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Everything looks great, steaks and back yard setups!

To piggyback off of what three of you said...Kingdaddy's anit-direct flame, Panchohambre cast iron skillet and 70chevelle's ultrasear grill comments...

My favorite way of cooking steak is with a cast iron fajita pan over the IR ultrasear grill! This method yields a great crust like many steakhouses. There is zero charring or flame taste, which I'm ok with, but understand some crave it. I throw on a course-salt-heavy spice rub on the steak, wrap the steak in foil and let it sit out for an hour or two. Rub some oil onto the cast iron pan, fire up the ultra sear grill and it gets the pan up to temp in about 5mins. Put the steak on approx 1-2mins a side depending on size and thickness...It's usually done unless it's small and very thick, then it needs to be finished indirectly... :)

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Red face

Originally Posted by TheFanatic View Post
I just joined, so I wanted to show what TheFanatic can do on the grill. TheFanatic is a Grillin Fool....

So here is a massive bone in ribeye. My celly is there for perspective:

More perspective:

That bad boy is between 24 and 26 glorious ounces.

All I did was add a little coarse salt and fresh cracked black pepper to this bad boy. To some this is all one needs. Normally I marinade my steaks, even filets. The key is using the right kind of marinade for the right kind of cut. But for this one, and for my first demonstration here I went with a simple, almost pure steak.

The cooking process is this, flame sear that bad boy over the coals on one side of the grill. Then pull it to the other side where there are no coals and bake it to the desired doneness. For me that is usually about 3 minutes of baking as I like it no more than medium rare and closer to rare if at all possible. Then let rest for the juices to settle down before slicing open and enjoying all that cholesterol filled goodness.

And when I say sear, I really mean sear. I don't jerk around with searing. I get the coals flaming hot and then I pour on some sort of veggie oil and flame sear my steaks.

For some perspective, this is a pic from another thread but it gives one some idea of how seriously I take flame searing. This is me last summer flame searing some steaks at my folks.

And now to the resting process:

Yes that is a standard size dinner plate. What am I having with my massive steak? A side of more delicious steak!?!? Who needs a side dish when you have this much beef!?!?!

Those of you who are not fans of rare or medium rare steaks usually get to this point and assume that the blood and juice is going to leak all over the plate when I slice it open. I will prove you wrong with what I like to call the money shot:

And a nice closeup of that lovely red flavor bonanza:
beautiful steak man thanks for sharing

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Old 02-13-2009, 06:26 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by PanchoHambre View Post
beautiful steak man thanks for sharing
I looked at the photos and my mouth was watering! I'm doing steak tonight and I hope they look like yours does.
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Extreme Grilling

The talk about grilling year round brings back memories to an experience I had about 8 years ago. It was my wife's 40th birthday. We decide to have a big a## party. If you are going to have a party it might as well be big a##. We purchased 40 strip steaks, a huge tent, and invite 50 people under the premise, you bring the wine, and we’ll supply the steak and baked potatoes.

The day arrives and a hurricane is off the coast of NC blowing in tropical rains and wind. I have 40+ people at my house, 40 steaks to grill, sheets of rain coming down, and a big catering tent in my back yard. What the heck lets party.

I covered the grids with aluminum foil, on this long rented grill, to get the charcoal started. Once started, pulled off the foil, and threw all the steaks on. Sheets of rain still coming down. Once the fat started flowing, the steaks came out great.

The big gag at the party was, if you a little too close to the edge of the tent, someone would push up the puddle of water collected in the edge of the tent to give you a shower. With friends like that, one only needs more drinks. :-)

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