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?? Sunday Special- "Food- Glorious Food"

?? Sunday Special- "Food- Glorious Food"
this is more like an "FYI" than a quiz, so don't feel bad if you don't do well.
Did you know...
In the United States, Farmers use 1.5 billion pounds of pesticides and that these pesticides end up in about 1/2 the food we eat? Why? Only about 1 percent of food shipments in the US are tested for pesticides..Kind of
scary, isn't it?
Some Apple Growers use 24 different types of pesticides on apples!

1. How many standard bottles of champagne are in a magnum?
2. What is the USDA's lowest rating for meat?
3. what type of culinary-conscious folks fit into "true", "Lacto", "Ovo", and "Pesco" categories?
4. Each American eats approximately 22 pounds of tomatoes yearly. What percentage of that is in ketchup (catsup) and tomato sauce?
5. Fill in the blank; A head of cabbage is ______% water.
6. Fill in the blank; The average American Family of four consumes _____ pounds of foodstuffs per year.
7. What was the first wrapped penny candy sold in the USA?
8.how many coffee cherries does it take to get enough beans for one pound of coffee?
9. In Japan, what is the most popular topping for a Domino's Pizza?
10. Can you name, in order, the top three salad dressings sold in the USA,
as of 2005?
11. Which fruits are considered to be the greatest body builders?
12. From what basic commodity is the word "salary" derived?
13. Fill in the blank; The average american drinks _____ gallons of milk per
14. What popular dessert recipe was brought to Europe from The far East by
Marco Polo in 1295?
15. What was the first breakfast cereal sold in the USA?

Did you know... EXTRA!

Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries, and There are about 100,000 bacteria in one litre of drinking water, and In France, people eat approximately 500,000,000 snails per year.

1. two
2. "canner"
3. Vegetarians
4. 52%
5. 91%
6. 6,000
7. Tootsie Rolls
8. about 2,000
9. Squid
10. Ranch, Bleu Cheese, and Italian (French and 1000 Island round out the top five)
11. Bananas
12. 25
13. Salt
14. Ice Cream
15. Shredded Wheat

Did you know- EXTRA- EXTRA
The remains of fast-food shops have been found in ancient ruins! Even ancient Greeks enjoyed take-out. The only thing that is new is the mass production, standard menus and recipes of fast-food "chains."

"I hate liars !

I hate liars almost as much as I hate skim milk ! Skim milk is water, lying about being milk !"
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