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Old 09-27-2006, 11:05 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by vagriller
Some of the guys have delivery stories too. They let us stay in the room these days! It looks a lot different from the other end.

And a little bit of horror too!
Yes, my ex was there too - he kept trying to get my OB/GYN a cup of coffe during the final moments - she finally told him to shut-up!!!

I can only imagine the "other side". I was there once with a friend who asked me to be in the delivery room with her to make sure her MIL wasn't there - Lord, that woman hated me but I did my job! lol

NOT ONE PERSON TOLD ME THAT the BABY WOULD COME OUT DARK GRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't talk for about 10 minutes!


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Old 09-27-2006, 11:10 PM   #22
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Originally Posted by Half Baked
I just read on the dinner forum that Kimbaby is craving spaghetti and it made me smile.

With my first son, I was reading The Good Earth by Pearl Buck and I fried cabbage, garlic and butter together, every lunchtime. I had never touch fried cabbage in my life before.

With my second son, it was fudgesicles...and I'm not a fan of chocolate or ice cream.
My mother told me she craved bananas when she was pregnant with me. The thing is she's allergic to bananas!

The Good Earth is one of my favorite books!!!

The best things in life aren't things.
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Old 09-27-2006, 11:45 PM   #23
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I really didn't crave too much with my daughters, with the oldest one I had morning sickness 24/7 for 3-4 months. Couldn't keep much down then except for the instant apple/cinnamon oatmeal. Hate the stuff since!! I did have a thing for sour cream/onion chips later though and did send the hubby out to get marshmallows for me to roast over the stove burners once. With the second daughter, I don't remember any cravings. I do get a kick out of my SIL though; my youngest daughter is expecting our first granddaughter in the next month and he is the one with cravings!! Just like he was with the 2 grandsons, lol!!!
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Old 09-28-2006, 01:39 AM   #24
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I craved hazelnut chocolate with numbers 1 and 3, but it may just have been an excuse to eat huge blocks of it!! When I was pregnant with #2 I ate a blueberry muffin everyday and craved apricot danishes as well. I also drank heaps of chocolate nesquik with this last pregnancy.
There is no such thing as a little garlic.
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Old 09-28-2006, 03:41 AM   #25
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Fresh peaches with the first one and I don't remember craving anything with the second.
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Old 09-28-2006, 07:23 AM   #26
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For a while, candy! I'd keep stacks of candy bars in my desk draw at work.
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Old 09-28-2006, 07:36 AM   #27
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dw craved korean food, strawberry or vanilla mochi, and soy milk. at first vanilla, then chocolate.

i think we went out for korean bbq every week of the last trimester.

i was in the delivery room when our son was born. i even got to watch the c section.
i was sitting with the anasthesiologist and holding dw's hand behind the little "towel" wall they make so the mother can't see her belly. i asked dw several times if i could stand up and watch, to which she finally capitulated, but the nurse tried to stop me. she said she didn't want to have to catch me as i passed out. but the docs said ok, so i got to watch them hack my boy out.
it was the single coolest thing i've ever seen.

once the docs saw i was ok, they started to point out different parts of her plumbing, and the layers of fat, muscle, and skin.
out came my boy, i snipped the cord, and off he went under the french fry warmer.
every father should get to see this.
"Thunderbolt and lightening,
very, very frightening me!" Galileo
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Old 09-28-2006, 08:17 AM   #28
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When I was pregant w/my first son (37 yrs. ago) I craved popcicles at 3am, and made hubby eat one too! (had to wake him up) - Memories -- lol
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Old 09-28-2006, 08:53 AM   #29
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My first all i wanted was mexican, my second was all about italian food and
my third cheese burgers.

Sorta strange but for each baby the food i craved when they were in the
oven is their favorites.

I have heard the food you crave has something in it your body is lacking
when your having a baby. Not sure what i would have been lacking to
just want to die for a cheese burger.
is your glass half full or empty? my is half full
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Old 09-28-2006, 10:41 AM   #30
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rickell, I've heard that too about craving what your body needs. I think there is a measure of truth to that, but I think too that maybe its the little critter who wants to have something special. LOL.

Buckytom, both my girls were c-sections and Ken was there for both, and cut both cords. I was unconscious the first time, but awake the second and the tilted the lights for me so I could see the reflection of my guts in it.

vagriller, I understand what you mean about the birth stories from the other end. Its nearly the hardest thing in the world to watch the person you love the most in the world go through that kind of pain. Let me tell you though, the HARDEST thing is being the one doing it. I think any Dad who stays in the delivery room deserves MAJOR kudos.

Also just remembered that I was a complete carnivore through both pregnancies. And I was one of those women you all will hate, as I never had a moment of morning sickness, just got faint with hunger if I went for more than 2 hours without food! Man I ate a lot. LOL. Only gained 26lbs with each kid though so I think they must have been using it all.

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. Robin Williams
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