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Old 12-20-2007, 06:34 PM   #11
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I know a little bit how you feel. My son Michael walked out of school when he was in the first grade. Luckly one of his older brothers saw he and brought him home. I called up to school to tell the teacher were he was. She was crying and said that she had hoped it wasn't something she had said to make him so mad. Well, he got a good talking to, let me tell you. Thank God he never did that again. He is 38 now. When he comes home for Christmas next week, I will have to ask him if he remembers what made him so mad.

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Originally Posted by mikki View Post
Ask him what happened at school first. If his being angry is justified be understanding but also make him understand how wrong it is to get up and leave school without anyone knowing. When punishing him make sure he knows he's not being punished for feeling angry but for how he reacted.
After everyone is settled down maybe ask him if he can think of better ways he could have handled the situation.
Very well said.


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a famous dr said on the radio today...
kids need stipulations, repetition and consequences.
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Ask my daughter what is punishment---having to listen to Enya on the way to a band concert and back again------she had been told the night before to have everything ready to go to a band concert 30 minutes away---I nagged her repaeatedly and she assured me (nastily I might add) that all was under control and to stop nagging her---sure enough the next day after school she was running all over the house searching for "stuff"--I was yelling and screaming and pulling my hair out in the meantime as we were running late and having to deal with awful HOuston traffic----then when we got in the car she went to turn on her favorite CD---- I said "No Way!" and told her that her punishment was to listen to my Enya CD the whole 30 minutes and the whole 30 minutes back. No beating would have equalled the torture of a teen listening to music that they don't want to.

Charlie, I feel your pain. Hang in there---the teen years don't last forever--yeah, your son should have some consequences---schools do have liability issues to deal with today so I'm sure they weren't happy with him on that point alone. Do try and find out what he and the teacher disagreed on and see if the 3 of you can meet and work the problem(s) out---I used to teach and most teachers want to be helpful if they can---everyone has off days---your son should be allowed to cool his heels in the counselor's office when things get really tough and the counselor should be there to encourage him, if your son needs it, otherwise just to have a place to chill. Leaving campus just has too many liability issues and is serious. I hope that all works out before the end of the week. Best of luck!!!
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Originally Posted by expatgirl View Post
I said "No Way!" and told her that her punishment was to listen to my Enya CD the whole 30 minutes and the whole 30 minutes back. No beating would have equalled the torture of a teen listening to music that they don't want to.
This is so funny because it is soooo true. My own sons have been known to refer to "Death by Crow" (Sheryl Crow). It does pay sometimes to be creative when trying to teach grasshoppers a lesson!
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So much of how you treat this incident depends on your community. I don't have children, but have lived in many communities. It is scary to think of a child his age wandering around in some of the places I've lived. In others (like here) it would be not that big of a deal. Somehow you need to let kids know that the world is a dangerous place, but where do you draw the line? I'm glad I didn't have any. P.S., yes, if I'd have left school my parents would have walloped me, but now that would wind you in jail.

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