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My hygienist is Russian too Bucky. It might be a trend since the last time you went. You might be out of luck finding a non Russian one.

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buckytom, whenever you post you have a way of making cleaning teeth seem like a comedy. Did you ever apply at SNL? That is what you make me think of when I read your post. This family loves SNL.I hope you will consider going sooner than every 5 years. As we tend to age our mouths probably get less and less productive. Seems our bodies start leaving it up to us to take care of them rather than giving us any kind of definite warning that something is happening. Guess your body figures if you don't take care of it, I will just allow it to happen. I do talk to my body oft en and give t hanks that I can still have my teeth and enjoy the food I do. However, my stomach is messed up due to mental turmoil I experienced with my marriage. never think something is bothering you until your body starts letting you know you went over the line.

Don't know why I feel so thankful that you all are paying attention to your teeth. Only know they are important.

GB you eat apples? One brother claims they do good job of 'cleaning' your teeth. Also said the white on the rind of orange is good too for your teeth. He is always eating the white of the rind. GB, does your family ever talk to you about using salt to clean your teeth? I know it sure is not appealing but has been used long ago. One aunt who died with all her own teeth at 96 took her finger and brushed her teeth with salt on them.
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I also had a lot of dental work years ago because of neglect as a child. A dentist at a dinner once told me the sonic tooth brushes are the best thing ever for your teeth. They are coming out with better tooth pastes and mouth washes to strengthen and strip the plaque. I hafto admit I am really bad about flossing but if I bleed a little bit brushing my teeth I hit the floss big time. Also getting a good amount of vitamin C helps because some gum diseases are actually a form of scurvy due to not enough C vitamins
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Originally Posted by buckytom View Post
darn straight, expatty. my wife went through a bunch of dental work last year, and has mitro-valve prolapse. plus, she's allergic to penicillin, so it was especially important that she took her meds before going to the dentist.

i've been a very bad boy and have only gone to the dentist every 5 years or so.

the last time i went, i had a deep cleaning. it was an experience to say the least. the technician that did the cleaning was a stocky, busty russian woman. she sat me down in the chair, reclined it, then sat kinda behind me, above my head. locking my head into her boobies, i thought this might just work out ok!
but then the stainless steel hooks and scrapers and other medieval implements were jammed into my mouth, killing the entire enjoyment of the dealio. i almost screamed "nyet, nyet".

i really need to go back for another cleaning. i'm hoping to scedule it with a much skinnier, weaker technician. heck, i'll think be ok so long as she's not russian...
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dog's teeth

Now i have to have my dogs teeth taken care of. How many of you actually brush your dog's teeth? do cats have to have their teeth brushed and cleaned too? The brush and paste in the pet store cost as much as what I have to pay for my own brush and paste. This isn't stupid to take care of their teeth as well. Once they are without them they want to give up too. My 13 year old still has his teeth. He lets me know too when I want to tease him with the food. He isn't dumb knows I am only playing. This is the one who is having acupuncture done and his sight and hearing have gone again. Kind of cruel this acupuncture, gives you sight and hearing but then gone with next injection. Kind of cruel don't you think? Never ever thought someone would caution me about the dogs teeth!

AS long as you keep your teeth cleaned is what is most important.

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