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Old 09-02-2008, 12:12 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by CharlieD View Post
I'm afraid of birds. When I was 6 or 7. Or maybe even 8, I was spending summer on the farm and one of the sons was told to go get a chicken for diner. He went into the coupe, grabbed the first one, he could get. Picked up an ax and chopped the head of. Then he simply throws the chicken on the ground and that thing was still running. Of course I was standing there observing the whole process, but then the dead chicken started to run towards me. I got so scared I just stood there frozen, unable to move.

Latter on, that same year, bunch of the older boys, who lived in the same apartment. Were terrorizing some small bird, that they cut some how, we little kids, 3 or 4, of us told them that they were mean. We should have kept quite. They cut up with us, tide us to the tree, one of them twisted the head of the bird of. And then they were swinging that dead body in front of our faces. I think I fainted. Of course they got in trouble for that, but the damage was done, I panic every time any birds get near me. Itís been some 40 years, I still can' stand it. Couple years ago some birds made couple of nests under my deck; I don't go out on the deck anymore. Thank god I have front porch that is where I moved my grill.
That's so sad, Charlie......how mean of those boys to have traumatized you so........i have seen the worst abuse of an animal ever and to this day 30 years later I can't talk about it.........it still brings tears.........so for you to be afraid of birds is totally understanding

The only difference between a "cook" and a "Chef" is who cleans up the kitchen.
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I guess my biggest phobia is MILK. I don't like, can't watch people drink it, and I really hate those milk mustache ads.

I cook with it and that is about it. I keep my distance from it.

But... I will gladly drink buttermilk!!!

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Originally Posted by ChefJune View Post
Oh dear! I wish I could say I don't have any, but I have a fairly severe case of Acrophobia. I cah't even stand on the top step of a step ladder if there's not something really secure to hang onto. and I definitely cannot look down from that top step.

If I go to the top of a tall building, I can look out, but not down. I first noticed the problem when I was on the Parachute ride at Riverview Park in Chicago when I was about 18. Before that, no problem at all!
Oh June, I have this fear, too. Just imagining looking down from a great height makes me break out in a cold sweat. I'm better now in that I can drive over most tall bridges and overpasses. I also managed to parasail a few years ago, which oddly seemed to be the thing that let me begin driving over bridges. But a tall ladder - forget it. The Tower of the Americas (space needle) here in San Antonio is out, too.
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Originally Posted by quicksilver View Post
So I found a site that lists phobias: Types of Phobias
97% of those could be summed up in one word: Crazy

Who gets paid to come up with this stuff?
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Old 09-02-2008, 01:06 PM   #15
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I am another that doesn't like heights.....also have a fear of snakes, any kind!
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my phobia is being in room w/closed door or having to crawl under breezeway to get dead carcass of something that crawled in there. One time went into submarine and had to turn back, couldn't breathe. Similar to be in coffin I think.
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Old 09-02-2008, 01:13 PM   #17
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nihilophobia : fear of nothing

phobiophobia : fear of fear
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Sattie - this will help you when you see the ads...the mustache isn't milk! It's actually a thick white paint type substance.

Charlie, that would make anyone freaked out!!!

Originally Posted by Chico Buller View Post
You're OCD.
Actually my sister is OCD. I'm just a creature of habit
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This week's topic: Pinterest and Potatoes
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Originally Posted by jkath View Post
Sattie - this will help you when you see the ads...the mustache isn't milk! It's actually a thick white paint type substance.
Oh... that still does not help.... just the thought of the milk on their lip makes me squimish!

I just thought of another phobia.... I can't watch needles piercing skin. And for some reason movies always have to show that part when something is being injected.

It took me over 5 years (as an adult) to get comfortable with changing my own earrings. My mom had to do it for me because if I tried to take out or put in earrings, I would get sick to my stomache and pass out. I still get queasy when I go to the doctor and they have to draw blood or give me a shot.

Gore does not bother me usually, but when they show a knife cutting through flesh or a needle going through flesh... time to check out!
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I am horrified of Moths/Butterflies..

I guess it could branch back to when I was about 8 years old, the farmers were harvesting the fields and for some reason, our town became infested with moths. I can remember sitting in the living room watching tv, and just looking around at all the moths sitting on our walls, and flying around our light fixtures.... Literally, every room in the house would have at least 20-30 moths on the walls. For some reason, our back porch was the WORST. We had 2 refrigerators, one inside, and one on the back porch. The one on the back porch had all the sodas and juices. One of my older brothers asked me to get him a soda one night.. I had learned if you don't turn the back porch light on, the moths weren't as bad.. So I slipped out the door, in the dark, when suddenly I heard the door shut behind me, and the bright light flicked on.... I couldn't even see, there were SO many moths... Hitting me in the face, flying down my shirt, smacking them as I flung my arms around...........

They were never that bad again, but to this day, you will see me FLIP OUT, if one gets close to me..

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