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Old 07-14-2011, 08:06 PM   #21
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All my babies, past and present, have been second or third hand.

Dave, your dogs look so stressed...(not)

She who dies with the most toys, wins.
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Our kitties have always been rescues, or ones that showed up and never left. We currently have one girl (Toonces - 19) and Louie (17). Murray, our Golden is not a rescue. I don't know many folks who would give up a puppy with his temperament. I will have to find a good kitty picture to put up.

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Old 07-15-2011, 06:24 AM   #23
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I haven't had a cat in years, but mine were all ferals who just moved in, or rescues. Once I had three, and had been reassigned. I was at a relatively isolated radar site in North Dakota, and a farmer showed up one day saying he'd heard that "Claire at the base" had some house cats and he wanted them for his grand children! He had several "barn cats" that weren't child friendly, and wanted my cats if I couldn't move with them! I was delighted to find a good home for beloved pets for whom I didn't have the money to transport!
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This is our pup, Cooper. He was on a farm in Tennessee. The owners found him and let him roam free. They never dewormed, vaccinated, or fed him on a regular basis. You can see in the first pick how bloated he was from all the worms. It took 3 rounds of deworming and 2 intestinal parasite removals before he was healthy. Now, though, he's a horse.

8 weeks

15 weeks

13 months
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Old 07-15-2011, 10:56 AM   #25
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Is Cooper a Great Dane? He is handsome.
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I have fostered at least 300 cats and kittens in the nine years I have been working with Cats Cradle, and fortunately I have only had one die on me. Her name was Topolina, and her and her litter mates crawled into their playpen one afternoon and piled up for a nap, and she never woke up. I lived in a condo at the time, with no place to bury her, so she was buried at sea.
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All of our dogs & cats have been rescues/adoptees. At one point we were up to 4 dogs & 8 housecats (yikes!), but now we're down to 3 cats & 3 dogs.

One cat was born to a neighbor's barn cat, & they were going to get rid of her. Second cat walked up to us outside the house one day, with streaks of motor oil on him (our motor oil, I might add - lol!), thin & sick. And Cat #3 was an older gentleman with raggedy ears who sat in his little cubicle at the local PetSmart for 2 months until I couldn't stand looking at him anymore, so adopted him & brought him home.

Out of the dogs, all 3 came from our local shelter. Dog #1 is a Tri-Colored Walker Coonhound found wandering around the neighborhood right before Thanksgiving. And in fact, we swear that we saw her along the local highway one night shortly before Animal Control picked her up. Dog #2 is a Beagle/Rat Terrier mix who was found along with the body of her dead owner (who'd been dead for a week!) & turned into the shelter. The owner's ex-husband was willing to take her cat (also locked in the house with the body), but didn't want the dog. So now we have the little love bug. Dog #3 is a Beagle/Australian Cattle Dog cross. Owner had 8 dogs & had to move from his farm. His friend took 7 of the dogs, but didn't want this one - lol!! Yes, she has "issues", but day after day has worked out of most of them.

Love every one of them, & feel they were all "meant to be" companions for us.
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When we got Joey, our almost 8 year old Bichon cross 6 years ago, we didn't realize it was a rescue. I knew the owner through a job we worked on (mostly by phone and MSN), and after she left the job she and I chatted constantly. She was expecting, and when the baby came, all of a sudden the dog had to go.

We agreed to take him on a "trial" basis and when I said it wasn't working out it was "um well, we can't take him back so if you don't want him find another home or take him to the SPCA".

Joey was a handful at best. He was hyper, drove our timid Violet crazy and was totally untrainable (he knew about going outside and that was it). I disliked this dog immensely and did not want to keep him, but didn't want to send him back where he was clearly unwanted or to the SPCA.

We got him a haircut and the poor thing was traumatized for three days, not coming out of his crate. I asked if this was normal and she said yes. I decided that he was not going back to that place for a cut and our groomer has, over the course of 6 years worked him into tolerating it. We found out that the chain store the previous owner took him too had cut him badly drawing blood) once causing the trauma. But after the cut I saw this cute little frightened dog and instantly fell in love.

We also found out he was "crate trained" for everything - being bad, bed time, when visitors came, when they were out, when they took him in the car, when they couldn't be bothered with him. Joey did not know what love was and that little crate became his refuge. He has a cushy bed, but we still have to keep the crate for him - but the door has been taken off.

We have been working constantly to show him what is good and what is bad, and that he is loved here. It is still an ongoing process and he is, as his groomer loving calls him, "arbitrarily stubborn". But we are so fortunate that we got him away from an environment where he was unwanted. I think that is as bad as being beaten for an animal!
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Originally Posted by BreezyCooking View Post
... Second cat walked up to us outside the house one day, with streaks of motor oil on him (our motor oil, I might add - lol!)...
I can partly identify with that. I was on the carport checking all of the fluid levels for the truck, when I felt a rubbing against my leg. It was a young black and white cat, obviously less than six months old but very friendly, and was wet with window washer fluid. We searched for his previous owner, but no one ever claimed him.

He (Kitzle), adopted me, made himself right at home, and in spite of a number of dog housemates, hasn't gone anywhere these past twelve years.
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Originally Posted by Dawgluver View Post
All my babies, past and present, have been second or third hand.

Dave, your dogs look so stressed...(not)
Only when the squirrels tease them...

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