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Old 09-30-2015, 12:08 AM   #21
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Well, this is nice. I see Cat's back to her old bossy self!

First, she bought Lilly a singing rabbit. Geez!! I swear that rabbit's singing, "Gimme a flea, gimme a flea..." we can't figure out what the dang thing is singing. Cat has jet lag or some weird Romanian ailment that keeps her up at night so she played with Lilly with that dang rabbit intil four am when finally Nicu and I had had enough and yelled at her.

Hubby fled to the couch. He said he's taking his chances with eight cats pouncing on him.

I get up this morning, stagger out to the kitchen, and the dang kitchen is rearranged. I go to the coffeemaker; it's a toaster now. The coffeemaker is on the opposite side by the refigerator. Don't ask me where the indoor grill is. Cat comes out of the bathroom after her shower and says proudly, "This is better, yes?"

No, but I'm not a morning person and killing Romanians doesn't look good on a resume.

Okay. I can deal with this. I go on a witch hunt for the coffee. She says, "I put the coffee with the tea on the shelves. It's better this way, yes?"

I glare at her. "Not really, but I'll live."

I open the cabinet for coffee mugs...there are the plates. "Oh, I changed that too. Your kitchen is so disorganized! You must have help here, yes?"

One more 'yes' and I'm going to see if she fits in her rental car trunk. I've had three hours' sleep, the kitchen is unrecognizeable, that dang singing rabbit is still fascinating my dog, I'm trying to scratch up breakfast...I open the refrigerator.

Oh dear. Okay, we have a diabetic cat. In the butter bin was...WAS...Isis's needle and insulin. Butter is stored in a plastic closed container on a door shelf. We know where it is. She put the needle and insulin IN the plastic container, freed the butter from its confines, and put the butter in the butter bin.

"That's where butter belongs! You are so disorganized, yes?"

Maybe, according to Cat and Martha Stewart. I'm getting annoyed now and thinking of duct-taping her to the ceiling fan and turning it on high while I fix the kitchen.

I go out to the freezer in the garage...and the cat boxes have been moved! She decided hubby's tool chest would look better under the food and water platform.

Okay...no problem. I love her...she's only here for a short time...

Then I open the freezer. Ohhhhh dear...this kid's been pretty busy. I finally find the country ham and the croissants. I have no idea where the steaks are.

Then she says, all bright and chirpy, "I fixed everything well, yes?"

I'm thinking...I'll fix HER....

So I did. I told her she couldn't post here until I got home from my late shift at Walmart and I got to say it first!!

Anyway, she's been chomping at the bit to post to y'all. She decided she likes my Toshiba laptop, so I'll sign off here, see if I can find the toilet paper and turn this over to Cat.


Adopt a kitty and save nine lives.
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Old 09-30-2015, 12:20 AM   #22
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ďThere are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.Ē - Albert Einstein
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Old 09-30-2015, 12:33 AM   #23
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Hi Cat! You sure have been a busy girl in the time you were gone! I'm so happy for you that everything is working out so well. It's also a blessing that so many things are wonderful with all your family members and that your dear Auntie is feeling fine now that she is back on homeland soil.

Take care! Looking forward to more posts from you while you're in the US.


Edit: Since I didn't preview my post, I missed your little rant, CCL. Seems like Cat has been busy not only since she was gone, but definitely has been busier now that she's back. Hope you don't kill her before she heads back to Romania.
"Eating ruins your appetite"~Mom

"If you don't use your head, you gotta use your feet."~~~more Mom
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Old 09-30-2015, 01:20 AM   #24
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She is so funny! But I think she likes the changes! I think this will work much better for her, yes?

Nicu and I spent all day packing the things I am keeping from Stela's home and tomorrow we go to the real estate lawyer and set the sale. Nicu hired a shipping company and they will come Thursday to receive everything. I am keeping the heirlooms and the Romanian furniture for our home. All the American things can stay here and we have made a very good price for her home.

I look back on those days! All of you kept me company all through of the best and worst of the times. My lair was my haven and my computer was my release to feelings. We laughed and we cried, and I learned to cook good foods and I broke up with Carl once. I'm so very glad we became together again!

The nice people who are renting our home are wishing to buy it and I'm so glad for this! They are nice people. I cried a little at thinking of selling but I know this is of the best. I promised Aunty the money of the sale we will save for Anna's college one day. She is quite happy of this!

Uncle Nicu and I are very happy we must not pay for a hotel! Joyce, she said I could use her name because you know her, is a good hostess! Her guest room has the double bed of it but she rented a twin bed temporarily and put it in there for us. I let Uncle have the double bed, he has a bad back and maybe needs more room than I! She has a nice little house and she just got a new roof and it looks very nice of the outside and inside. I love to cook with her. I wish I could bring her and her husband home to us!

Our pets, Misty, Kali, and Azia are well and happy too! Anna loves them! She loves also the German Shepards Mamma has as well as Aunty Ileana's Corgis. We also gained a boat cat! One of the crew brought a kitten aboard this season and he takes care of her at first but we all take care of her. Her name is Brea, she's a little calico and she goes home with her owner on the off season. She likes to do bunking in with whoever the crew is who is off duty and sleeping, and she is quite spoilt. Gizzi gives her tuna and a fish sometimes when he thinks we're not looking but we know. Ha!

When Anna becomes old enough, we want to teach her of the boat. She's too little now and we must address the prosthetic and the walking and other things first, but we have the time. She will be the one to inherit of all the businesses and we plan to be of introducing her to the things gradually as she becomes older. In time perhaps, we might adopt another but right now we won't. We will have to see and recognize about Anna first. It's certainly never a bad thing to be an only child of parents, yes?

I have my Joy at home. Gwen shipped it for me and she is the only Ford C-max hybrid I think ever in Romania. Joy gets many looks and questions! Joyce said forget of renting a car and just to use hers. I take her to work and pick her up in her nice Subaru. Those are very nice! Hers is very old but it looks new and it's so nice! I never drove a Subaru, those are good!

So yes, we are having a good time! I will be at my home continuing to packing and we just come in here for the meals Joyce made us. There's always breakfast what she makes for us, she has lots of different breads and meats and cheeses and soups for us for lunch and she made her beef pot roast tonight for us to have tomorrow as she works late. We will in most likely working on more packing tomorrow as we are not quite finished and we must get through for the shippers on Thursday.

I will be here as much as I can! Joyce gave me fully the access to her computers, and I promise to be here very much as I can!

I miss you all! Please remember to invite me to your emails so we can stay to touch!

With all my love,
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Oh Cat, my heart is about to explode with love for you, Carl and your newest family member. I am not surprised that you would adopt a little one that no one else would want. Anna is so fortunate to have you and Carl as parents along with everyone else in the family. That is one little girl that will grow up knowing how loved she is. Just like you did.

Remember the shame you felt about being adopted? Well, we sure cleansed your mind of that nonsense. Being adopted is the very best that can happen to a child. An adopted child is a chosen child to be loved. Just please let her know that her pseudo grandmother is already in love with her. Give her a big hug and kiss for me. I wish I could do it in person.

Did Joyce know you were coming? If she did, she sure kept it a big secret from us.

It is so good to hear from you and all the good news you bring.

We all love you Cat. God Bless you and your families. Carl's and yours. Give Mama a big Hello from me.

Illegitimi non carborundum!
I don't want my last words to be, "I wish I had spent more time doing housework"
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Old 09-30-2015, 09:46 AM   #26
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Originally Posted by CatPat View Post
Were you not the one who was building a home? Was it as you expected?


That would be me. And many unexpected things happened while building the house. Like finding a life partner when neither of us was looking for one!
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead
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Old 09-30-2015, 11:21 PM   #27
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Okay. The deal is, I post first...

I shot the singing rabbit.

We took the rental car back since she uses my car and yes, she fits in the trunk.

I put the coffeemaker back where I can find it without a dog and a cane. I located the indoor grill. Don't ask.

Nobody puts steaks in an upright freezer's doors. I don't care you are.

I switched the tool chest and the cat boxes back to where they were. Nobody likes having their bathroom moved.

I came home today and the toilet paper was NOT where I left it this morning. This could cause widespread panic and possible domestic disharmony. I moved it back.

There is a PINK tablecloth on our deck table. That sucker's history the minute she's gone.

When she picked me up from work this evening in my car, the dang thing was clean. The neighbors are starting to talk.

I made enough pot roast to feed an army. It's gone. The dog's and cats' treat bowls smelled suspiciously of beef broth. We had a conversation.

I found a cat on the kitchen table. Cat and Nicu thought it was hilarious. Hubby and I are rethinking our decision to let these two live.

Adopt a kitty and save nine lives.
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Old 09-30-2015, 11:30 PM   #28
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Just think of them as family. And you know every family has their quirks.

Time for my shower and bed. I will be thinking of you and Cat along with Nicu. Aren't you glad you have company?
Illegitimi non carborundum!
I don't want my last words to be, "I wish I had spent more time doing housework"
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Old 10-01-2015, 12:22 AM   #29
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She is so very funny! I got a headache today and came here to rest for a time and Nicu wished for a nap also. Her husband was to work, and for some minutes, Nicu and I spoke of her generosity. We do like her house so very much! It is much smaller than the one they had when they were our neighbors but it's very nice! She left a papers of a story she had written about this house. She gave me permission to post it, for it is written so nicely it made me cry a little. I didn't know she could write so well!

Joyce knew I was coming to here last month. She offered her home to us, and that was so very nice! I told her not to speak of this to anyone and she said she was fearing she'd receive death threats if you knew she was keeping a secret! Ha! I told her people here aren't mean!

She is very glad I am of here. We are having long nice talks! She knows so much of life and is much like Mamma but is not so judgemental. But she's not my Mamma, she is my other Aunty.

She's not to work tomorrow and we will be finished by the afternoon and have everything in the shipper's truck. I am so tired! Joyce said we will relax tomorrow afternoon and evening, watch movies and eat snacks. I will like that very much! She will make our dinner tomorrow.

I am so happy to see everyone here! Thank you everyone, for your sweet kindesses to me and your well wishes! I'm very happy! I have everything I would ever want! I have a lovely home, a fine husband, a darling daughter, family, friends, and an economy of making a living to carry on with taking care of my family and friends! But I miss America too! Joyce says we must come back for visiting also! We will!

I was gone too long. I love being a mother, a wife, a businesslady, a boat owner but it's nice to spend time here! I miss my family but I call them very much, every day, so it's not bad, yes? Sometimes it's good to go away for some days. I wish America weren't so very, very far away.

I will post Joyce's house story for you. You must read this! Isn't it very odd sometimes you don't know things about the people of your life? I will post it and I shall be back with more news!

With love to everyone,
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Old 10-01-2015, 01:28 AM   #30
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Diary Of A House

July 2013

The people who lived in me are gone. Now I don't know what will happen to me. My carpets are filthy, my walls are coated with a nasty mess, my wallpaper is torn, no one took care of me and even my owners don't want me any more. I could be a strong shelter for a nice family if only somebody would care, but no one does. My house friend next door has been left alone even before I was and she is real sad like I am. All we do these long summer nights is talk about how wonderful we could be if only someone would care.
Are we going to be torn down? Left to fall down? Will no one ever care about us and fix us?
Only time will tell. But so far this has been a long summer.

August 2013

No one has seen me. There's trash and junk in me and in the yard I was built into. My next door friend is sadder as the days go by, for once she was shelter to a little family. There's big weeds now in her yard, but at least someone is mowing mine. I don't know what to make of this...for twenty years I provided warmth and shelter to people. My days can't be over, not yet. There are houses not as well-built as I that have stood for 100 years, but no one wants me. I have possibilities, but I can't do anything myself, I need people to help me. But no one would want an ugly house like me. All my other house friends on the street look nice and have people in them because they are pretty. It's just not fair, and I guess I'll never know the joy of hearing laughter within my walls or love in my rooms again.
I don't want to give up hope, but I don't want to hope too much either. I have a realtor's lock on my door now, which means I'm for sale. But who would want me?

September 2013

A few people stopped by to look at me, but they didn't like me. I knew it. I'm too dirty and nasty for nice people to want. My house friend next door, I fear, has been abandoned...she doesn't have a realtor's lock on her door and no one at all has been to visit her. She is very despondent these days, and I am doing my best to keep us both going but I don't know how much longer I can hold out. The nights are starting to get a bit longer and the days are getting shorter, and winter is coming soon. No one will want to work on me in winter and no one will move into me the way I am now.
I talked with my friend Maple Tree in my front yard, she is sad too. She has very climbable branches but no one visits her either, not even the little girls down the street any more.
I am trying hard to keep hope, but hope is quickly fading as the nights grow longer. We sit here and watch people come in and out of our other friends on the street; we see the lights on in them at night and we see those people loving our friends and taking care of them. With each dawn we hold our breath and pray someone will see us and wonder at us, maybe ask questions, maybe...
I keep thinking and hoping maybe tomorrow, for tomorrow has to come sometime, doesn't it?

October 2013

A couple more people have seen me this month, and of course they don't want me. One couple, a funny-looking redheaded lady and a tall bald guy came by and my little heart was broken because I liked them but they didn't like me. They didn't come in, just peeked in my windows, but for some reason I was very disappointed. They even wondered at my friend next door, but they went away and I didn't see them again. I'll never see them again, they're just like everyone else I guess. My house friend is becoming fatalistic, believing we'll never be lived in. I keep feeling like that's just not possible, and I try to tell her, but she is so far into despair and hopelessness everything I say nowadays has little or no effect. Some days she is very withdrawn and won't talk to me at all, so I whisper to Maple Tree, who sighs as she sheds her leaves for someone to climb her. The lady next door has kept my yard mowed but still, I look as forlorn and unwanted as anything possibly could. No one has even come to take out any trash.
The nights are getting cold now, and little Maple Tree shivers in the wind, for she is as lonely as I. We will all have to make it together alone through the coming winter; perhaps with Spring there will be renewed hope.

November 2013

Dare I hope? That couple came back, this time with a new realtor I hadn't seen before and a nice-looking dark-haired lady with twinkling eyes and a sweet smile. They went all through me!! The dark-haired lady, Donna, kept saying what a good house I could be...and that they should put a bid in on me. The problem is, somebody was here a week before with another realtor who said they would put a bid in too, but I really want these people. At least they came back. I don't know what's going to happen, but I have new hope. Now two people want me, at least I think they do, and even my friend next door perked up and is more talkative now. Maple Tree says she has a good feeling, so I don't know what's in store for me now. I figure if 2 people wanted to buy me, one of them might get me...after all, this is better than nothing. Maple Tree liked the people who came back, and so did my friend.
The redhead and her husband came back again, looking at me several times. They seem very interested in measuring my back yard. They were talking about things like trees and bushes and a pond...maybe they're really interested in my possibilities. I wish I could talk! I would have told them about how promising I am with a little help, but all I could do is stand tall and proud for them with hope in my heart. The nights are longer and colder, and I do so need someone to keep me warm inside.
I look to each dawn with eagerness; maybe they will come.

December 2013

To say this has been the best time of my little life would be an understatement. That couple bought me! Their names are Justin and Joyce. The first thing they all did was tear me up and clean me up inside! All the nastiness and filth is gone! I now have a brand-new kitchen (complete with a dishwasher and all new appliances) with new paint, vinyl, and carpet. I got new windows, I look beautiful. Still a little work to do, but Justin and Joyce are working on me now and they laugh and they love me. Everybody comes over, and once again I have life! My friend next door is happier now, because Donna looked at her too and said she could be easily fixed up. I have 5 cats and a dog here too. Maple Tree is happy, Joyce climbed her and said she was perfect for sitting on a branch and reading, and Justin climbed her too and put up a bird feeder. There are bulbs planted around the mailbox, all of the trash is out, I got a new shed, and I am warm at night now!
They moved all their things in on December 22. I have a piano in my living room too. They work a lot but they keep me warm and those cats and the dog play with each other and keep me company when Justin and Joyce are away working. Lots of people have been in and out doing things to me and the other houses on the street are quite interested in all the activity.
But the most exciting thing is, these people love me and they are taking care of me. This was really worth all that time I felt alone and unwanted. Somebody heard my prayers, and soon someone will come to my friend next door. I have told her it will happen...and it will, I know. She saw what happened to me, and now she believes it will happen to her too.
I am complete.

January 2014

They're still doing more things to me! And they keep me clean and tidy... and are finishing even my garage. They still have things to move in from a storage space that will make me look even better inside, and the best news is the owner of my friend next door is going to start working on her too! I am very proud now, I'm the best house on the street and everybody knows it. I even have a name: Fountain Place, because I'm the only house on the block with a fountain on the front deck! I am so proud. I hear them planning things for me and I can hardly wait. Every day is an adventure and every night I protect them. Justin works on his truck in the garage now, and the dog loves my big back yard. They take lots of pictures of me and show them to their friends. My friend next door is much happier these days, and we have lots to talk about now. Maple Tree is always full of birds now that she has a nice bird feeder on her, and she is looking forward to having Joyce climb up in her and read in the Spring.
These new residents are funny people. They hug a lot and laugh, and dote on their pets. They find ways to make me prettier and seem to have fun doing it.
And they're going to be with me for a long, long time. I will make sure of that and I will never let them down.

February 2015

I am sorry, dear Diary, but I donít have time to write much any more. My little family is so busy! Joyce is writing books about cats, Justin has a computer building and repair business, they are both working fulltime, and itís taking everything I have to look after them. In the spring and summer, my yard is full of color, I kept out the winds and the rain and the ice and snow and I am so happy. My house friend next door was sold in July 2014 to a sweet young family with two little children, two dogs and a cat, and she is the happiest I have ever seen her. We are so lucky!
I will have to say good-bye again for a while. I have so much to do here and my job has really only just begun. I donít know what the future holds for my little family here, but I plan to keep on protecting them and holding them close within me no matter what. What I do know is that life is, indeed, good!

With love,
Fountain Place

I love this! I saw the pictures of before and now! Joyce said always that homes are very, very special. I never thought of a building to have the feelings of this! I don't think so very much, but if a home could speak, this home could.

I thought this was wonderful!


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