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The cats, human, and dog waited a few moments, and a police car pulled quietly up behind them with no lights on. Quietly, Detective Freeman stepped out and stole silently over to Justin, who occupied Ruffie with a few treats to keep her quiet.

“Oh, look, Bart, our number one fan,” smiled Meows.

Bart smirked. “Yeah, he really loves us.”

The camera was still there, with the green light on. Freeman slipped along the front of the long, low building, past the darkened windows, until he came to the door of room five. Bart and Meows saw a car pass by normally, then flash its lights.

“Hope that’s the good guys,” said Meows.


They watched as Freeman suddenly rapped on the door. “Police! Open up!” he called out.

The camera disappeared away from the window, and a moment later, the door opened. Freeman began to speak to the man in the room as two other patrol officers joined him. They went in and shut the door, frustrating the cats on the fence. Justin called quietly up to them.

“It’s their problem now,” he said. “The detective and those officers saw the camera in the window. I’m going to get Ruffie back. Let me know what happens.”

“Okay, thanks,” whispered Bart.

“Thank you, Justin,” said Meows.

“No problem, fellas. Glad I could help. I’ll keep your secret to myself. Night.”

The cats waited, becoming quite cold and wet as the falling snow piled on them and the wind picked up. After nearly an hour, the man in the room was led out in handcuffs and put in the officers’ car. Freeman came out with the camera, binoculars, papers, a briefcase and a cell phone which he placed in bags and labeled.

“Wow,” said Bart. “They must have found something real interesting in there.”

“Hope that’s some kind of evidence that will reveal why he was doing this to Suzanna,” Meows replied.

“Me too. I guess we’ll see this in the paper later. I think I’ll head back home, I’m freezing.”

“Thank you, Bart. I’m going home too, Suzanna’s probably worried sick,” said Meows. “See you tomorrow.”

The two toms trotted off in different directions, and the police cars headed back to the station.

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Meows ran home, popped through his cat door, and leaped into Suzanna’s lap, purring.

“Meows!” she exclaimed, hugging the cat. “Oh, you’re wet. You’re cold. Let me dry you off. Are you all right? Where did you go?”

As she dried him off with a hand towel, he told her what he and Bart had seen. He explained why he and Bart had to share the secret with Justin, how Justin and Ruffie fit in, and how it ended with the apparent arrest of the motel room’s male occupant.

“My God, he was even videotaping me?” she shuddered.

“Apparently he was. But he’s in jail right now,” said Meows.

She placed his untouched bowl of clam chowder in the microwave and re-heated it for him, and warmed a little milk for him in a pan on the stove. He was dry now, but still cold.

“I’m so glad I have you to take care of me,” she said, taking his chowder out and putting the bowl on the table.

He looked at her gratefully. “And I you,” he replied, taking in the aromas of the milk and chowder. “Where’s Sunshine?”

“Sleeping off his soup on the bed. I think he’s mad because I put his and your blankets in the wash.”

Meows smiled. “It’ll be nice to have him home tonight.”

“Yes, he’s really been quite in demand lately. I’m glad both of you are with me tonight,” she replied, giving him a cuddle.

“We are too,” he purred at her. “Not just tonight. All the time.”

Bart sped home, shivering down to his claws. He hated the cold streets at night; it reminded him too much of his first harsh years alone before he found his home with Carrie. He raced up the stairs and burst through the apartment cat door.

“Bart!” Belle yelled from the computer room. “In here!”

He ran in, and Carrie scooped him up. “Bart! You’re all wet! What happened?”

He told her as she hauled him to the bathroom and turned the blow dryer on him. Meows hated blow dryers and wouldn’t get near them; Bart hated the noise, but loved the warmth. Belle listened to every word, wide-eyed and fascinated.

“Geez, poor Suzanna. Good thing Meows is so observant. You both make quite a team, don’t you?” Carrie smiled at him.

Bart grinned. “I guess we do. Poor Freeman – if he’d known we were practically on top of him, he’d have run away. I’m sorry we had to tell Justin the secret, but there wasn’t a choice that I could see at the time.”

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“It’s okay. Joyce told me he had just found out about Pook and Saav.”

“Gaaaahhhh, I’m freezing,” Bart said with a shiver.

“Probably! I bet you’re starving too,” said Carrie. “You didn’t have your supper before you left.”

“I know, there was no time. The dry food is fine, really, don’t go fixing anything,” he replied. “Actually, I’m more thirsty than hungry.”

“Well, I just refilled the water fountain, and there’s some nice goodies for you I set aside. Come out here,” she said, going to the kitchen.

Bart went straight to the fountain in the corner, and Carrie put something in the microwave. He raised his head and sniffed, smiling.

One of his favorites: Carrie had made one of her cat-famous sardine and salmon quiches with lots of eggs, cheese, and topped with sour cream.

It was quite a while before he dragged himself back to the computer room, joining Carrie and Belle on his new laptop by the big window…and keeping a wary eye on the B&B property just down the street. Just in case.

The man from Room Five was brought into the jail and assigned a cell. As he was led down the corridor, he didn’t look up at the woman watching his progress toward the cell next to hers. The guard got him settled in, locked his cell door, and went back to his desk.

“Incompetent ass,” she spat at him when the guard was out of earshot.

“Shut up, Greta,” he snarled at her.

“Holy cow!” Joyce read the next morning’s blaring front-page headline: “Drug Plot Against Sunshine Inn Foiled.”

Saav yawned widely. “What happened?” she asked as she and Pook hopped up on the coffeetable.

“Read this,” said Joyce, placing the paper down in front of them.

Saav’s ears flattened, and Pook let out a long hiss.

“This is the jerk Justin reported last night, isn’t it?” asked Pook.

“Yep,” said Joyce.

“Gaaahhhh! He was going to plant all those drugs at Sunshine Inn and frame Suzanna!” exclaimed Pook.

“That’s evil,” muttered Saav angrily.

“Good thing Meows saw it,” added Joyce.

“What a lowlife!” hissed Pook.

“Looks like he’s in some serious trouble now,” said Saav.

“I would hope so,” nodded Joyce.

“Meows and Bart make a good team,” Pook observed.
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“They do,” agreed Saav. “They did a good job defending the shop too.”

“We have really cool friends,” said Pook.

“Don’t we all,” Joyce smiled.

“When do we get to see Justin’s cats?” asked Saav.

“He’s bringing them to the shop later on this morning. It’s Sunday, and he’s got a day off.”

“That’ll be fun,” said Pook.

“Egads! Meows! Look at this!” yelled Suzanna, running inside with the paper she had retrieved from the box. Meows, having his breakfast of scrambled egg and cream, was so startled he nearly choked.

“What’s wrong?” he coughed.

“Look! Read this!” She shoved the paper under his nose.

He read through the article quickly, shivered all the way down to his claws, and nearly went limp.

“Oh God,” he breathed. “Drugs. Here. Ohh no.”

“You did it!” laughed Suzanna, cuddling him.

“That’s unnerving,” he said.

“What is?”

“He could have…Suzanna, you’d have lost everything and gone to jail if that plan had gone through,” Meows said nervously.

“I know. But you and Bart didn’t let it happen, and now this guy’s arrested and Greta will probably have more charges against her. They’ll go away for a long time on this,” she said. “You guys did a great job, and so did Justin. I need to thank him for helping you.”

Meows shivered again at the idea of Suzanna being a target for vengeance. She hugged him.

“Relax, Meows. Nothing’s going to happen now, they’re locked up. C’mon, cheer up, you did beautifully. How about we throw a little party to celebrate? Would that help?”

“No, Suzanna, I don’t need a party. I just need you. And our friends. That’s all I need,” he purred.

Suzanna kissed her cat’s head. “That’s all I need too. And today, we’ll meet new friends.”

“AaaaaaaHAHAHAHAAAAHHH!!!” guffawed Bart as he saw the front-page article, making both Carrie and Belle jump. He always got the paper first during breakfast.
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“Gaaahhh!” grumbled Belle around a faceful of cinnamon oatmeal. “What are you on about?”

“Hahaha! Check this out,” he said gleefully, pushing the paper over to them with a paw.

The two read the article eagerly.

“Geez,” breathed Carrie. “That was close. Good for you guys!”

“Hope those two go under the jail,” said Belle darkly, lashing her tail.

“Ohhhh so do I, Belle,” Bart replied venomously.

“Why would someone want to hurt Suzanna? I don’t get that,” said the calico. “She didn’t hurt anyone. That Greta woman hurt Sunshine first, not the other way around.”

Carrie sighed. “It’s hard to say, Belle. I don’t know why anyone would want to hurt Suzanna. But thank God for Meows catching the reflection in the window.”

“He’s a smart one,” said Bart. “He doesn’t miss much at all.”

“I would imagine he doesn’t,” Carrie agreed. “You two should be very proud of yourselves for what you did.”

“I’m proud of you,” smiled Belle.

Bart gave Belle a whisker-kiss. “Thanks, Belle. Funny, though, I knew Greta was a mean one, but I sure did think she was more of a threat to you, Carrie. I just about had a duck fit when I saw her at the B&B that night when she kicked poor Sunshine.”

“I know. So did I,” nodded Carrie.

“I hated her,” snarled Belle, lashing her tail in anger as she remembered that night. “So did Meows.”

“Yeah, he did. Pook and Saav didn’t like her either, and when they heard about Sunshine, even mild little Saav got really angry. We all knew she was bad news,” said Bart. He sighed and nosed toward the newspaper. “At least that nightmare was nipped in the bud.”

“Zeus would have hated her too,” said Belle.

“Yeah, wow, Zeus would probably have just gone ahead and shredded her at the B&B for Sunshine had he been here then,” Bart pointed out.

“Oh, probably. But at least she and her ‘hit man’ are behind bars now,” Carried said gratefully.

“Just to be safe, though, Meows and I talked about this last night on the phone,” began Bart. “We’re going to be out and about from time to time just checking. Keeping an eye on things, just in case some other half-witted genius decides to try something stupid.”

“I’m going to help watch from here, too,” Belle chimed in proudly.

“Good. I think that’s a great idea,” smiled Carrie.
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They went back to their breakfast, and after a moment Bart looked up.

“I wonder what Justin’s cats are like,” he mused.

“I can’t wait to meet them,” Belle said happily. “Just think – two more like us!”

“Justin’s a nice guy,” said Carrie. “His cats probably are, too.”

“He did real well with Ruffie last night. She looked like she was perfectly used to him. He has a way with animals, I think,” Bart said.

Belle sighed, smiling. “I wonder, really, how many of us are out there?”

“More than we’ll ever know, Belle,” Bart replied. “More than anyone will ever know, I think.”

And that, he thought, was comforting. He returned to his breakfast – and the editorial page – with a smile.


Copyright 2006 by Joyce G. Reilly. All rights reserved.
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She is working of the sequel, ha!

It is not finished nor titled but she has given permission of more!

I shall call it Book Two!

This might change in time, yes?

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Chapter 1 -- Loki and TigTig

Justin O’Brien drove carefully through the snow to his two-bedroom end unit condominium just a mile from downtown after his visit with Joyce. What a visit, he thought. Although talking cats were nothing new to him, as he had two that were sentient and one that was just a regular cat, he hadn’t counted on these people, his own friends, not just knowing about them but actually owning them. Six – six! – more talking cats right here in town, right under his nose, practically underfoot as he visited his friends. How the hell could I have missed that? he wondered, becoming a bit miffed. They know I’m a cat owner. They know I love cats. Hell, they know I love animals. They could have trusted me! They SHOULD have trusted me! I’ve been alone for three years with this! Why, when I didn’t have to be?

And why didn’t you tell them? came the voice of reason. He sighed. It did no good to fume about it, for he was just as protective as they were about the secret. Justin shook his head. Carrie and Joyce had lied to him about why they wanted the extra laptops, but he understood their situation now. They had to go through him to get them, as his was the only game in town, unless they wanted to order them from another company...and wait for days to get them. Well, he sighed, they did what they could for the cats. I can get anything I want and not have to explain it, but they can’t. Distributors and suppliers don’t ask business owners those kinds of questions.

Well, they won’t have to worry about that again, he realized. Then another thought struck him: Six more cats, needing computers, laptops don’t last forever…I just got six more long-term customers! That made him smile as he swung the Ford into its parking spot in front of 10D Oak Hills Lane. He grabbed the plastic container of leftover beef stew and the bag of treats for the cats Joyce had given him, and headed for his front door.

Loki, the solid black three-year-old male cat, greeted Justin at the threshold.

“Where’ve you been? What’d you bring us? We’ve been waiting forever. You know we don’t like it when you stay out so late,” grumbled Loki.

“Hello to you, too,” Justin replied. “I’ve been to Joyce’s. I brought you treats. Get used to the idea of staying out late – you may start doing that real damn soon.”

“Ohhhh, are you in a mood. What, you didn’t get lucky or something tonight?” asked Loki.

“Get off that. Where’s your sister? I need to tell you both something. Seriously,” said Justin, hanging up his coat. “Go get her.”

“Crap, now what? I haven’t clawed the desk chair in months. I’ve stayed out of the trash and Tiggy quit climbing the screen door. What’s the –“
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“Just shut up and go get her! Meet me in the kitchen, I’ll give you some treats. Go get Isis too,” snapped Justin, heading across the living room. But he had to chuckle to himself. I can’t wait til Paul meets Loki!

Isis was the big black and white regular cat. “But Isis doesn’t talk.”

“Tell me something I don’t know. She will want her share of the treats, Loki.”

“This better be good,” muttered Loki, going up the steps.

Loki found his sentient adopted sister, Tigger, known as TigTig or, sometimes, Tiggy, on the carpeted and pillowed window shelf in the computer room with one of her favorite books open in front of her, sound asleep. She was a lovely black, grey and cream-colored Manx tabby, also three years old. Justin had rescued the two four-month-old kittens out of a tree after they had been chased by neighborhood dogs, and although she and Loki came from different litters, they were from the same feral band that came through the area from time to time. Justin had to talk them out of the tree, and when they actually spoke to him, he wasn’t terribly surprised. He had heard the tales about the singing cats from the townspeople for years. It still made him worry about them, though, and he was afraid if he told anyone, they would think he was insane.

“Wake up. Justin’s home. He’s got some stop-the-presses issue to talk to us about,” said Loki.

TigTig opened her eyes and yawned. “Can this wait?”

“He’s got treats. I think I smelled shrimp.”

She blinked. Getting up, she stretched and closed her book. “In that case, I’ll get up.” TigTig was rather overweight, and not inclined to move very much or get too excited about anything. The term ‘laid back’ in a dictionary probably had this cat’s picture with it.

“Where’s Isis?” Loki asked.

TigTig yawned again. “Justin’s bed.”

“He wants her downstairs too.”

She stretched again. “Go fetch.”

The three cats went downstairs to the little galley kitchen and dining area where Justin had three plates full of leftovers from Lowery’s Porch, the best seafood restaurant in town, set out on the table for them. He popped open a Pepsi and sat down, petting Isis and Tiggy.

“What? What’s this news?” asked Loki suspiciously, not even diving into the plate.

Isis wasted no time getting into her plate, just as any normal cat would, but TigTig’s and Loki’s attention were on the human.
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Should I post more?

Perhaps now dull?


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