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It was so easy & really didn't take a lot of time. The only thing I did different was use 1/2C. milk & 1/2C. whipping cream. I thought I had enough milk but when I measured it I only had 1/2C. so I just made up the difference with whipping cream.

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Ok.......don't laugh..........and yes I'm a blonde and a pretty intellegent one if I do say so myself but not a clue as to this whole high altitude stuff......I'd never heard this term since I've been cooking. I've heard about humidity and not to make certain things on humid days but I'm assuming when you say high altitude your talking about people that live far up north? I'm in Indiana myself.

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A very good question. High altitude has to due with elevation. Basically, hight altitude is is anyone who lives above 3,000' feet in elevation. Since, I live at 5,000' sometimes adjustments are needed for certain recipes. Here are some high altitude tips for baking cakes.
Most cake recipes perfected for sea level need no modifications up to 3,000 feet. Above that, decreased atmospheric pressure may result in excessive rising, which stretches the cell structure of the cake, making the texture coarse, or breaks the cells, causing the cake to fall. This usually is corrected by decreasing the amount of leavening agent. Also, increasing the baking temperature 15 to 25 degrees "sets" the batter before the cells formed by the leavening gas expand too much. Excessive evaporation of water at high altitude leads to high concentration of sugar, which weakens the cell structure. Therefore, decrease sugar in the recipe and increase liquid. Only repeated experiments with each recipe can give the most successful proportions to use. Try the smaller adjustment first, this may be all that is needed.

In making rich cakes at high altitudes, you might have to reduce shortening by 1 or 2 tablespoons. Fat, like sugar, weakens the cell structure. Also, increasing the amount of egg strengthens the cell structure and may prevent the too-rich cake from falling.

At altitudes above 3,000 feet...

...preparation of food may require changes in time, temperature or recipe. The reason, lower atmosphere pressure due to thinner blanket of air above. At sea level, the presses on a square inch of surface with 14.7 pounds, at 5,000 feet with 12.3 pounds, and at 10,000 feet with only 10.2 pounds - a decrease of about 1/2 pound per 1,000 feet. This decreased pressure affects food preparation in two ways:
  • 1. Water and other liquids evaporate faster and boil at lower temperatures.
    2. Leavening gases in breads and cakes expand more.
For more information check out this website.

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Thanks for responding!
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That sounds exactly like the cake my grandmother used to make. I remember it being so moist and refreshing. I will definitely make it. Thanks a bunch.

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