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Old 01-31-2007, 11:35 AM   #11
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You can also get veal her in Kansas City pretty much everywhere.
I haven't cooked it in a long time will need to try soon.

We do have many butchers close where I am, I am in a area where
there is alot of executives, that would only buy the best meat.
So the butchers do pretty well. Sometimes I will go to them but
for the most part I buy my meat from either of two grocery stores.
The meat is very good and much cheaper than the butcher stores.
The grocery stores have very friendly butchers behind the counter
and will help you out pretty much with anything. It did take me
sometime to find this service. I live in the county and work in the
city. If on the weekend we have a taste for steak I will travel all
the way into town just to go to one of these grocery stores.

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Old 01-31-2007, 11:50 AM   #12
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Please don't get me started on "veal".

While I fully realize that most meat animals for human consumption don't exatly live lives of luxury, I stopped eating veal over 30 years ago. The bizarre inhumanity in the raising practices didn't come close to the enjoyment of the finished product.

Even now, here in Virginia, I absolutely CRINGE at the site of the "cute little igloo" houses the dairy farmers around here use for veal calves. Granted, the houses are in little dog kennels so at least the calves can move around, but, as one dairy farmer explained to us, movement is discouraged. How nice. I was thrilled to read an article in a past Saveur magazine article how the French have now allowed their veal calves to live natural lives with their moms out at pasture. Is the meat "pinker"? Yes. Do the animals at least get to live a natural existence prior to slaughter? Yes. Will "food snobs" accept "pinker" veal? Depends on how snotty the food snobs are.

Sorry folks. Eat beef if you like (& I do), but I feel sorry for you if you really feel the need for white white veal (which means the calf was virtually chained into submission for its short sojourn on this planet). Torturing an animal in the name of elite gastronomy is wrong on so many levels.

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Old 01-31-2007, 12:46 PM   #13
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Oh - just realized I avoided the question - lol!!

While veal is always available here (normally just cutlets & chops), it's definitely "pink" veal - not French "white".
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I used to love veal and we had it all the time
UNTIL I found out more about it.
I have found that recently that it is harder to find different cuts of meat in my grocery store - it seems like prepacked foods are taking over!

From Veal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Veal production: the controversy Veal is essentially a by-product of dairy farming. Dairy cows must regularly produce calves in order to continue to produce milk. The result is that more female calves are born than can be raised into dairy cows; bull calves have no commercial use except as veal.
Veal Production
While all veal production is contentious, the humane movement is most concerned with formula-fed calves. These are traditionally raised in crates that restrict physical movement in order to minimize the growth of tough muscle fiber and to keep the flesh white and tender. The finest veal meat comes from unweaned calves. Formula-fed veal farming is universally condemned by animal rights activists and others concerned with animal welfare. It is frequently cited as one of the worst examples of large-scale industrial animal farming and is banned in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the UK still attracts criticism from animal rights groups on the ground that it exports a large number of young veal cows to the Netherlands, where farming law is more relaxed and where most European veal production is centred.
The remaining members of the European Union — including Italy, where veal is extremely popular — will ban the use of veal crates and anæmia-inducing diets from 2007[2].
On November 7, 2006, Arizona voters approved Proposition 204, the Humane Treatment of Farm Animals Act, making that state the first in the U.S. to prohibit the use of veal crates. Several other states are considering similar legislation.
The health risk to consumers posed by drugs administered to farm animals is not unique to the veal industry but this has attracted particular attention. Critics allege that producers compensate for unhealthy living conditions by administering tranquilising medication and high levels of antibiotics. However, while illegal administration of antibiotics (particularly neomycin) is on the rise[citation needed], administration of tranquilising medication is neither widespread nor documented in any credible scientific literature. Recent studies indicate that health threats caused by consumption of antibiotics in veal pose only a small risk to humans.[3][4]
Advocates for the veal industry counter that modern farms provide clean, well-lit and well-ventilated environments with enough room for calves to "stand, stretch, groom themselves and lay down in a natural position."[5]. Industry advocates also assert that, as veal calves are typically at risk of becoming anæmic — resulting in weakness and loss of appetite — modern farmers feed calves a diet with sufficent, carefully controlled amounts of iron.
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Old 01-31-2007, 01:25 PM   #15
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Originally Posted by BreezyCooking
Oh - just realized I avoided the question - lol!!

While veal is always available here (normally just cutlets & chops), it's definitely "pink" veal - not French "white".
i must say that i have had a white veal chop in a restaurant once, an italian place near home, and it was incredible. i tried to duplicate it at home without success, only to find out about the meat on a subsequent trip.

i think what i buy, especially at the prices that i'd mentioned, is pink.

pink is good enough for me.
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Old 01-31-2007, 04:38 PM   #16
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Saveur magazine did an article some time ago on a farm in France that was getting rave reviews on their "pink" veal. Apparently, the farm allows the calves to nurse off their mothers while on free-range pasture, as opposed to the usual method of pulling them off their moms, caging them, & feeding them with milk-replacer. From what the article stated, the resulting veal is supposed to be fantastic.

While it still wouldn't turn me back onto veal, at least it's a much more humane method of production.
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I don't see veal in the Memphis stores. A year or two ago I decided I wanted to make veal stock and searched pretty hard with no luck; don't really feel deprived by the lack of it.
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Old 01-31-2007, 05:57 PM   #18
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Try using pork tenderloin brined instead of veal...

Pork...the other white meat.
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Old 04-26-2007, 11:23 PM   #19
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I can find veal chops and ground veal vacuum packed but so far no veal shanks which is frustrating as I wanna try osso buco
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There was just an article in the NYTimes about veal. The movement to boycott veal was introduced in the 60s. It was almost entirely successful. It's not impossible to buy veal in the states, but it's expensive.
The article discussed a surge in veal production since introducing a more humane way to raise the calves. Some farmers are letting the veal out to pasture with the mothers, ingesting mother's milk. Some still keep them in pens, but not crated. Those get a liquid formula along with some vitamins.
The article further discussed the flavours and textures of the veal.

While it seems like it may be a boon for the veal market, only 5 farmers were listed who sold the pastured veal. It seems more expensive than the 'normal' veal products.

I don't care to purchase meat at the supermarket. I like to buy it from a butcher either the day I'm going to cook it, or no more than the day before.

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