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Old 06-14-2005, 07:59 AM   #11
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If the room isn't very big & you want something portable, I'd get two BIG fans. Years ago I lived in a duplex & had a window unit in every room. The place was so ****ing hot in the summer, even w all the AC's running 24/7. The bill was huge too. It was so heavy, it bowed the windows & I could never open them. Also had to keep replacing the plastic sliding side thingys that melt in the heat. Asked the owner to install a roof turbo/turbine (those metal spinning things). That might bring the temp down - a bit. Re the filter, mine were washable. I should never say never, but I will never(?) live without central air again, if I can help it. BTW, even with central air, I have two floor standing rotating ionizer fans w a remote control. (The design/look is similar to the ionic breeze.) You can set them to turn off about an hour after you've gone to bed for the night.

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Amber , Go to walmart or Aldi and get one. They have 5000 BTU one room air conditioners . If you have a door shut it or put a heavy blanket over the entrance,(this will keep it cheaper to operate) once you put it in the room you want to use it turn the thing down to low after it gets cool. Most 5000 Btu air conditioners don't have a themostat which if you keep the door closed would save more money. This is why you may want to buy a 8000 btu most of them do have a themostat and don't cost much more and can be cheaper to run. 8000 btu can cool two rooms depending on they size. 10,000 is about the biggest one that will on 110 volt. Like I say though walmart and aldi will sell them cheaper I have seen them on sell for $99 at walmart.
Have you thought about a good window fan open one window or two at one end of the house and then just one at the other end with a really good window fan Blowing out and you will be suprised at how welll that works for the whole house if you keep it open. And that will save you tons of money!

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IF you own the house, by all means start with having ceiling fans put it. Yeah, most places I've lived, I'd never live without central A/C either!!! But Maine and I live places where A/C season is six weeks and sometimes not all six of them. I've always joked that summer is summer wherever you live -- the heat and humidity here and in New England is every bit as miserable as it is in Florida (and, yes, I've lived or spent summers in all of them), it is just that in the south it sometimes starts in April and you're still sweating it out in October. Right now, believe it or not, I'm sitting here wrapped in mom's old knit afghan and my toes are cold. Most people I'm sure would have the windows closed and flipped on the heat! BTW, running two window A/C units for the periods I needed them for our worst summer here (old units, I might add, so more expensive than new would be) ran me well under $20/mo. And one of the rooms has no doors, so it all dissipates. I must say, I do not use them when I don't need them. After supper, one of us runs upstairs and closes the bedroom doors and turns on the A/C so the room is cool when we get up there. The one we use in the back parlor is on an "as needed" basis. Last summer we never put it in. We were discussing where to put it this summer, since it got very hot and humid last week. I hate to put it on any window opening onto the porch until after our annual summer party, but would like a cool spot for some of my elderly, sickly, and/or fussy (you know, people who can't stand to have their hair, clothes, or makeup mussed by sweat) freinds. We decided on a spot, then the weather turned cool again. Right now it is moot. The wx is perfect. Let's hope that holds out for another week.

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