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When you talk about beef or steak prices you need to specify what grade of beef your talking about. I see a number of specials that will say Ribeye steaks $4.99 a pound but they are usually a no roll or a select grade as opposed to USDA Choice. Another factor to the more rapid rise in beef prices has to do with the amount being exported to Japan. They are willing to pay which in turn raises our prices. What we actually need is a few cases of mad cow disease in this country so it can't be exported and then you will see prices drop. I also find the price of wings rediculous. When You can buy whole chickens for .80 to 1.29 per pound and whole wings which are probably close to 80% waste are $3.99 per pound.

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I stopped buying chicken wings because they absurdly expensive. We make sort of wings with cut up chicken breasts. Around here Choice Ribeye runs around 8.99 per pound. It goes on sale about once a month for 5.99.

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Originally Posted by bethzaring
Am I the only one here who remembers, as well as participated in, the 1973 beef boycott? Boy, I love a good boycott. I supported this boycott for well over 3 years, even though it was only to last one week.

This is the first article I came to about it...

Rising Clamor for Tougher Price Controls -- Monday, Apr. 16, 1973 -- Page 1 -- TIME

Rising Clamor for Tougher Price Controls

Monday, Apr. 16, 1973
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adSetTarget('_blank'); htmlAdWH('93224389', '88', '31'); adSetType('');

A NEW Majority formed in the U.S. last week, and it was hardly silent.

Its platform: bring down food prices. From one end of the country to the other, consumers joined a boycott against meat, and both retailers and middlemen began to take a roasting. Some packing houses shut down, 20,000 meat-industry workers were laid off, and beef, pork and lamb sales dropped by as much as 50% in supermarkets.
I had one more year of high school left to go and wasn't yet purchasing meat for my own family. I didn't get married until 1975. That's when I started to notice the prices of various foods. Before that, and after I set out on my own, Uncle Sam fed me as I was a sailor. So nope, I didn't hear about the beef boycott. I think we might need another one, and for chicken wings as well.

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I don't even bother using the wings to eat - I make stock with them and then discard the glop after it has given it's all. This week with boneless/skinless chicken breast on sale, chicken wings cost more per pound...

It costs me almost as much now to make chicken stock as it does veal stock, about $15-$20/gal.
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Last month I got both Ribeye & porterhouse steaks (my 2 favotites) on sale for $4.99 lb. They were 1&1/2 inches thick. I bought 8 of them.

Last week I bought Porterhouse steaks on sale for $3.99 lb. and were they good. At that price i wasnt expecting them to be so good so i only got 2. Sorry i didnt go back for more.
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Two different things going on here.

Chicken wings, which processors could hardly give away a few years ago, are now in BIG demand thanks to the "Buffalo Wing" craze - a simple matter of supply and demand driven economy. Like someone said - whenever anything suddenly gets popular ... the price goes up.

Beef prices, on the other hand, is a little different matter - although it's still a supply-and-demand economy. This has to do with the drought conditions that goes back about 5-7 years. With the drought came less forageable food (grass available for grazing) so the cattle had to be fed with "purchased" feed, the amount of supplimental feed like hay and sorgum decreased (the drought caused less yield per acre) so feed prices went up ... and "drinking" water was scarce. It simply became too expensive to maintain large herd levels - so cattlemen sold off larger than normal numbers of their cattle at discounted prices to reduce their overhead. That is why we noticed a sudden decrease in beef prices a few years ago. Now, it's catching up to us ... increased cattle production costs, and fewer heads of cattle going to market, means higher consumer prices. Oh, and part of the recent dip in beef prices is thanks to Japan's ban on imported US beef because of the "Mad Cow" scare.

Of course ... as beef prices have gone up consumers have looked to alternatives like fish, chicken and pork. And, as the demand for those protein sources has increased - so have their prices.

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