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Old 08-01-2007, 09:28 AM   #11
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Once, I ordered a crabcake and was really put off by the shell fragments in it. I know that's pretty normal, but I just couldn't stand it. I've never ordered a crabcake since, and I never went back to that place.

The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again. ~ George Miller
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My DW and I went to one restaurant and I ordered the Ribeye, medium rare. It came out brown on the outside and raw on the inside. Not rare.....raw. I showed the waitress and she apologized and sent it back. Eight minutes later it came back, and guess what, it was extremely rare (just barely over raw). I showed the waitress again, she apologized profusely and wanted to take it back. I asked for a to go box instead and told her I’d cook it myself at home. She didn’t charge me for my meal though, so I only ended up paying for DW’s meal which was good. I left the waitress a big tip (it wasn’t her fault and she was very nice), but still, I never went back.

I was at another place for lunch, and was waiting in line to place my order. I could see the prep teams making the items everyone was ordering. One guy was making a sub type sandwich. He was acting goofy and not paying attention, and he sliced his hand with the knife! He was bleeding, so he laid the knife down and went in the back. A few seconds later, a girl came up, grabbed the same knife, did NOT wash or sterilize it, and kept working on the sandwich!

I immediately left and called the health department about that one. It wasn’t long before they were out of business, so I imagine there were other complaints about that place.

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Originally Posted by Jeekinz
This one is a tad scary.

I took my Mother and DW out to dinner one night to a restaurant we used to love. As we were waiting for our drinks, a waitress broke a wine glass in the ice maker. The ice maker was a large bin that you could access from either side of the bar, so the servers to get wine and soda orders.
I sat and watched her whispering the situation with the bartender. All she found was the stem of the glass as they proceded to take scoops of ice out.
HA!!! That is scary! When we were vacationing in Montana, a little place that we stopped off to eat at had one of those soda machines with the ice dispenser in the middle. I watched the waitress fill a glass with ice only to discover that it was empty and then proceeded to fill it with the ice out of the trough below where all the old sodas and what not are poured out.... blekkkk!!!!
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being asked every 5 mins whilst eating "is everything ok?"
after about the 5`th time you feel like saying "well it Would be if you didn`t keep Pestering us!".

I`m the same with shops too, if I walk in, and get Pounced on by a sales droid asking if they can help me, I turn heal and walk out without saying a word.

get OUT of my Space man!!!!!
Katherine Snow. xx
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Old 08-01-2007, 10:48 AM   #15
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the two ice machine stories are typical of improperly trained staff and clueless management. What one "might" do at home, is NOT how one operates a food service business of any type!

There is one family pizza shop in my old home beach town that could have expanded and opened satalite shops etc. But "mama" said " NO, I can't suppervise how all the others would be run and our name is not going to be linked with bad service and product and less than spotless suroundings. " Bravo! quality over the $$
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Old 08-01-2007, 12:36 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by YT2095
get OUT of my Space man!!!!!

I hate when I am standing in line at the g-store and the people behind me insist on standing as close to me as they can, I move an inch, they move up an inch!!! If I can smell you or your breath, your to close!!!
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Old 08-01-2007, 12:47 PM   #17
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Jeekinz, that should have initiated a call to the local health departmen. I had the same thing related to me yesterday. One of the ladies at work went to a local chain restuarant and they found a chunk (the bottom of a wine glass) of glass in one of their ice tea glasses. I asked her if she had called the health department, and of course, she didnt.
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Old 08-01-2007, 02:03 PM   #18
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A restaurant we liked had most of the mains priced over $30.

We went every once in awhile. Enough for them to know us.

We were out for a quiet pleasant evening after a particularly tough couple of weeks and wanted to blow it out.

Went early and asked for a table by the window in a room at the back that is usually quiet. Ordered the meal, which was very tasty until a birthday party of ten eight year olds was seated at the next table.

They were very loud and raucus, the way kids that age are supposed to act at a party. But we did not need them next to us.

The staff offered to move us but we were three quarters through with our mains. We stopped eating, asked for the check and left.

On the way out the manager came to us and told us that had she known she never would have seated that party next to us.

A manager who says 'had she known' tells me she was incompetent.

No offer of a comp, just an admission by the manager had she had she not been so lax in her duties we would not have suffered the results.

OK in a Applebee's or such, sure, no problem. Kids are supposed to be there.

But when just the entrees are over thirty bucks, with everything else extra, and a pricey wine list, they might pay some attention to their patrons' comfort.

Have not gone back. And most folks about here are just not gonna pony up that kinda money for a meal.
Before criticizing a person, walk a mile in his shoes - then you are a mile away and you have his shoes!
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If I order a meal and receive it with meat in it! I am a vegetarian. Once I went to a very nice pizza kitchen and ordered the taco pizza with no meat. After eating one slice I noticed chicken on some of the other pieces, gross! Whenever I order a dish that has meat in it and ask for is sans meat I always say that I'm a vegetarian hoping that they might pay a little bit more attention. All too often they do not and I do not return.
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Bottle of hot sauce with a Big Lots price tag still on it.

Being served burned food and the waiter asked me "Can you eat that?"

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Vegans die from arrogant smugness & sprout rot. - pighood
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