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Old 06-23-2006, 08:57 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by college_cook
...Something interesting my dad does, that I've not yet been able to duplicate is marinated burgers. Choose your BBQ sauce or marinade of choice and let you ground beef soak up that marinade for an hour or so in the fridge and then form, and grill. Whenever I do this, they seem to fall apart... but the flavor is good.
That could just be because the meat is too wet. Rather than marinating the meat in a lot if the marinade/sauce, use a little as a flavoring agent and you'll have better luck forming your burgers.

Another alternative is to add some breadcrumbs to the marinated meat.

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I have too many favorite burgers....I'll just go with plain ol "beef based" burgers, char grilled with toppings to include any combo of the following: Bacon(of course), guacamole, red onion marmalade, beer battered onion rings, chipoltle peppers, roasted tomatoes, duck bacon, endive, bibb lettuce, american gouda, smoked mozz, aged really sharp cheddar, gorgonzola...I could go all night...

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Old 06-23-2006, 11:42 PM   #13
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You can replace the breadcrumbs with textured-vegetable protien, aka TVP or Soy protien. This also absorbs the liquid and takes on the beefy flavor. But it does have a mild flavor of its own that can be objectionable if too much is used. As a general rule of thumb, 2/3 part meat, 1/3 part granulated TVP.

This also helps reduce the ratio of fat to meat in your burger and adds nutritional value as well. As a plus, you can reconstitute the TVP in your marinade in place of using water. That way, you get the marinade flavor without adding excess moisture to the ground beef. I would still add 1 large egg per pound of beef/TVP as a binding agent.

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Wow, what a perfect thread...I'm going to try a lot of these.

Here's my primary burger blend for you all:

Either all ground lamb or half and half with lean ground beef
1/2tsp. Curry Powder or Tandoori Powder per burger (this adds a real flavor to the whole endeavor - use either hot or sweet curry, or just tandoori powder)
1-3 cloves garlic crushed per burger
Dash of large crystal salt and fresh ground pepper
A hint of chili powder
1-2tbsp bread crumbs (if you can, let some sourdough get stale and run it through a processor to make this, but don't use the crust)

Now, mix it all and go for it -- these turn out crazy good without falling apart on the grill. The garlic is a great flavor that doesn't end up super concentrated (it just has to be throroughly mixed in so it does not burn). The curry or tandoori also really lends an exotic spiciness to it, without overruling the flavor of the meat, though some may prefer to have a bit less powder per burger. The bread crumbs, if overused, can make the burger too cakey, so be careful to get a good blend.

I recommend my coconut sauce to go on it (coconut creme, coconut milk, yogurt, sugar and vanilla) though this can be too sweet. For cheeses, I like a good medium cheddar, or for a really interesting twist, aged gouda that is *completely* melted. Another twist I've taken to, is aged gouda and my coconut rice between it and the burger -- it's an interesting twist with a lot of flavor.

For buns, I've taken to potato bread buns with a coating of olive oil on the outside and butter on the insides.

I'm a traditional topper in terms of veggies, fresh slice of juicy tomato and a big 'ol leaf of romaine usually do it for me. Add mustard and ketchup if you like as well.

If any of you try this, let me know. This is my first post in a while, so I'd love to see how this goes for everyone :)
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Old 07-12-2006, 12:54 PM   #15
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Caramelized onions

Originally Posted by bknox
I almost always use Worcestershire sauce or even A1. I also love to stuff blue cheese into the center. We also, a couple months ago, had burgers made from Buffalo. Buffalo is excellent as a burger.

One of my favorite things is to crumble bacon and mix it into lean ground beef like Gary does. I will have to try it spiced as well. We are having burgers Friday, I can't wait.

Another suggestion for a great burger is not to ever press them flat. NEVER NEVER NEVER press a burger. Also let it rest like you would a steak. You will notice a huge difference. Maybe I will make burgers tonight. These posts have made me hungry.

Anybody have any intresting toppings for burgers? Giarinare (sp?) is a favorite in our house as well as sauteed mushrooms and pappers.


Last time we made burgers at home, they were Buffalo ones (great meet, btw) and I made a caramelized onion topping (onions, butter, sugar and port, cooked untill they shine) that tasted wonderful!
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You know what would really be the best burger ever? Instead of using ground beef, just sticking a porterhouse steak between a bun. Wrapped in bacon. And the bun toasted in butter and then mayonaised. And tons of ranch dressing and seven slices of different kinds of cheeses on this burger. And all of that... deep fried in lard.

Thats possibly the best way to commit suicide there is. I wonder why people always choose more painful methods.
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Many years ago, on the West side of Broadway avenue in downtown San Diego, on the North side of the street, just before you got to the YMCA, there was a little hole-in the wall shop that sold a steak sandwich. This was circa 1976. I ordered one of those sandwiches with A1 steak sauce on it. I was surprized to find a perfectly pan-fried New York Strip between two slices of bread. And the steak was about an inch or so thick. It was incredible, but very messy. Steaks are so juicy that they tend to saturate the bun or bread on which they sit. It's just hard to eat a steak like that, even when it's tender.

The perfect burger is simply ground meat of whatever kind you like, and either mixed with herbs, spices, and fillers, or not, a broiked, fire-grilled, pan-fried, or barbecued as you prefer, and placed between two slices of bread, or a bun of some kind. The meat has to be juicy, and cooked through. That to me is the definition of the perfect burger.

My perfect burger is made from ground sirloin, with enough fat added to bring it to the 85%lean mark, and lightly salted on both sides. It has to be between 1/3 and 1/2 lbs. and flattened into aabout a 5 inch disk, with the center being slightly thinner that the outer edge. The outer edge should be smooth and the burger shape should be as close to a perfect circle as possible. It must be made fresh by had. This is then grilled over a hot charcoal fire for about 4 minutes per side, with the lid on the Webber Charcoal Kettle. Serve with fresh, sweet onion, good ketchup or A1 sauce, a touch of dijon mustard, and a bit of sweet-pickle relish. Serve with cold pork and beans, or baked beans, and very wet cole slaw.

A good cobler should follow.

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North
“No amount of success outside the home can compensate for failure within the home…"

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I too watched that show Gary. I tried the stuffed burger with Cheese. I didnt tell my family and the suprise they had when they bit into it was great. Now I make them that way most of the time. Also, I add a little Dale's Marinade to the meat mix. Then spread with A-1 when cooking on the grill.

I was reading some of the discussions. One tip I use to add moisture to my burgers is I tear up a slice or two (depending on how much beef I am using) of white bread into a small bowl, then I add a few tbsp of milk. I toss the bread bits till all are moist and then let them set as side to suck up all the milk. Then simply mix into the beef. Give it a try with meatloaf and meatballs too.
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Old 08-13-2006, 01:44 PM   #19
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I mix ground sirloin with ground chuck....about 50/50 made into 1/2 pound patties cooked to medium topped with 4 slices of bacon,thin sliced tomato,red leaf lettuce,with Thousand Island Dressing. Your choice of cheese optional. I prefer mine without. Serve on an onion roll.
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I like burgers made from ground chuck and steak seasoning. They taste great and stay moist. I don't add extra stuff to the meat, but I put onion, lettuce, tomato and steak sauce on the burger before eating.

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