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Old 08-24-2007, 04:03 PM   #81
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Originally Posted by carolelaine View Post
So what were your feelings on Trey leaving? I was disappointed, I thought he was very good, except maybe not in this challenge. His smoked potatoes and bread pudding must have been bad. He had more than his share of tasks for that team. Maybe they should have divided the responsibilities evenly in order to assure a better outcome.
Tre unfortunately took too many tasks upon himself and this contributed to his getting eliminated. It didn't help that their team dynamic was horrible. CJ just cannot cut it in a real kitchen environment. There's a reason why he's a personal chef and not a restaurant chef and this episode showed it. Casey is just horribly slow, even though she is talented and has a good palate. I don't think I could cut onions slower than her if I tried. I think if they had switched around Brian and CJ they would've put out better food and they would've had a better chance of winning as Brian is clearly faster and better in the kitchen than CJ. Tre also admittedly was too relaxed and overconfident. You know, I really think that the whole team thought that the other team would self-destruct due to internal conflict from Howie, and all they had to do was show up and put out a decent product. In the end, it was Tre's responsibility to make sure that the food was top notch and he didn't do that. I only remember the scallop as being good. Everything else (the pudding, filet, lobster, monkfish) all had problems. That's a lot of dishes right there.

Team Quatre really stepped it up, both in the quickfire and the elimination. Holy crap is Hung fast. And so is Sara M. which I didn't see before. She mowed through those onions. Sara M. really impressed me by her work in the kitchen in this past episode as the executive chef. I didn't really care for her up until this point but this past episode made me look at her in a whole new light. She made sure that all of the dishes that went out were good (and they were, there were no complaints by the judges about any dish at all as far as I can remember) and she made sure that food was cooked over if it wasn't done to her liking. I mean she was checking over everything, unlike Tre, and it showed. Like I said, wow. I was very impressed. She was exactly how an executive chef should be. I was also impressed by Dale's ability to run the front, AND put out a dish in the back. Brian only did the front for the other team. I had to laugh when Dale told Stephen from season 1 to cut down on spending too much time talking to the guests at the table. Stephen's reaction to that was priceless.

Howie was able to swallow his pride (somewhat). It was funny when Sara told him twice to cook the lamb more (which was raw, not rare). I thought it was even more funny that Howie needed a thermometer to tell the doneness of the lamb. As a professional chef, that is a sure signal of "hack". For a homecook? That's fine. But for someone with that much restaurant experience, that's kinda sad. I mean, I can tell the doneness of almost any meat just by feel, and so can most professional cooks/chefs with comparable experience.

They definitely (and even Sara acknowledged it) had an advantage with Hung in their kitchen. The guy is unbelievably fast and I'm sure he was helping to prep and cook every single dish that came out of that kitchen because he was able to do so, unlike many of his fellow competitors. I mean, I consider myself pretty fast but holy **** is Hung quick.

Funniest quote of the night:

Dale (to Hung): "Sara and Joey are on table 7."

Hung: "Who's Sara and Joey?"

Dale: "You know, from the show (or something like that)"

Hung (without breaking concentration in what he's doing): "Oh, nice."

Alright with only 7 left and with Tre gone, my adjusted top three: Hung, Brian, Dale. Hung is still the favorite to take it all.

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I would also like to add that CJ is a piece of ****. After saying earlier that despite only having one of his balls due to cancer, he still has more balls than the rest of the competition, he clearly showed in this episode that he literally, and figureatively, has less balls than everyone else. After winning the quickfire and picking his team, he relinquished all leadership and decision making and when push came to shove, threw Tre under the bus and even Brian in part I. And he couldn't even make his ONE dish perfect. Chef Zarkanian called him out on it too, when he pointedly told CJ that he should be supporting his chef. To me, if you're not supporting someone at the judges table you weren't supporting them in the kitchen, meaning you weren't concerned about putting out the best product.

You know, I wonder if Team April pulled a "Weakest Link" strategy. On that show, whenever there was three people left and they had to vote someone off, the smartest person ALWAYS was voted off by the two weaker ones because it would give them a better chance to win in the final round. I wonder if they all privately conferred (without Tre) that since Tre was one of the strongest competitors left, if they boned the challenge from the food aspect, maybe they would all have a better chance of winning because Tre would be gone since as the exec. chef, the food would have been his responsibility. Who knows? But it kind of seemed that way when no one was willing to take some of the blame along with Tre. They all seemd content to let Tre take all the heat for their bad cooking.

"Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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I liked Tre, but he became a disappointment the last time. Spying on the other team, then he came off too confident (can do bread pudding in my dream) and after it came out bad, he kinda said , well ,that I thought was the easiest dessert to make.(so, can you make it in your dream or what?!)
They were right to let him go.
His menu choices were a mistake and were not done well. On top of that he didn't bring the team together at all. I don't care how many dishes he made, that was his fault too, not an excuse!

I'm sorry he's gone, wanted to see him and Hung in the final.

Casey should go!!
I don't believe in her cooking abilities, at least nothing she made impressed.I think she should have been let go already and not only because of her dull knife at the qf challenge (at least that's what Tom said at the bravo site), though it's hard to believe someone would go into a challenge like that!

Sara was great! Didn't care for her before, but she showed now what she is about!
AND her food was great too they said.I will look at her with more respect from now on, but still, don't think she is a top chef..

Like Hung a lot. Don't care if he is (or seems to be) arrogant at times.
He can cook, has imagination and guts, fast and has the fire in him. He also proved to be a team player.

Dale is fun I think, but don't see him as TC.
The rest of them?
Let them go!

I think Hung is the only one in this bunch who comes remotely close to TC title, so I hope he will get it.
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Old 08-24-2007, 08:13 PM   #84
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I disagree with you about x-ing Tre. Made NO sense at all when the whole team was sub par. I think that CJ, who was supposed to be the team leader, and abdicated his responsibility altogether.... well, hes who I would have sent home. OTOH, who knows what the producers are thinking. They DO have a say in who stays and who goes.

Hung seems to have cooking ability, but so far has shown absolutely no leadership capabilities. And I don't like his personality. He reminds me of Marcel in a bad way.

I think I like Brian to win, now that Tre's gone.
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Old 08-25-2007, 02:58 AM   #85
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You're right June, haven't seen any leadership from Hung, yet.
Have you seen that in Brian?
Honestly, Tre being out, I don't see anybody being qualified fore the title in everything.
So, I vote for Hung, because at least he will cook well, he will come up with ideas,yes, I can see him making mistakes too.
But I see that a lot more in the rest of them and WITHOUT his drive.
I don't have to like him as a person to vote for him.
Yes, I did like Tre as a person, so it's too bad he's gone.
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Old 09-06-2007, 03:57 PM   #86
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Thoughts on last nights episode? I thought Casey came off in a very good light. Smart not to serve the mousse course. Hung was odd, what about his smurf village? I have to agree that Howie's dish did look like dog poop. Sad, he seemed to be trying to mend his evil ways.
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I definitely agree that Casey did well last night, and also that Hung seemed to be having a very off day. I DO disagree with the negative comments about his cucumber salmon-mousse canape' however. Sure its been done, and been done alot, but that's because it's a great little canape'. IMO, most of the great food we eat today is classical in origin, or a modern adaptation of it. Sure, he even said it wasn't the best thing he could have done, but with a budget of $50 for 60 people, he could have done FAR worse, especially in the realm of the overdone. At least he didn't serve his food on bread, like nearly EVER other contestant, he kept it very light, and he got a lot of compliments from the guests.
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Old 09-07-2007, 02:01 AM   #88
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"Sure, he even said it wasn't the best thing he could have done, but with a budget of $50 for 60 people, he could have done FAR worse"

Not the point mate. By now the judges know how good Hung is, and they knew for a fact he was trying to take the easy way out. Hung is my fav on the show, but he has been playing it too safe. And chef collichio knows it.

Honestly i don't think it's fair to compare Hung to Marcel or Steven(whatever his name was from season1, the wine taster)

Hung IMO is a better Chef, but too cautious.

Also, Hung is not so cocky and self-involved...he comes off to me as straight up confident. Dont get me wrong, ridiculously confident, but he doesnt go out of his way to be conniving or to talk as much trash as steven or marcell.

He comes across like just straight up thinks he's got what it takes.

Also, hearing him talk doesnt remind me of using a cheese grater on myself.

He is funny, and cool. And he gives people props. He has never made me want to bash his head in. Steven and Marcell did repeatedly.

Hung is the man and i want him to win.

I was so dissapointed they sent Trey(sp) home. I thought he was top 3 for sure.

So stupid they keep those 2 girls on there and send home Trey. You know it's rigged. They think their ratings will plummet if it is men only on the show. For a FACT.

This is clearly illustrated by the fact that 39% voted the women were the best chefs remaining... LMAO! Seriously. Even my wife started laughing when she saw that. Some people are just silly. Look past gender and race and just try and determine who is the best chef. How could 39% of the voters possibly think those two girls are better than Hung, CJ, Malarkey, etc...seriously, give me a break.

What kind of a person just calls in and votes for a person that happens to be the same gender as them?

Completely mindless.
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i just started watching this season, and am almost caught up. i still have the last 2 weeks to watch on tape.
i like the idea that they play mini-marathons every week so you can see previous episodes, if you've missed one.

i started out not liking hung, but he's grown on me. my money's on him, or sara.
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I think Sara will be in the top two - I wouldn't be surprised if it was with the tall guy. I think Sara out-performed Hung by a landslide last night.


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