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Old 09-18-2009, 06:59 AM   #11
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I agree with everyone else on the declawing issue.

Cats can be trained to do a lot of things if you have the time and patience to do it. I used to and was quite successful in what I attempted but was too busy with this bunch of kittens so they are no where as disciplined as my previous lot were. Still just as loveable though. Just drive me battier!!

I have a play pen for the kittens that the mother cat and the four kittens would sleep in. I had to seperate her from her eldest son when she went on heat, so she used to alternate with him at night (when he was locked in the house with everyone else) in sleeping there. This pen I refer to is about three foot across in a stop sign shape. It has a removable bottom of canvas, and the sides are canvas and netting, with the top removable netting. Never had a problem with any of the cats being in there, or being unhappy with me for having put them in there. The kittens still walk into it to sleep through choice. I just checked the name on it and it just says "Fabric Pen". I used to refer to it as the "Parent's Retreat" (or "Annexe") cos Millie used to feed the kittens under the chair where they were born, and then walk into the annexe (right next to the chair) for a quiet lie down. Also used to put her food in there.

When any of the cats/kittens were locked in there for any length of time, they would have access to water, biscuits, a bit of bedding, newspaper (for toileting), and some toys.

It wasn't the cheapest of purchases, but after some discounts I had at the store it cost me about A$40.

Also used this pen so I could take them outside for a while. It collapses right down and has not only a removable top (zips around so you can have it as open or not as you choose) but it also has two roll up net doors. I would close the top and one of the doors and set up a bit of a run on the lawn, so the kittens could do some outside exploring under strict controls and none of the other cats could pounce on them through the top.

That was the best purchase I made for any animal, outside of food and vets. Even my other cats that were never put in there, now go in there for a break. Each time I think about putting it away (the kittens had their first birthday today), I find another cat sitting in it. And I have 11 cats in the house.

Too many restaurants, not enough time...
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Old 09-18-2009, 07:54 AM   #12
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We got a "free" dog at the pound, and by the end of the day we had spent about $300 for supplies, shots, etc.
As for cat food, I only buy Iams as every other brand attracted billions of ants! Anyway, it's not cheap.


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Old 09-18-2009, 04:06 PM   #13
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Thank you for the support gang, and if I have any other cat questions, I can ask you guys and gals here?

By the way Waygal gal I have the supplies but I got to wait next month until I can afford the shots, and spayed.

I know I said my folks are helping me for the initial adoption fee, but the rest I got to pay for over time and that's Ok by me.
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Old 09-18-2009, 09:32 PM   #14
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Originally Posted by Alix View Post
OMG. Please please don't declaw your cat. If that is your plan please don't get the kitty at all Chile. Oh dear. I really have to go now. Chile, please do some research before you get your kitty and before you make big surgical decisions for your kitty. I am going to avoid this thread now because I have very strong opinions on this subject and I know I won't be able to follow forum rules about it.

Good luck Chile and please do think twice before you make these decisions.
i add my plea for no declawing. years ago i had a Siamese cat declawed. his balance was never the same, and his toes looked damaged. it is best to get cat while young and introduce it to claw clippers. they can still claw but not as much damage. get a can tree specially for scratching, usually that is where they will do it. i have since decided that declawing is cruel.
"life isn't about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain"
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Old 09-19-2009, 05:03 PM   #15
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Well everyone, a cat has adopted me, I was looking for the 2 months old kitten that was there Friday, and he was adopted early this morning,

While I was there bummed about the adoption there were 2 black identical 1 year old cat's that's actually been there for 1 year since they're birth. So I go over to the cat's and started to pet the one that was laying down and it started purring so I thought cool,

Anyways I petted the purring cat for a while but the other black cat wanted the attention more and I didn't really want to pet him/her. So I've looked at the other cats & kittens for a while depending weather or not to get a cat at all, I decided to go pet the black cat again, but the other black wouldn't me pet the one I wanted too. And the other black cat started purring and brushing up against my hand.

So I made an inquirer about the cat and found out he was neutered and claws kept trimmed, and the claw's were short so I don't need to have them declawed, and I will not get him declawed.

So we've ask the people to let us play with the cat in the cat play room, and we all fell in love with the cat, So I've adopted him but the adoption window just closed as I made my disicion, However the lady that was closing the window up said we could put $5 down to hold him until Monday, and to put a colar on him so we know which cat it was that wanted to leave with me.

Anyways I will have a 1 year old medium hair cat Monday and my Apartment cat proofed tomarrow.

Any tips or hints you guys and gals can give me?
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Old 09-19-2009, 05:57 PM   #16
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Never give them human food - otherwise they will want it again, and again.. and beg for it. The sodium is also HORRIBLE for cats and will give them kidney stones.

If it's in your budget, try and buy a good qualify food. New foods are popping up that are grain free, no by-products, etc. Grain/rice are huge fillers and if a cat is prone to overeat, it will likely get fat over time. A balance of wet and dry food works for me, and keeps my cats growing and at a healthy weight. You should get a couple days worth of the food the shelter is feeding him, so that when you change his food it is not as much of a shock to his little stomach. Their stomachs are very sensitive to changes and new diets, so always mix their food, giving them more and more of the new one each feeding.

Keep a scratch post (doesn't have to be expensive.. you can buy some for $5) by areas you do not want scratched. When the kitten uses the posts, pet it and reassure it. I have a leather couch and two leather chairs and they have never been touched by my two 11 month olds.

Cats ARE expensive.. especially with a young one. If your kitten gets sick, how much are you willing to dish out to save his life? Think about it... most people have an unspoken limit of about $5,000. When a kitten gets sick, they get sick extremely quickly and they deteriorate quickly as well, since their immune systems are not very strong.

And if you ever give your kitten a bath, wrap him in a towel and dry him until completely dry - otherwise the kitten will freeze to death and get sick. Keep him toasty warm. You'll probably want to give your kitten a bath when you take him home, if he comes from a shelter especially.

Buy toys but make sure they will be safe for the kitten. If you notice your kitten is apt to chew things, make sure you don't purchase a toy that has parts that could come off and it could eat, and choke. Such as shiny ribbons, strings, and those foam balls that have smaller balls attached.. etc. Toys won't last long, either.

Try not to play with your kitten using your hands... otherwise they will scratch them to heck anytime you move it. Try to teach him that it hurts when he claws you - if he scratches you, yelp and act like an animal with a wound - he will learn.

As for cat proofing, make sure there is no food left out, ensure there are no items you don't want broken on top of tables, shelves etc. as your kitten will probably get to them at some point. Tableclothes are a bad idea with kittens, too.

Wow.. this is turning out to be long.. in short, if you take care of your cat properly, it is quite a bit of work especially in the first year, as you are teaching him. The younger a cat is the easier it is to learn for them.

Think of your new kitten as your new baby... your furbaby :) As of Monday he will be completely dependent on you - just like a baby! I hope you enjoy him - what are you naming him by the way! Or are you waiting until you see his personality a bit more?
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Old 09-20-2009, 12:41 AM   #17
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Given that this is an adult cat, you will hopefully not have to train him to much about basics. The adoption centre should already have done some of this.

He may freak a bit though if he hasn't been in an enclosed room before - not seeing the outside does their head in if they are used to no roof or lots of view. TV's may initially freak him too but after a while will probably intrigue instead.

Always put sharp knives away or in the sink so they can't fall on the cat if they get knocked. Likewise with glassware. Getting glass fragments out of a cat's paw is a nightmare. Just like you would with a young child, don't leave hot plates exposed nor saucepan etc handles jutting out. A jumping cat may land on the hot surface and burn itself (expensive to threat) or knock a hot pot/pan to the floor, possibly scaulding itself. Again expensive (not to mention painful).

While you may not have any dryers, washing machines, stoves and the like in your apartment now, be warned that some cats like nothing better than investigating them when the lids/doors are open. Know where your cat is before you switch them on.

When you ask the adoption centre about its food, ask about its litter tray as well. Cats are particular about their trays and the substance placed in their. They also like then to be kept clean. I have cats that prefer newspaper, one that likes plastic bags (due to the vets using shredded bags in his tray when he was there for a few weeks), some that prefer the clay and a few that prefer the crystals. I personnally don't like the clumping sort but that's just me. With only one cat, you may appreciate the odor benefits of the the crystals.

As for toys, the roll part of the toilet and kitchen towel rolls are loved by my cats, and the most favoured thing in my house is the draw rope/string from an old hooded jacket of mine. They have ribbons, the cardboard rolls, balls (of all sizes) and purchased toys through the house. The purchased ones are the least popular.

Oh and buy a spray bottle and keep it filled with water. Unless he is one of those rare cats that doesn't care, he will learn to run at the sight of it. Very helpful for stopping a cat from doing something you don't want it to - such as jumping onto your counter or trying to claw a piece of furniture. I have a three step approach - show them the bottle, shake the bottle loudly and then spray. Most move with the first step, a few braver ones will need the second step, but rarely do I need to do the third step.

I work on the basis of treating animals how I would wish to be treated if I was it/them. Same as people. Seems to work for me.

Just ask us if you have any specific questions once he is home with you. There are so many of us with cats on this forum that you will be inundated with advice. Thing to know is that not all advice will work on your cat - and you may discover something from him that we have not encountered. Cats are good like that!!

Good luck.
Too many restaurants, not enough time...
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Old 09-20-2009, 09:51 AM   #18
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Thank you so much guys and gals, When do I add my daily routine?

For an example, I play guitar 4am for about an hour before school, and when I get home I play guitar for an hour after school to relax, Then after that I play the harmonica for about 30 minutes, every chance I get.

So what would you guys suggest?
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Old 09-20-2009, 10:59 AM   #19
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My only addition to what I said before is to NOT bathe your cat. They are fastidious creatures and more than capable of washing themselves and staying clean.

Cats are truly low maintenance, they will train you. Just put out food and a clean litter box and then just be patient. You and your kitty will get to know each other without forcing the issue.

Watch these videos for ideas about what to expect. Start with Cat man do. Its a classic.
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Old 09-20-2009, 04:12 PM   #20
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What Alix said.
THose videos are fact not fiction.
and the cat WILL train you, oh yes oh yes.


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