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Old 03-10-2006, 10:46 AM   #11
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Raven, your grandfather was a very wise man.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. Robert Frost
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You're right about having three boys, Raven.

Aidan has begun taking gymnastics. A parent needs to take the class with him, my husband loves to go. It's funny for me to watch. Here's this group of toddlers and their parents, most of them are moms and usually 2 dads. The moms kinda stand around, telling their kids what to try and how to do it. The two dads are out there playing as much as their kids. Maybe that is the real reason we signed up for the class, so that the big kid can go play on all the fun equipment.

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings." http://aidancallum.blogspot.com/
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Ahhh the joy of parenting young children!!!
Then you get something like this - and this was my afternoon yesterday.
Cell phone rings- I know it's my daughter calling from college because she is the only one who calls my cell phone.The convo went something like this
"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM"to the tune of someone pulling a cat's tail-mind you this child is a trained opera singer and her voice is now reminding that of finger nails dragging on a blackboard.
"Hi Kiersten what's up?"
"I"M SIIIIIICCCCKKKKK" I have a sore throat and my stomach HUUURRRTTTSS!"
"Do you have a temp?"
"Well take your temp and call me back."
YOu would think this would delegate me three minutes of blissfull silence but, instead I got moaning with a thermometer muffle.
"IT's 101" she whines.
"Take tylenol for the temp- you probably have strep. Call Dr D and make an appointment for tomorrow when you come home."I try to tell her.She is coming home for spring break.
"OK what are you making for dinner tomorrow?"
"I don't know yet- I'll make you veggie barley soup though if you would like."
This set off another round of cat yowls.
"MOOOOOMMMMMM-YOu know I'm a vegetarian and when you say stuff like that it sets off my anorexia."(She spent last summer in a day treatment program for anorexia.
Now I'm losing it it-KIERSTEN what part of veggie barley soup has meat in it!!!
"Oh I thought you said beef and barley"was the answer in alittle bit of a softer tone sans the whine.
She started whining again about her throat and I said to her how can that whining possibly make your throat feel any better?This was not a good thing to say.
I then said "kiersten and I'll probably go to **** for this but, right now I don't want to understand because you're giving me a headache."
"Thanks Mom and you don't believe in **** so you can stay right here and suffer with the rest of us."
I had to laugh because she doesn't even realize what she just said!!!This convo ended because her roommate came back into the room.
Enters my son age 21-"Mom I need a check for- fill in the blank." Then he looked at me."What's wrong with you?" I told him about the convo with his sister."WHY IS SHE COMING HOME?" Oh boy this is going to be good. "Spring Break"I answer. He replies "Can't we send her somewhere?" and then he adds "OH crap I'm on spring break too!"Hey Mom can you send ME somewhere?"

And people laugh when I say I love my dog the best!!!!
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LOL! Vicki!!! I feel for you.

My daughter turns 21 this year and is off to college in California. She can be a bit of a whiner too when she's not being a... well... We never hear from her unless she needs something, usually it's something she's doing on the internet and needs a CGI program written, or installed, or....

Thankfully she never asks for money because she knows that she's not going to get it.

Oh, and don't worry about Hades. If that's all it takes to get sent downstairs then the firey furnace is replete with parents.

~ Raven ~
Mike's Vet and Taxidermy - Either way you get your dog back.

A great nation is not built in a lifetime, but in the lifetimes of many. - Support our troops.
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Raven-You'll love this- she just called a little while ago to tell me she threw up and she feels a whole lot better - should she still keep her doc's appointment because she would really like to come home an get settled then go out with her friends that are also home-Ya just have to laugh!!!!Kiersten is 18 and her college is only a half ahour away from here. We let her have her car there and she comes home frequently-I'll tell you what though everytime she comes home I need a vacation from her draining energy!!!!

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