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What's Your Best

What's your best Halloween trick for the wonderful little goblins and ghouls that knock on your door? This has to be something fun that you, the kids, and their parents enjoy.

My best so far are:
1: Hide in the bushes with ghoulish clothing and make up, casting "bait" (zipper bag with light stick and candy bar) into the path of oncoming kids, and when the pick up the bag, tug on my fishing pole and holler - Honey! Get the pot ready! I've got one.

2: Lower a plastic devil doll from nearly invisible (at night) monofilament fishing line from an upstairs window, almost on top of the kids at the door. The devil sings Elvis Presly's "Hunka-Hunka Burnin Love". The song alone scares me. Kids and their parents love it.

3: When they yell "Trick or Treat", I give both a treat and a trick. The treat is full sized candy bars. The trick is to spray them in the chest with silly string. I've been known to spray parents too. They all got a kick out of it.

4: Slide ghostly apparition down a fishing line from upstairs window to a plant hanger that has a skeleton and an emaciated caged prisoner hanging from it, with foam tombstones all around. Motion is always great.

5: Put BT in a 6X10X10 foot plexiglass box with a live chicken. As he tries to catch it, the chicken goes nuts, BT goes nuts, everyone is scared. I'm just not sure if they're scared of BT, or the commotion of him pursuing the chicken.

Not really, BT lives on the East coast, you know, where the real scarry people hail from. I live in the serene and peaceful Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where everyone comes to find bliss and tranquility, and beautiful people, like me.

Sorry BT. An older brother's gotta do what an older brother's gotta do.

Give me your best tricks.

Seeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North


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Many years ago the man that lived next door made a scarecrow out of old clothes and straw. He placed it on a bale of hay in his front yard with some corn stalks and pumpkins etc... On Halloween night he dressed in the same clothes and became the scarecrow. He was a riot playing tricks on the parents and the kids. It was very effective because the people in the area had become accustomed to seeing the scarecrow in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

At my house I did not have any tricks but, I gave candy to the kids and a shot of peppermint schnapps or a Heineken to the Moms and Dads I found hiding in the bushes. It was a small town and a simpler time.

Now I think Halloween is best celebrated at tailgating parties in the parking lot of the local school or firehouse. All of the locals can have treats and snacks served out of the tailgate of the family vehicle and the kids can have a costume parade, games etc...

Things have changed and it makes me sad!

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No pranks here anymore. Soooo we go to my daughters . What fun. She loves to decorate and her DH does the same with his golf cart. The whole neighborhoods for miles around competes to see who's if best. The Kids love it, many even pull flat beds lights, bales of hay, kids, pumpkins anything that sparkles it is really quite a site. My s-i-l also fixes up his large drive with a fire pit, sets up and has music name he will play it, serves drinks and snacks to the friends who stop by. Bet ya can't guess who fixes many of them The front porch is also decorated with scary sounds, spider webs, in all it is a wonderful time for all.
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Bea, I had a fun loving neighbor years ago who pulled off the same trick!

I have a huge dragon head mask I made from foam rubber and painted. I put it on a coat rack, dress it in my bath robe, and it answers the door. I also have a lifesize mummy who stands guard, and various sound activated severed crawling hands and ghouls.

For years, we had very few kids in the neighborhood. Recently, we've acquired a bunch of new families, so Halloween might be more fun this year!
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Old 09-19-2012, 05:44 PM   #5
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We don't get trick or treaters at my house, and we never got them at my parents either but its ok I still have one young enough to go around the neighborhood and enjoy everyone elses tricks and treats! Last year someone had set up a very small but effective haunted garage. It was fun.
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This is something my folks did - After the kiddies finished their trick or treat time, my folks dressed up and took shot glasses and visited all their friends. At each house they picked up the other adults so they all ended up back at our house! They had a good time and is something they still talk about from time to time.
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Half Baked
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We get so many trick or treaters that we can't close the door for almost an hour or two when in full swing. 24lbs of candy! There is no time to scare them but I do decorate alot with animated stuff and skulls.
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Old 09-19-2012, 07:14 PM   #8
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I have a good friend that has a collection of medical skeletons that she sets up a different theme with every year, last year was the wizard of oz, munchkin skeletons and even a dog skeleton! I think that this year is Harry Potter.
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I'll bet 4meandthem could pull this one off. He's good with creative photography:



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