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Your pooch's diet

Just what weird and wonderful things does your dog enjoy eating?
My big boy Nelson loves a cup of weak tea with a little milk in the morning along with toast and honey, hold the butter as he is a tad overweight.
Being an Italian dog, he is partial to a plate of pasta and insists on a shaving of parm on top.

Also, he has a thing about banana's, oranges and strawberries. I once left a container of strawberries on the coffee table and came back to find them gone and the only evidence that they had existed was all the green calyx's on the floor. lololol He spat them out!!


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We used to have a dog called James who LOVED butter and margerine. It was not safe to leave it out to come to room temperature ever because he would steal it.

One day my dad decided to teach him a lesson an mixed in to a pot of margerine West Indian Hot Chili Sauce. james stole the marg and my dad waited. About five mintues later Jmes came in with his eyes rolling and licking his chops, and started sniffing around the kitchen like a mad creature. He LOVED the chili sauce and developed a penchant for spicey food.
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My cats, Siamese, eat odd things too, they used to have a little of our supper every night, until one got diagnosed with a grain allergy. Her favourite meal was broccoli pasta. She also loves melon, strawberries and most other fruit and veg.

And you know how cats hate citrus, and you are meant to put lemon soap on stuff you want them to leave alone? Well, my other cat AORES citrus. I once caught her licking an orange which had been partially grated for the rind, and lemons go down very well too! BTW in the photo I am ataching its my husbands hand, and we don't usually where plastic gloves to feed lemons to our cat but we had been doing some DIY and stopped for lunch and wanted to maake sure we had no nasties on our hands while eating!
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My Jack Russell will eat or drink *anything.* We have to be careful not to leave anything out. I've even seen Dixie stick her head into a mason jar of corn squeezins. Dixie eats pickles, olives, lettuce, cucumbers, lemons... whatever she can. She's a major food and drink hound.

We just caught Havana, the Golden Retriever, with a rib bone in her mouth that she took out of the garbage. That's the second time she's done that. We're going to go buy a dog-resistant trash can today.
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My chihuahua Binks will eat just about any raw veggie. I usually will give him some fresh broccoli or squash when I am cutting it up. I also give them mint stems to help freshen their breath!
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My current "hounds from ****" get doggy food only - anything else upsets their stomachs - but I used to have a Doberman who was outrageous as far as people food went. She particularly enjoyed large family gettogethers & would go from one person to the next, just resting her head in each lap until the poor victim couldn't resist slipping her something - turkey, roast beef, pork roast, duck, goose, dumplings, potatoes - you name it, she'd eat it.

Her hands down favorites were steak, tater tots, & peas & carrots, & every year for her birthday we mader her just that for dinner, even serving it to her on a dinnerplate. She also adored sugar-wafer cookies & chocolate-covered ice cream bonbons (this was before it was known how toxic chocolate was for dogs, & she didn't get them often). Talk about spoiled!!!
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Old 09-10-2006, 11:28 AM   #6
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Our 4 Pug babies primarily eat food made for dogs. Their dogfood is made from food grade fish, sweet potatoes, barley and rye. Other than that - baby carrots are favorites.

Daughter's Rhodesian Ridgeback eats only a raw diet. Frozen chicken feet are a treat for him.
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Originally Posted by Harborwitch
Our 4 Pug babies primarily eat food made for dogs. (......).
And in US you have better pet foods available than we do in UK. The most nutritionally sound cat food I can get is a US one which I cannot import direct in to UK, so have had to do via Europe....so much red tape In most UK cat foods there is 4% meat.....cats are obligate carnivores something doesn't add up there.
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When I got my Irish Terrier, McGee, the breeder told me he liked an apple a day, and loved oranges, and raw veggies.. If I was peeling an orange, he could smell it two floors up and come running. He was most partial to chocolate cake, muffins, butter, raw meat, anything he could swipe off the counter. Eating pate in fromt of him was almost painful.
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He won't even eat those "fancy feast" dinners that are "garenteed to tempt even the pickiets eaters". He only likes peanut butter and meat.
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My sweet little Gidgett insists on her bit of milk every morning. She does not want the milk left with my bits of cereal in it - she wants her own fresh from the carton - turns her little black nose up at the "leftovers". As I reach the lower 1/3 of my glass she will walk over to my glass and look at the milk meaningfully then back at me.

She shares our meals but will occasionally nibble at her dry dog food. She has good manners and never steals food off a person's plate but she certainly makes her wants clear!

We used to have a Dobie who would drool huge icicles whenever we ate cantelope!

2 in Or

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