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Trivia 6/7

trivia 6/7
In 2007, $4.7 million worth of American flags were imported by the United States, the vast majority of that amount ($4.3 million) from China. The U.S. exported $2.4 million in U.S. flags that year, with half going to Mexico.

1. Fill in the blank;
The anatomical name for the armbone (upper) is the _____ .
2. Whose formula for triangles says that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides?
3. What disease is treated by an Oncologist ?
4. The opening at the base of the uterus through which the baby must pass during labor is called what ?
5. Multiple Choice;
Which of these elements was named for the couple who discovered radium?
a. Barium - b. Mendelevium - c. Holmium - d. Curium
6. What were the names of the three tunnels featured in the film, The Great Escape ?
7. Who played the title roll in the 2004 re-make of Alfie ?
(Bonus - who played that role in the 1966 original ?)
8. Astronomically speaking, what is Syzygy ?
The Shagya is a breed of Arabian Horse.
1. Humerus
2. Pythagoras
3. Cancer
4. Cervix
5. d. - Curium
6. Tom, Dick and Harry
7. Jude Law (Michael Caine)
8. The term for three celestial bodies aligning
The Shagya, a gray Arabian, are bred for their height, large frame, and great ridability, including great movement and jumping ability.
The Shagya Arabian exhibits traits similar to the asil or purebred Arabian horse, with high carried tail, sound bone and excellent endurance. However, due to the small influx of non-Arabian breeding and the breeding goals of the Hungarian studs, Shagyas tend to be taller, less refined, and bigger-boned than purebred Arabians; the modern Shagya is usually at least 15 hands tall and commonly 16 hands, whereas the breed standard for the Arabian ranges from 14.1 to 15.1 hands, with some individuals over and under that height.

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