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what I have found that works the best. (atleast in a proffesional setting) is to ideally cook your eggs in a steamer (one could do this with a conventional stove-top set up I suppose) or to drop them directly into boiling water (yes, this doesn't go with conventional wisdom.. however if you are cooking a lot of eggs.. the loss ratio is accptable. let them boil on high for about 12 minutes (add 30-45 seconds per 6 eggs above 1 dozen) as soon as the time has elapsed.. drain the water and dump Ice ontop of them(enough to cover eggs completely). this causes the membraine to retract from the inner part of the shell, pop them in the fridge to finnish cooling, then you ought to be able to peel them withou further incident.

halve your cake and eat it too... problem sloved! now for my next trick! the sound of one hand clapping! *audience goes wild*
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I buy my eggs direct from a free range orchard where the chickens roam free amongst the trees (well sort of free - they are fenced in). The chickens look happy and healthy and they cluck at you as you drive down the driveway and get out of your car.

I am guessing the eggs are as fresh as Henrietta laid this morning, and I boil quite a few eggs. I have never had a problem with difficulties peeling them once they are boiled. I do cool them in cold water once cooked, and like them well cooked.

One option is to boil extras incase some do peel unevenly - that way you have enough for your deviled eggs and some to make an egg salad too!

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I dont understand, I have never had a problem with boiled eggs in my life, weather they be hard or soft boiled. I just put the pot on the stove on medium heat, put my eggs in ( how-ever many you want ), I use cold tap water, put eggs in cold water and let it come up to boil, then I turn it down if it is boiling too hard, may take a while, but be patient, when the eggs have been boiling/simmering for about 5 minutes, then I turn it off and let the eggs sit there for another 5 minutes, in the liquid, to cool a bit, then I take it completley off the stove, and sit it in the sink, with cold running water running into the pot/saucepan, leave it stand for another 5 minutes in the cold water,
then with each egg, tap it on the sink or the kitchen bench, ( slowly and gently ), then peel gently, be careful and be patient, take your time, your shell should peel off nice and easy and in one or two pieces. No egg should come off with it, just take your time, dont rush, Plus your egg wont be Green around the edges, as you have cooked it slowly, If you dont like your egg cooked as hard, then just cook it for less time, it all takes time to get the right consistency, and just experience. Experiment with it and you will eventually get it right, GOOD-LUCK> Just keep trying until you get it right, I bet you do.( The whole process should not take any longer than 15 minutes, none of this 1/2 hour,1 hour or 2 hours or overnight or any of that rubbish) eggs are fragile, cook them as such.

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