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Old 03-01-2005, 08:38 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by nicole
MJ, I made this post only because people who have to go to work to make a living should be asked how there day was. I know that I would love to come home and be asked how my day went. And if you had a bad day I know it can be nice to just get it out.
Nicole, you are a treasure! Kind & considerate as well as beautiful!

I hope your day went well whatever you did. Mine was better after reading your post. :)

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Originally Posted by lyndalou
I had a great day yesterday. Our anniversary, dinner out. Started the day going for a long walk, got my hair trimmed, hubby played golf. Just a nice, relaxing day.

I'll never forget my grandaughter, when she was about 3 years old. We were visiting and sat down to dinner, and she looked around the table and said "so, how was your day?" So cute. :)
Happy Late Anniversary lyndalou! Congratulations, how long have you been married?

Nicole, you are a sweetie to start this thread. I agree that it is nice to talk about how our days went. I had to work an evening shift last night and so I felt like I did 2 days in one! I did all my usual housework during the day and then went to work! My day started out crappy, and then got better. Thank God for my wonderful husband who takes everything in stride. He gets a call at work from a blubbering wife and he doesn't hesitate, just stops what he is doing to console me. Then later when I am at work he jumps in and does all the taxi service, catering and wash up that I would normally do. What a guy!

Oops. Sorry for the novel guys. Guess I needed to vent a bit! :oops:

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it. Robin Williams
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Re: How was your day?

Originally Posted by nicole
As I just sit here and ,, and while most of you are at work. I was just wondering how all of your days went. I'm sure by my little story you can see how mine went. Now I have to go and . talk to all you later. Hope you all had a great day. :D
Nicole! i stay home too,and i think people who go to work should ask us stay home wives or moms that how our day went? :) .Well i mean i do get bored to death sometimes.
Don't let love interfere with your appetite. It never does with mine.
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Lynda, Happy anniversary, Tweede I hope you feel better,KNock on wood I haven't gotten sick yet ! Dove I hope you are ok? I hate when them darn chairs walk out infront of you. I can say that my day is going to be very busy and stressfull. you all know that hubby is down and out. So I get the privalage to SHOVEL the drive in 5 inches of snow, and carry about 5 arms full of log wood up a flight of steps, UGHH....I think after that I am going to take a rest then, start with the rest of things I have to do today. They are calling for another 2-4 inches of snow. My day is nothing but scheduals and when That gets screwed up I start getting nurves and don't know how to get ontop of my list. well, enough about me. I hope you guys are having a good day. And to those that have to shovel snow becareful. :D
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Yesterday, I went out to the Pearl Timber Sale to check on the operation. All quiet there to wet and sloppy for hauling. Checked on a culvert that was blocked with snow and went back to the Ranger Station.

Then I parked myself in front of the computer to do a financial statement for the timber sale. Each month all timber sales that are active have to have enough money on account for prior month's hauling, what they will cut the next month and then what they have cut and but has not been removed. We also have a 10 day cut cushion to take care of any overrun. Ok, now that you are bored reading, that is what I did all yesterday afternoon.

Then about 5:00 pm I went and exercised for a half an hour. Buzzed over to the parents and had dinner and picked up my dog.
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt
26th president of US (1858 - 1919)
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Yes it is nice that my boss let me take the day off and yes I do still get paid . 8)


Sorry to hear about your bad happening. I've had those kind of days.
"Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes."

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Old 03-02-2005, 01:14 AM   #17
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Went to the Dr with DH. He has to give up beer for two weeks..(I think I will go live in the woods or a cave during that time) Then back for blood work to see if his electrolytes are OK for a Colenostophy.(sp?) Then home to call the Dr that did his lung surgery for his 6 month check up . Then just before that he has to have a chest X-Ray.

He is making up for not having to see a Dr. for years at a time. When it rains it pours.
May I always be the person my dog thinks I am.

Walk towards the Sunshine and the Shadows will fall behind you!
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Dove, I hope that all of Paul's tests come back A-OK and that you can survive the next 2 weeks!

My day is becoming interesting, but it sure won't be enjoyable. My boss is without a car today and has several meetings out of the office so I get to play driver. My patience will be taxed! I have to leave in about 45 minutes to take him to his next one, about an hour away, sit and wait for it to be finished, and then drive back. I'll then have to take him back out later this afternoon. I'm not sure what I did to deserve this today!
-A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand
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Thanks for asking Nicole :) I stay at home during the winter, and the other three months I landscape, so I have an appreciation for stay at home moms and those that work outside the home. When I do work outside, I plan my schedule around my daughter who is 14, so that I am here when she leaves and here when she gets home.

Today I cleaned a bit, worked out, walked the dog, did some food shopping, and later making dinner. Right now I am waiting for my daughter to come home from a doctors appointment. She dislocated her knee which was extremely painful and still is. Possibly torn ligaments, so surgery might be inevitable. She is very grouchy and tired due to the pain, but we're trying to keep her spirits up. She prefers to be around my husband lately because I am being too "motherly" as she put it. She wants to do things for herself and I keep wanting to help her out, but I should let her do things on her own, thats best.
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Old 03-03-2005, 04:30 PM   #20
DC Grandma
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Feeling some better today,,very tired and weak. I woke up yesterday morning and ran for the bathroom. Spent all day with a bucket at my feet. Even a sip of water wouldn't stay down. This lasted about 14 hours. The doctor insisted that I intake clear liquids..ha! A teaspoon in and 2 qts. out.

May I always be the person my dog thinks I am.

Walk towards the Sunshine and the Shadows will fall behind you!
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