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Old 09-28-2006, 10:55 AM   #31
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With my first it was shrimp with lobster sauce on garlic bread and chips ahoy cookies-my second it was liverwurst with butter on white bread-never cared for liverwurst before or after-my third-it was- strawberries and cheeseburgers.My oldest favorite food was chinese and lasagna.middle guy does love a liverwurst sandwich on a hard roll with butter and "little girl" before she became a vegetarian would live on cheeseburgers and still loves chocolate covered strawberries-

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I didn't have enough to eat the first time I was pregnant, at least not for the first 7 months. So when I finally married my ex-fiance, and had enough money for groceries, I drank glass after glass of milk, ate a lot of meat and vegetables (I was really big on sweet potates) and vanilla ice cream.
With my second, I craved hot fudge sundaes from the Dairy Queen. Every night, just before they closed at 11:00, I'd be there. It got so the little girl working there would start making my Sundae before I ever pulled up.

They didn't let husbands in the delivery room when I had my babies. With husband #2, it's just as well, since he fainted in the labor room.

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I only had cravings with my first child and that was over 36 years ago. But I would have killed for Morton's frozen fried chicken. I ate so much of that stuff that I'm sure chicken and frozen foods stocks went through the roof. I can't imagine eating that stuff now.

On the flip side of cravings, for some dumb reason the smell of overdone toast would send me right to the bathroom to the porcelain altar. Even to this day, when DH slightly burns the toast, my stomach does flip-flops. Go figure?!
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Old 09-28-2006, 11:58 AM   #34
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Absolutely everything made me sick with Boy#2 for the whole pregnancy. I only gained 7 lbs during that pregnancy and he weighed 7#. Man, I was one sick chicken. The dr kept threatening me with the hospital but all the tests that came back showed the baby was fine.

I gained 45# with Boy#1 and lost all of it during the delivery. I never had to deal with 'baby fat'....until now, 30 years later.
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Old 09-28-2006, 01:43 PM   #35
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Originally Posted by buckytom
every father should get to see this.
My h begged not to!
My first c-section was emergency (fetal distress), so, since I was knocked out, nobody from the family was in there with me.
Second c-section was scheduled, and when h said he didn't want to be there, I told him I didn't want to be there either! So, my mom was there (after all, she'd been an RN for many years and was used to that type of stuff) and she got to see her third grandbaby born. Much better experience than the first, that is, till they realized I was allergic to morphene....after they'd put it into me.

Also - gained 40 lbs with each pregnancy and man was that fun! Fortuately, the weight came off easily with each - and over 8 pounds for each baby!
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Originally Posted by buckytom
...out came my boy, i snipped the cord, and off he went under the french fry warmer...
ROFL BT! Both of my sons and my daughter had to be under the "french fry warmer" for awhile.

When PeppA was preggo with the oldest, she wanted triple pepperoni double cheese pizza from Domino's.

#2, she wanted Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers from Wendy's.

#3 & 4 (twins), she wanted strawberries, but since she was gestational diabetic, all the sugar in the strawberry sauce would make her sick.

#5 She can't remember what she craved for our daughter.

Funny stories: When PeppA was expecting our twin sons, she told me that eth smell of coffee w/ honey (my morning poison) made her really nauseous. With our daughter, (#5), she told me that she couldn't tolerate the smell of tuna. I brought home a tuna steak, and blackened it to medium. I tried to stay away, and upwind, of her. She still smelled it, looked at me, and started whining like a little dog. To her, it smelled good, and she wanted a bite. She ended up eating half of it! Also, I made a sauce that I wanted to save, so I was going to freeze some of it. Now, this sauce (the "Mutha" sauce of the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, NY), is rather sour, kind of chunky, not really thick, but not really thin. In the process of trying to pour the remaining sauce into a ziplock bag, the bag fell, and some of the sauce hit the flour. It hit with a splatter, and with the warm, sour smell coupled with the sight of a chunky liquid splattered everywhere, just looked like something else. I looked at PeppA, and said, "Who puked?" That was intended as a joke, but PeppA looked at me, turned green, held up her hand, then ran for the porcelain alter.
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My sister craved tomatoes with her twins - neither of them could eat them til they were about 12 years old. Even spaghetti sauce made them sick. I don't understand the connection.
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Old 09-28-2006, 02:40 PM   #38
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Originally Posted by Alix
vagriller, I understand what you mean about the birth stories from the other end. Its nearly the hardest thing in the world to watch the person you love the most in the world go through that kind of pain. Let me tell you though, the HARDEST thing is being the one doing it. I think any Dad who stays in the delivery room deserves MAJOR kudos.
My son was a regular birth (non-Csection that is, there's no such thing as a normal birth). When my wife was dilated to about 4 cm or so they had me holding one leg, the nurse with the other and she was coaching my wife to encourage her what to do. Then the nurse got busy and I got to hold both legs back and the nurse told me to coach (basically scream things at my wife) myself. At that point I thought about how none of this was covered in the childbirth classes! And I wondered where the OB/GYN was. I was nervous because I thought maybe I was going to have to deliver the baby myself. It was at this point that the nursing staff realized that the bed my wife was on would not raise up, so here I was holding both legs, coaching my wife, and trying to lift her onto another bed! WOOHOO, we're havin' fun now!
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Old 09-28-2006, 07:10 PM   #39
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I craved 3 things. #1 and the most craved, ANYTHING mexican!! Pancakes and french toast were right behind it.
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This has been a great thread to read. I love all the funny stories.

With both the kids I craved Subway sandwiches. I even had one the night I gave birth to Aidan, only to toss it all during labor.

With Aidan I craved doughnuts, salami & brie sandwiches and pickles. Roast chickens made me naseous.

With Callum I had less cravings. I only recall Subway and angel hair pasta with butter. The smell of the garbage bothered me and the dog farting often sent me to the bathroom. dh used to have these classes at 9am and we'd go into town with him so we wouldn't be stuck at home all day. A lot of tossing the cookies out the door of the car.

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