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Old 11-06-2007, 01:41 PM   #21
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yeah, and don't forget that men are the best cooks too, now run for cover...

You are what you eat.
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Originally Posted by buckytom View Post
lol, i coulda gone with "and men have already done all of their part of housework. we discovered elecricity, then invented electric motors to run in things like dish and clothes washers, and vacuums. if it weren't for us, women would still be down at the river, beating clothes on rocks!!"

i'd better go now...
OHHHHHHHH them was fightin words!!!!!!! NICE dude. ill run with ya!!!!!

its like the other night my mom came in and said she wanted something different for dinner, my dad looked at her and said. Why dont you try the Kitchen for once. you might like it.. MAN i ran so fast to my room grabbed my school stuff and ran at break neck speeds to my car. The funeral is this Friday in case your interested. May my dad RIP.

*A substitute for human interaction* - I really need to find a girl whos name doesnt end with .JPG
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I think that I was misunderstood, I know that a mother`s job is the hardest job on the
planet, (bar-none). and I know that like the lady said that the percentages are far into
female side. I was just try to point out in some cases there are men out there in the
same boat. I have and always will give women there equal rights in any shape or form.
I am retired and my kids are all grown up and I know what it takes to run a house and
to work and take care of kids the same way as a women. I understan that so I know
what a wonem has to go through. and I have all the respect for any woman. they deserve there fair share no matter what it is. and especially in the work place, no matter
what the job is, if they are qualified they, they deserve equal pay for the same job as
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Old 11-07-2007, 12:14 AM   #24
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my husband helps me all the time with the kids(i have a 2 year old girl and a 3 months old baby boy),and the housework except kitchen(the only thing he can do in kitchen is make tea or wash dishes which he does when he has to).i love him for what he does and i'm very grateful because i know he cares a lot,i saw my dad all my life,he didnt do much to help with the house.sometimes he tries but he is just not made for it.well i'm lucky that i dont have to work outside as thankGod we dont have any financial problems.but i know that i can get work very easily whenever i want to or whenever we need it.i'm a masters in comparative religions.and i even got a lot of offers from colleges to give lectures,but i chose not to,because i prefer staying home,taking care of the household chores and my kids who r my life.and when my husband comes home at night,he appreciates me,that the kids r clean and tidy and fed and happy,the house is neat and clean,the dinner's ready,his clothes for the next day r ironed and hung in the closet.and sometimes when i'm too tired,he sends me to the bedroom to take some good sleep and takes care of everything in the meanwhile.i find myself very lucky,but i've seen many women who r not.and i think those who r should be grateful for it,and acknowledge it.
Don't let love interfere with your appetite. It never does with mine.
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Old 11-07-2007, 01:19 AM   #25
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I was married to my second wife for 15 yrs. And I always thought we share everything
when we got married, because she worked as a ATT long distance phone operator and
I had my job at sunrise medical putting wheel chairs together. I would get up at 4am
and fix my breakfast and go to work, she would fix her toast and coffee and go to work
at 7 30. I got home at 2 30pm and I would have any laundry done , and I would have
dinner on the table ready to eat when she got home just after 5pm. I had her bubble
bath ran just before she got home. so she could have dinner then relax in her bath,
for as long as she wanted. then I would give her a full body massage because she had
fibromalgia and she was in lots of pain. alot of the time. And I understood. As long as we
were married I moped the floors, she vaccuumed the carpets. I did most of the cooking
and I really enjoyed it. She took care of me and I wanted to treat her like a Queen.
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A marriage is truely a partnership. My husband works 12-18 hours a day driving a giant truck around, usually on the road with folks who would just as soon see him drive over a cliff. I stay home and manage the animals ... uh kids... and the rest, and neither of us complains, nor wants to, because we both know the other is doing all they can to better our whole family, not do mention the work the other is doing that we wouldn't want to touch!!! He helps when he has time and isn't dead exhausted, that's good enough for me.

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