huge lipomas (fatty tumors) that needed to be removed. She was the biggest and most expensive dog, healthcare wise, we've had so far.

My mom dearly loves dogs, but is elderly and physically unable to care for one anymore. She has offered to beagle-sit, but beagle is so strong, there's no way Mom could take care of her.
She who dies with the most toys, wins.
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Roe got loose from me in the hallway today, she went tearing down the hall, tail wagging and she hops when she runs. She was laughing at me over her shoulder. I finally caught up to her in the pharmacy, she was searching for treats Rupert hides away. I am just head over heels for this one, if I don't stop chasing her I will literally be head over heels...

All of my cats have been rescues, I want more but i know it wouldn't be fair to any of them if I brought more cats into this apartment.
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein
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When the kids were small, they so wanted a pet dog. So I relented. I was working full time. It was summer and when one of the kids would let the dog outside in the fenced in backyard, they would forget it was there. As a result, it was out there all day in the hot sun with no water. I was like a mad woman. The next time I came home and this had happened, I took the next day off and brought the dog to the Angell Memorial Animal Shelter. But I made sure they stood there to say goodbye to the dog. Give him a last hug. It was one of the many times my kids found out I mean what I say.

Son #1 and I were talking about all the mean things I did to them growing up. This event with the dog came up. He never forgave me. I would have rather have the dog do his thing in the house than stay out in that heat all day until I got home. That was unforgivable. And I let them know it.

Then later we had an old stray cat that seemed to just adopt us. My youngest daughter fell in love. It was full grown. We had her about four years. Then one day she went into the bathroom and died. She was in the process of rigor mortise setting in. My daughter came home from school before I could get it out of the house. She swore the cat was still alive and held it in her arms for a couple of hours. Even though she remained an outdoor cat, I still kept a litter box for it year round. The cat used it more in the winter than when the weather was good. Then toward the end, it used it all the time.

There have been a couple of times when my son has left Teddy with me while he ran an errand. He didn't want to leave him in the car. He was gone longer than he planned. Teddy one time indicated that he wanted to go out. There is no way I can walk far enough to do justice for any dog walking. I hooked his leash on the handle bar of my scooter and put it on slow while he ran ahead. That is fine when the weather is good and not raining or snowing. But I can't get the console wet. I do carry plastic bags with me to cover the console if I get caught in an emergency, but I can't bend over to pick up his droppings without fainting. So unfortunately I had to leave them there. If something were to happen to my son, my daughter would have to take the dog. As much as I love Teddy, I could never give him the care he or any animal deserves.

I also wouldn't be able to bend over to clean a litter box. And to clean up birdseed off the floor is a major cleaning job. Unless I want to cover the whole birdcage in plastic and smother the poor thing to death. I have had birds in the past, so I know. I swear birds can throw seed across the room and out the back door. And they do it as soon as your back is turned and you are walking out of the room.

If I see you abusing an animal, I will be the first to pick up the phone and report you.
Illegitimi non carborundum!
I don't want my last words to be, "I wish I had spent more time doing housework"
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My sister and I wanted a dog when we were kids. My mum didn't want to take care of one, she was afraid of dogs. We promised we would. But, she didn't believe us. She said if we would keep our rooms clean for some amount of time (can't remember if it was a month or two), we could have a dog. We never got that dog. I think she was right. I think she would have ended up being the one who took care of the dog.
May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live.
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We always had a dog or two when I was a kid. My husband and I have had a dog or two since a year after we were married. We like to have a male and a female. They seem to get along well together. The two we have now are certainly a married couple! They cuddle as much as we do.
No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best!
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We were a military family, and for much of my childhood we couldn't have pets. I went from being a military brat to being in the military myself, to marrying an Army officer. When I stopped working myself (and, yes, I worked for DoD), I wanted a dog. Hit the humane society in Hawaii, where they tried to convince me that a 30 lb puppy was a small dog. No way. All I had was a very small back yard. Then one day I went to buy kitty litter and there were mutts on sale for $100. One looked just like a dog my husband admired on an old movie. I came home with the bag of litter and the dog (who, by the way, weighed maybe 4 or 5 lbs. My husband had never had a dog before, and two of our friends were breeders (one of papillions, one of boxers, and now that I think of it, make it three. One bred little red dogs. I'll think of it soon.) They immediately took me up and trained me to be a good dog owner. I'll never forget Emily, who told me that if I was planning on moving back to the mainland, I'd have to crate train my puppy. So guess what? Add another couple hundred $$ to the mix. I'll never forget THAT experience. Husband and I were looking out at a plane being loaded with luggage. Because we wer overseas, the crate out dog was in was seriously marked with neon signs. The handlers were wonderful! they didn't know we were watching, and they were lovingly handling her. When we got to DC, she had new newspaper (a Denver post as opposed to the Hawaiian paper we put in). At this point she was old enough to fix, but my vet said someone wanted to breed her. Huh? i bought a mutt. No, she's a Jack Russell terrier. What the heck is a Jack Russell terrier? I was thinking of getting a second dog, a companion. She had a litter of 6 and all were claimed right away. I turned some away. I was living in Florida at the time, and told a few people, no, you cannot buy one of my dogs (they were elderly and I didn't think they could handle a JR, and recommended they go to a shelter and look for a more mature dog). I kept one of her puppies and boy did I get dirty looks from mom-dog. She wanted those babies to be gone, now. Motherhood was not her thing. But I think one of my best moments was when I got a call asking me for a JR mutt (what is called "pet quality". I called one of the owners of my puppy, and remembered that he was very, very reluctant. His daughter and wife wanted a dog, and he just remembered a cocker who peed all over everything. My sis was with me at the time, and we told him that was a product of over-breeding. When he came back two weeks later to pick her up, we told him to have her fixed as soon as possible.

One of my great moments in life was when he said, the daughter went away to college, and the little doggie was the "joy of his life". He'd had her fixed immediately when she got old enough. he really did not want a dog to begin with, but loved her with all of his heart.

I assume she is no longer on this earth, given that we kept her sister, and she is long-gone, but hearing those words meant a lot to me.
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Foster Care Female Bengal Kitten

Buon Giorno, Good Morning,

My friend Chef Ed Buchanan just confirmed the gender of the gorgeous Bengal Kitten.

Do note: This domestic breed is not a Bengal Tiger ...

She has a patterned profoundly black spotted coat, and a tiger is striped with an tawny yellow orange background or a Siberian, which is white with fainter black stripes ...

I once wrote an article on Heroes and Heroines, and mine are: the Doctors Sin Frontiers ( without borders ), Firemen and Human & Animal Aide Workers. This is a miraculous labor of love.

Have lovely day. Ciao.
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I rescued a tiny, dirty gray kitten (probably about 6 weeks old) about 12 years ago, brought him home, and when I gave him a bath it turned out he was snow white!! So I named him snowy. I had planned to keep him since at the time I only had one cat, and I like to have two. When he started getting some energy (I would say he was about 10 weeks old), he was the most mischievous kitten I had ever seen in my life, that I was starting to reconsider keeping the little bugger!!!! My grandma came over for thanksgiving, and saw him climbing the curtains, tearing around on the furniture (which he was not supposed to be on at all), knocking over plants, obviously on purpose, going into cupboards, splashing in his water dish... And she fell in love with him. She didn't say much because of course grandma wouldn't want to steal such a lovely kitty from me, but when she got home she told my aunt on the phone about this wonderful kitty she had fallen in love with. I got a phone call right away saying, "Oh honey, you HAVE to give that little white kitty to your Grandma! She would never say anything, but she just adores him!" SOLD!! Grandma likes cats with spunk, and he was overflowing with it. My grandpa died about 15 years ago, so it was nice for her to have a companion. He developed rust colored points, and grew up to be an 18 lb monster (my uncle thought we should have changed his name from snowy to rusty). Grandma had a crate on wheels for when she took him to the vet. She could lift the crate up and down stairs, and into the car, but carrying a crate that heavy was too much for long distances. Even into adulthood she still had to keep rubber bands on her cupboard doors to keep them closed. He just liked them open lol. He got hit by a car a few years ago. We all wish he was there to keep her company now that she is getting to be more and more house bound. Between her kids and grand kids she gets visitors nearly every day, so we would have been able to take care of his kitty litter, buying his bags of food, and bringing him for vet visits. Anyway, here's a picture of him in all his glory lol. He was one of the first cats I rescued, and what a happy loving home he had!

Click image for larger version

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