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Old 10-19-2008, 09:59 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by JoeV View Post
I notice that Kat Cora is least selected among the Iron Chefs. She must be tough to beat or the guys are just afraid of losing to her. I like most of the TV chefs, and won't expound on the ones I don't care for (I live in a glass house so I won't throw stones)JoeV
yep you kno what the Good Book says about throwing stones, we all need to remember that one more often. And yes for those of you wondering, I "AM" including myself.
About KC, I like her tons. think she's darling and a terrific chef for certain. I think they're afraid of her becoming wild after all the Oozo she consumes upon finishing the task at hand

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Originally Posted by marigene View Post
I like to watch Ina, she really enjoys cooking. I love Anne Burrell but wish she wouldn't have her arms flailing around as much as in the first series.....she could knock herself out without trying!
I agree about Ina. Anne Burell . And GRK, I love 'Good Eats' too.


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Originally Posted by quicksilver View Post
I love watching Giadia. As petite and lovely as she is, her hands are more peasant-like and strong. I'm a hand watcher from way back. From orchestra conductors, to musicians, to speakers, knitters/crocheters to chefs/cooks.
And I like to watch ...shoot, his name just escaped me...(Rick Bayless) the guy that adores mexican food. I really enjoy watching him. He does everything with such ease, and really knows how to bring out the best in the foods he works with and the story behind all those foods, and makes the listener/viewer enjoy it too.
I just wish he was working with a different type of cuisine, as I'm not that fond of mexican food. (too spice for my gut. and the old dislike of beans thing)
And of course, Bastianich. "Let me taste this for you."
me too,.....I always look to see which hand people prefer........that's the first grade teacher in me........lefties tend to be creative......they think with a different part of their brains and I respect that.........how would you like me to be your child's teacher.....seriously though it's important to know...... I will impact them the rest of their lives........do you realize what amount of responsibility you're giving to a complete stranger????
The only difference between a "cook" and a "Chef" is who cleans up the kitchen.
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When I went to the wine and food festival a few weeks ago, I got to see a few people live and unedited. Therefore, there 'true colors' came out. Jacques Pepin was exactly the way he was on television. Very professional, technical, with a dry, but good sense of humor. Ingrid Hoffman literally didnt touch a thing. She talked about her experiences and other non related cooking things as the assistant did %99.99 of the work. Guy Fieri was exactly the same as he is on TV. A showman, played the camera and audience, but also seemed like a regular guy in the kitchen. If I had to compare myself, id say im probably more like Guy in the kitchen, but each day im trying to be more and more like Jacques. What I liked most about the live experiences was how things got burned and fell on the floor and some ingredients were missing ...... I liked the realness of it, since that is what happens every day in my house. Cats knocking eggs off the counter, forgetting to buy one thing for a recipe and having to figure a way out of it .....

Oh yeah, and Maryanne Esposito, who seems very motherly and friendly in the kitchen, sure gave her staff hell when they had only plastic bowls instead of glass or ceramic. Sure she has her reputation and all that, but she seamed like she turned it on for the camera, but off camera, she can be a pain in the you know where ...
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I barely watch Food Network anymore. Doesn't appeal to me, too many annoying shows and "chef's". I do like the PBS cooking shows, Lidia, the America's Test Kitchen, Everyday Food (great for quick recipe ideas).
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by the way your kids are in safe hands......I'm a great teacher............my kids are testament to that..........smart-asses both of them.......though you really will just want to bypass my daughter........ughhhhhhh
The only difference between a "cook" and a "Chef" is who cleans up the kitchen.
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I don't care for all of the FN chefs - there are a lot of shows I don't watch. Of those I do, my thoughts are as follows.

Rachel Ray - Great, quick and easy meals. On occasion I thinks she talks too much. I know that what makes her more personable but sometimes she crosses the line.

Paula Dean - I love her style of cooking, but I can't stand her voice.

Emeril - I like how he plays to the audience on Live, but he also plays to the camera too much. It sometimes seems like he is trying to fill dead air, which to me is noticeable big time. I like his cooking, though.

Alton Brown - The guy is a genius, but frankly I don't want to know that much detail of everything I eat. I think he's better as emcee of ICA then cook/educator on Good Eats.

Tyler Florence - I'm with whoever said here he talks too fast. He needs to try decaf or something. And what's with saying "fantastic" five hundred times per episode, regardless of the show?

Giada De Laurentis - Talk about easy on the eyes! I love her show, and my being Italian I love what she cooks. She has a great style all her own of how she teaches on the show. She breaks it down very simply, but not so much as to insult one's intelligence.

Anne Burell - I haven't seen her show, but based on previews I think I'd like it. I loved her when she was sous to Mario Batali.

Guy Fieti (sp?) - He's sometimes too over the top for me, but I like him, his style, and his food. I'm not "down" with the phrases like "Off the hook" "hooked up" etc. Guess I'm old fashioned.

Bobby Flay - My hero. Love him on everything he's been on, both style and flavors. I try to watch his sauces closely because they are so simple but pack a whallop!

Morimoto - I am mezmerized when he gets down and dirty with his knife skills. I can see why he is considered a master chef.

Mario Batali - seems to becoming more commercial, which I don't care for. The man is a wealth of knowledge of all things Italian, but can also talk much too fast to understand.

Kat Cora - Most probably know she is Executive Chef of . . . . . crap, I can't recall which magazine. She's fun to watch, but as others have noted, she's not often challenged. Though tonight Opera's former chef is challenging her in ICA.

Michael Symon - I personally think John Besh should have won, but it wasn't my call to make. Michael is too "bad boy" or "radical" for me, which lends itself to my old fashionedness again, I suppose.

Robert Irvine - while I realize there were discrepancies about his resume, the man is brilliant when it comes to cooking, and in particular doing so for a crowd. I liked Dinner: Impossible better with him over Michael Symon.

I've learned tips and tidbits from them all, and probably could if I watched some of the other shows as well. Over all I'm not a big fan of the ladies that are on during the day, of course aside from Giada and Rachel. I'm somewhat interested in the Chef Jeff project. I saw him on Dinner: Impossible with Irvine; Chef Jeff didn't seem to quite follow the time crunch which seemed to hold Robert up. Chef Jeff was more wrapped up in teaching the kids, which is all fine and good and is his style, but Robert was having difficulty because he was overall responsible to make sure the mission was complete.

One of my old school favorites to watch was Martin Yan with his show Yan Can Cook.

I also dig how Emeril will often give props to Julia Child during his show. I didn't really care for her shows or style, but she certainly was a pioneer in such shows. A heck of a cook too!
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Originally Posted by PytnPlace View Post
I barely watch Food Network anymore. Doesn't appeal to me, too many annoying shows and "chef's". I do like the PBS cooking shows, Lidia, the America's Test Kitchen, Everyday Food (great for quick recipe ideas).
Same here. I do like Bobby Flay still, and RR still annoys the heck out of me. Gotta be the voice cause I do like her shows, although I think she is trying to outdo Martha with all the stuff she has gotten herself into lately. I also noticed in her new dog food commercial she seems to have gained some weight and her voice was especially raspy.
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I really like Kat Cora. When I first saw her on Kitchen Accomplished I didn't like the way she just "did" everything when she was teaching the people whose kitchens were being renovated. However, when she went to IC, I grew to admire her knowledge and passion for cooking. And she has a sense of humour as well. Yes, I would like to see her in more matches as well!

Tyler Florence drives me crazy with his "boom". Too much like Emeril's "BAM" which also drove me up the wall!
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i kind of like them all.

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