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Old 05-04-2014, 08:59 AM   #19131
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Originally Posted by GotGarlic View Post
Thanks. Just a basic deviled egg mixture of egg yolks, mayo, dill pickles, vinegar, and S&P. I garnished them with chives from my garden.

Ok, the way the picture is coming across on my computer the filling looks white, and I wondered about the egg yolks, which most people use for the filling.

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When I had shingles my husband didn't get them. When my daughter had them, none of us got them. When my son had them, his wife didn't get them. From what I have read recently, if you had chicken pox before, you will not get shingles from someone who has them. But if you never had chicken pox, you can get chicken pox from someone who has shingles. I have known a lot of people who had them, but not heard of anyone catching them from someone else. If you don't catch them from someone you sleep with every night you aren't going to catch them from casual contact, IMO.

Although the shot is only 50% effective, you will not get as severe a case as you could without the shot. Also, the shot could cause some blistering at the injection site. I don't ever want to have what my husband has, but then I would take the antiviral meds, which he only took for 1 day. He is very stubborn and has very weird ideas regarding medical issues, and also many other things. I have just gotten used to him over the years. Apparently his first wife couldn't, and sheskedaddled! I would like to add that he has some very good and endearing qualities, too!

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I'm getting ready to make a batch of yellow squash.

I used to make them with zucchini, but finally decided I didn't care for the flavor of the zucchini. I still like zucchini with tomatoes, but not with my yellow squash.

I'll make them with thin sliced onion half moons and some of my giant purple garlic.

They didn't have any loose garlic bulbs, except for the huge purple ones, so I got a bunch. They don't have the stronger flavor, but they are gorgeously huge. One nice size bulb had just 5 huge cloves!

After that, I'll work on making more room in the fridge. I did a lot of cleaning out before Shopping Day, but it's still pretty crowded. It's like one of those puzzles that have sliding pieces that have to be moved around to get to what you're looking for.

I wish I could remember what that kind of puzzle is called. Anyone?

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Originally Posted by CarolPa View Post
Ok, the way the picture is coming across on my computer the filling looks white, and I wondered about the egg yolks, which most people use for the filling.
It was pretty bright in the kitchen when I took the picture, so I guess the yellow got washed out
The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again. ~ George Miller
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Originally Posted by PrincessFiona60 View Post
The danger is not in the amount of narcotic in the Percocets, but the acetaminophen in them. If he was getting more than 3600 mg of acetaminophen, it's awful hard on his liver and can lead to Tylenol toxicity.
That's an important fact, PF, and one not often mentioned when we're told about the 'dangers' of taking Vicodin (and I guess Percocet although I only took that one time after an operation).

The Black Box Warning is put in the package insert of Vicodin for the acetaminophen (generic for Tylenol) and NOT for the pain med component!

There is NO Black Box warning for the hydrocodone. But OF COURSE there's a warning about the dangers of becoming addicted or dependent on it.

So where's the beef? In the acetaminophen---- not in hydrocodone IF taken as your doctor prescribes it. If he prescribes too much for you----- well, isn't that on him? Hmmm?

From Wiki:
A black box warning is the strictest warning put in the labeling of prescription drugs or drug products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when there is reasonable evidence of an association of a serious hazard with the drug.

There's a new pain med now called Zohydro which is only hydrocodone (which is what is in Vicodin) and NO acetaminophen. It's an Extended Release drug which means you only take one pill once a day.

A HUGE flap is being made about it among doctors/agencies saying it's not abuse proof! Well, if a person wants to abuse their pain meds------- they're going to do it, believe you me!

I'm not unaware of the dangers of addiction (which may or may not be dependence).
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Originally Posted by Addie View Post
If you had chicken pox as a child, you are more likely to get shingles the older you get. And if you didn't have them, then you really do need to get the shot. I was curious, so I asked my doctor about getting them from someone who has shingles. And the answer was a resounding "Yes!"
That's odd because the NHS shingles information says

"Is shingles contagious?
If you have not had chickenpox before, you can catch it from someone with shingles.
However, it is not possible to catch shingles itself from someone with the condition."

I looked it up because I'd always understood that you couldn't catch it from a sufferer. My Great Aunt had it when I was 8 years old and it was diagnosed a few days after she'd visited us. Mother panicked and hauled me off to the doctor who laughed at her.

If you fit the criteria stress can be one of the triggers for shingles.

There used to be a, well, "superstition" is the only word for it, that if you caught shingles and the rash went all the way round your body and met in the middle you would die. Not true, however, as Shingles can't do that.
Don’t look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Stomp along and switch the bl**dy thing on yourself.
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From the Mayo Clinic: Shingles Definition - Diseases and Conditions - Mayo Clinic

We put patients with Shingles into isolation when they are in the contagious phase because of the age of our patients and the risk for healthcare workers to take the virus home to their own families who may or may not have had chicken pox.

Pregnant women, infants and young children are also at risk. The elderly and immunesupressed are also at risk.
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein
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My Mom had shingles. Our son had shingles. The only shingles I hope to see anymore are the ones on the roof of my house.


I'm listening to the baseball game and debating about Target. Do I want to have Himself drive us over there after Mass later this afternoon? Or do I want to head over to Target and a couple other stores by myself tomorrow afternoon? What am I talking about? I need a "Girls' Day" even if I'm going alone. SIL won't be home until later in the week and I really want to replace my disobedient mouse. This GE one has a mind of its own and I'm replacing it with another Logitec. My Logitec was a trusty mouse until I kept dropping it...
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Wish I could go shopping with you, CG!

I'm taking a break from planting stuff I bought at the master gardeners' plant sale yesterday. The herbs are mostly done - cilantro, Thai basil, lemon grass, lemon thyme and Genovese basil. I also got a new bay laurel - it's about a foot tall. It's going into a pot, so I can keep it under control.

Next I have to plant the Roma tomatoes - they already have babies! - and two heirlooms: one is a black and green stripe and the other - well, I forgot what it is. Need to make sure I write down the names. I also have a green bell pepper, yellow bell pepper and a jalapeno pepper, and a peanut plant! That was an impulse buy. A woman who was in my class last year brought them. She says she grows them in containers and they have little yellow flowers all summer. Then in the fall, you dig it up and get a bunch of peanuts! DH loves peanuts
The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again. ~ George Miller
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I'm shaking my head at the two idiots who just ran into each other outside my studio window. It is pouring rain, and this is a private road with speed bumps where you are only allowed to go 10 km. It is a bend in front of us and they both went in the middle of the road and hit head on. No injuries but their cars both need to be towed. And they didn't know they had a witness who could tell the police they were going way too fast (me). The officer saw me at my computer and came to the door to ask whether I saw anything. I was able to give my statement without going in the rain. Neither driver lives here.

That is the third accident I have witnessed here. One guy totaled our garbage shelter, driving under the influence, and last winter the bobcat driver clearing the roads and parking areas (also under the influence) hit 7 parked cars - thankfully ours weren't among them!

At least living here is not boring!

Living gluten/dairy/sugar/fat/caffeine-free and loving it!
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