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Sunday Special- Seinfeld !

Sunday Special- Seinfeld !
This quiz for Seinfeld lovers.....................

1. How many seasons did Seinfeld run ?
2. Yes, the name sounded like a body part, but it wasn't Mulva...... what was the name of Jerry's date ?
3. Who was the first character to drop out of "The Contest" ?
4. According to the final episode of the series, who really won "The Contest" ?
5. What killed George's Fiancée, Susan ?
6. Kramer is on strike from what place for the first 8 years of the show?
7. What street does Seinfeld live on ?
8. What is the profession of Elaine's father?
9. Seinfeld's father was once in business with Harry Fleming, where he sold...........what ?
10. Which character's middle name was Biddle ?
11. What is Kramer's first name ?
12. What's the name of the gang's restaurant hangout ?
13. What does Newman do for a living ?
(Bonus- What's Newman's last name?)
14. Why did Elaine use the janitor's closet (in the apartment building across the street) as her apartment?
15. When we first meet Elaine's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Puddy, what's his occupation ?
16. Who is the Chinese delivery boy that Elaine struck when he was jaywalking?
a. chou
b. Ping
c. Ming
d. Mao
17. What bad comedian is always riding on Jerry's coattails and trying to get a lunch with him?
18. When Elaine works for the catalogue, what is her boss's name ?
19. Who is the Joe Friday like character that's in charge of finding lost books for the library?
20. What was George's nickname in High School (given to him by his Gym teacher) ?
21. Which "Seinfeld" character is "the Scofflaw?"
22. Fill in the blank;
Marla, the professional closet organizer, was a virgin until she met ______________.
23. George was employed by all of the following companies except for one. Which one did George not work for?
  • a. Vandelay Industries
    b. Rick Barr Properties
    c. Play Now
    d. Kruger Industrial Smoothing
    24. What was the name of Elaine's boss who ate his Snickers bars with a knife and fork ?
    25. Newman's truck catches fire while driving on Kramer's adopted stretch of expressway. Which famous historical quote does he exclaim as his cabin explodes in flame?
1. Nine
2. Delores
3. Kramer
4. Jerry (because George admitted that he lied!)
5. Licking toxic glue on cheap wedding invitations
6. H&H Bagels
7. West 81st Street
8. Author
9. Raincoats
10. Susan
11. Cosmo
12. Monk's Cafe
13. Postal Worker (Newman)
14. In order to get Chinese food delivered
15. Auto Mechanic
16. b
17. Kenny Banyan
18. Jay Peterman
19. Bookman
20. "Can't-stand-ya"
21. Newman
22. John Kennedy, Jr.
23. a
24. Mr. Pitt
25. "Oh, the Humanity !"

Be Yourself ! ..... Everyone else is taken !
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