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Old 09-21-2014, 08:49 PM   #11
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Who needs a cake disaster? This sounds wonderful as a planned "accident"!

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I wouldn't throw out cake, no matter what kind of mess it was, unless it tasted bad.

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Old 09-21-2014, 10:24 PM   #13
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This reminds me of a story involving my first roommate back in the 70s. We were two young and clueless dudes, and this was the first time either of us had lived on our own. The house was a dilapidated crap-hole, but we didn't care because... well... we're dudes.

Len (the roommate) had a dessert craving one day and decided to make a sheet cake from boxed mix. He popped the pan into the oven and then promptly fell asleep in front of the TV on the couch. Four hours later, I smell something burning and walk into the kitchen to find the air hazy with smoke.

I opened the oven door and, instead of a cake, found a dark and blackened brick. On top of being overcooked, I think Len had also forgotten to grease the pan, because, despite several attempts to chisel the cake loose, it refused to budge.

So Len goes out to the garage and comes back a few minutes later with a can of silver spray paint. He then proceeds to emblazon the word "Welcome" onto the petrified cake, still in the pan.

That cake became our doormat for the next few weeks. I wish I still had the photo.
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I don't think I would have tossed the cake. Ice cream, etc. covers many a mistake...


Ya'll know I don't really bake. Most of my cakes fall apart when I take them out of the pan. Whip cream, icing, and even ice cream have pasted many a cake back together.....


So.....you are suppose to let the cake cool before removing it? Maybe I'll try that next time.....
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Old 09-22-2014, 03:38 AM   #15
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Originally Posted by benedotta View Post
hi Claire I read that you come from Galena and I ask me where is it this town and I find out the is in Illinois , sorry I know that this is a forum of cooking but I am very curious because I am never went to Usa. I come from Italy and so I would ask you how is it Galena ? thanks you for your time:)
I know I should move this to the more personal forum, but have been having computer problems with the site. Someone may move this. Galena is a type of lead, and there are several towns in America and worldwide named after the metal that is/was mined there. Right off the top of my head, I know there is also a town named Galena in Alaska and one in Indiana. The town in the northwest corner of Illinois, where I live, was once a mining town and is now a picturesque town known for its beauty and pretty little shops, restaurants; it is a tourist destination. It is not unusual for Europeans to see it and fall in love with the town because it reminds them of "home". Having grown up partly in Europe, I, too, moved here because it reminded me of the lovely Alpine villages of my young days. You can visit Galena on your computer and see photographs of the town where I live.
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Originally Posted by buckytom View Post
if you have some bits of cake left, some dark chocolate, cherries, and some water balloons, make a cherry gateau bowl.

melt chocolate in a double boiler, then transfer it to a narrow, high sided bowl. inflate the ballons (with air, not water, lol) and dip and roll half way into the chocolate, gently stand on wax paper on a tray, and refrigerate to let the chocolate set up.
after it's hardened, repeat the dipping so it's double thick.

once they've hardened, snip the balloons and carefully remove from the chocolate. you now have dark chocolate bowls.

make a cherry compote (boil down cherries in a likttle water, sugar, brandy, and lemon juice) and let cool. the cherries should just be soft not mush, and the liquid syrupy.

place small chunks of chocolate cake in the chocolate bowls, ladel in the cherry compote to fill the bowls, then top with whipped cream and a couple of fresh cherries.

Your boy taught you that, didn't he. C'mon, fess up. I mean, dipping balloons in chocolate. It's way to creative for adults (yeh, I watched that you tube video too). This is you -

Seeeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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I probably wouldn't have tossed it out either. I've only thrown one dessert out. I made 3 recipes of banana pudding for a family reunion. I didn't have a dish that large so I used an aluminum roasting pan. Just as I picked it up, the pan buckled and turned upside down on my kitchen floor. After another trip to the grocery store, I made another and used two pans together next time.
I made a lemon cake once that neither my dh nor I was crazy about but our grandchildren loved it. They call it my Failure cake, but I don't remember where the recipe is.
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thanks you Claire very much. I visit Galena whit computer and you have reason this town remember me home , it is a fantastic city I hope that one day i will can visit it.
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Originally Posted by Dawgluver View Post
Who needs a cake disaster? This sounds wonderful as a planned "accident"!
There are plenty of venerable dishes which reputedly grew from accidents.

In Vienna you get Kaiserschmarrn which is a chopped up pancake/crepe. One of the stories of its "invention" goes to the Emperor visiting a small inn while travelling. The inn-keeper's wife only had ingredients for a pancake. The cook was so nervous about cooking for the emperor that she tore the pancake while turning it out. The inn-keeper's wife immediately cut up the pancake dusted it with sugar and served it with jam as the inn's speciality.
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Originally Posted by Chief Longwind Of The North View Post
Your boy taught you that, didn't he. C'mon, fess up. I mean, dipping balloons in chocolate. It's way to creative for adults (yeh, I watched that you tube video too). This is you -

Seeeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
actually, i got that from my eldest sister. she's the baker and chocolatier in the family.

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