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Your Funniest Holiday Memory

What is your funniest holiday memory? I have shared these before, but it was a long time ago (about a year! lol). One of mine is food related and the other is not.

When my cousin Sandra was a year old she sat in her high chair and ate her first Thanksgiving dinner. She didn't have everything of course, but she enjoyed what she had. She started to get tired and was rubbing her eyes. My aunt cleaned Sandy up and put her to bed for a nap. When she woke up, she rubbed her eye and a dried string of mashed potatoes came out from her eye! She has been (at Thanksgiving at least) "Potato Eye" ever since!

When my sister Diana and I were teenagers we started a silly tradition. I asked her one day (just teasing and not really wanting to know), "What did you get me for Christmas?" She answered, "An aardvark." We started asking each other that every Christmas and birthday, and we would always tell the other we got an aardvark. Then one Christmas when we were around 17 and 15 I found the cutest stuffed aardvark at Sears! The look on Diana's face when she saw "Artie" was priceless!



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Friends of mine had a tree on a stand that rotates. They had a party and everyone partied and decorated the tree beautifully, some bringing some new ornaments as gifts.
After everyone finished putting on the ornaments, the tree was plugged and it began to rotate. Something got snagged (no one noticed) and the tree rotated & wound & wound until the cord was so short that the tree started hobbling toward the wall, hopping and jumping and shaking the ornaments off and breaking some of them and before we could get behind the tree to unplug it the entire tree toppled over.
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Oh yikes!

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I have one, but it's not a christmas holiday story, it's a 4th of July holiday story. My Dad was born on the 4th. of July and usually always had the day off so we could have a birthday get together at our home. This included the cook out in the back yard and the usual jam session with all his music buddies. He was a police officer and had a country western (yes, that's what they called it back in the 60's) band on the side. This time he had to be on duty, so we had a cook out anyway and he would stop in for his lunch. Well the nieghborhood was fairly quiet as he was eating when all of a sudden we heard BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, ETC... I never saw my dad move so fast in all my life. His plate of food went flying as he ran to his patrol car and screeched in reverse out the drive-way and peeled rubber as he headed up the street with siren blarring. As he started to speed away here comes our nieghbor from across the street yelling, "Stop, stop it was me, it was me." Well of course my dad didn't hear him and radioed in, gun shots fired in the vacinity of Sycamore Avenue. When all was over and the nieghbor apoligized I think the police department never made my dad work on his birthday again. They couldn't afford the man hours it took to investigate the so called guns shots, which were actually fireworks.
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Cute stories!

When I was young and in NJ, we had 2 cats. We used to put tinsel on the tree. One morning while opening presents my dad started laughing. We looked over to see Sam twirling in circles. I figured he was chasing his tail and then my my mom said OMG! She ran towards him and he ran off. That's when I saw the piece of tinsel coming out of his rear.

Needless to say we went to garland after that...
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