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Sunday Special- Food Trivia A to Z

Sunday Special- Food Trivia A to Z

As usual, the answer to # 1 begins with A,
#2 with B, etc.

1. The name of this company was originally the Great American Tea Company, which became the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company.....................

2. According to company statements, this item was named for the daughter of President Grover Cleveland, who was born while he was living in the White House.

3. The main sources of this common stimulant are tea, coffee, cola (kola), cocoa (chocolate), guarana, yerba mate and their relatives. All were discovered and used by primitive man.

4. This sandwich is made with many layers of bread, meats, cheese, lettuce, tomato, condiments, etc. It was invented by cartoonist Murat Bernard 'Chic' Young.

5. This is a fungus that affects rye and sometimes other grains. It contains lysergic acid, the active principle of the psychedelic drug LSD.

6. She had to pay the printing costs of her cookbook, The Boston Cooking School Cook Book, because Little, Brown and Company were not very enthusiastic about publishing another cookbook. But she also kept ownership of the copyright and became wealthy, much to the regret of Little, Brown. By 1977, over 4 million copies had been sold, outselling any other book published by Little, Brown and Company.

7. These, also known as chickpeas, are the most widely consumed legume in the world. Originating in the Middle East, they have a firm texture with a flavor somewhere between chestnuts and walnuts.

8. This pasta and seasoning mix was introduced in 1970 by General Mills. The product was created during a meat shortage, and was designed to help housewives stretch a pound of ground beef.

9. This process was used for the first time in 1963 to sterilize dried fruits and vegetables, in order to stop sprouting and to control insect infestation.

10. Originally, this was wind and sun dried strips of buffalo meat. Today,it's mostly Beef and venison.....

11. This is herring that is split, dressed, salted and smoked. Originally, they were made from salmon...

12. Rendered and clarified hog fat....

13. This is a sweet, fresh triple cream cheese originating in Italy's Lombardy region in the 16th century. It is very soft, 50 to 60 percent butterfat, with the color and consistency of Devonshire clotted cream.

14. This is a French pastry made with crisp, flaky layers of puff pastry, layered with crème pâtissière (pastry cream) and glazed with a fondant (vanilla icing) or powdered sugar.

15. This is a red meat that has a mild beef-like flavor and shrinks very little when cooked. It is very low in fat and cholesterol.

16. This is an egg-shaped tropical fruit that is also called a granadilla; It has a brittle, wrinkled purple-brown rind enclosing flesh-covered seeds, something like a pomegranate...

17. Native to the Middle East, this is one of the candidates as the apple in Biblical references. It's a relative of the apple and pear and belongs to the pome fruit family. This is one of the earliest known fruits.

18. Americans eat 400 million pounds of these each year, most of which is consumed in salads. they were a common breakfast item for the Pennsylvania
Dutch. (They still are in Japan).

19. it takes about 80,000 flowers (240,000) stigmas to make a pound of this. It takes an experienced picker about 20 days to pick this many. By the time the finished product gets to retail stores, its cost is $600 to $2000 per pound.

20. This probably originated in southeastern Asia over 3,500 years ago. It is most likely a result of insect cross pollination of the Mandarin orange and an ancestor of the grapefruit...

21. According to the company, this person was an African American Texas rice grower, who had a reputation for the quality of his harvested rice. Supposedly his rice became the standard by which all other rice was judged.

22. A popular spread in Australia and New Zealand, this is made from a brown yeast extract. It is spread on bread and sandwiches, and used to flavor soups and stews. The flavor is mostly yeast and salt.

23. This is also known as teaberry and checkerberry. The bright red, spicy, edible, berrylike fruits are also called deerberries. The leaves yield oil which is used as a flavoring in candy, chewing gum and toothpaste. The
active ingredient, methyl salicylate, is now mostly synthesized.

24. This gum is produced by fermenting corn sugar. It is a thickener and emulsifier used to thicken and stabilize salad dressings, sour cream, etc. It is made by the fermentation of corn sugar with a microbe.

25. This is a British specialty. A batter, similar to that used for popovers, is poured into a shallow pan containing the fat from cooked roast beef, and cooked in the oven. Originally, the batter was placed in a pan beneath the roast to catch the drippings while it cooked.

26. This part of citrus fruits is highly perfumed and is rich in flavonoids, bioflavonoids, and limonoids.

1. A&P Super Markets, (Now know as "Superfresh")
2. Baby Ruth Candy Bar
3. Caffeine
4. 'Dagwood'
12. LARD
26. ZEST

Be Yourself ! ..... Everyone else is taken !
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