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Old 02-25-2005, 12:04 PM   #41
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thanks all you guys; In the kitchen,lindatooo,MJ,Barbara,mudbug,luvs_food,broo ksy and buckytom.Its so encouraging that you guys care,it means so much to me :).
and Brooksy!i'm sooooooooo happy for you,many many congrats,why dont u post a pic of her here,it'll be fun....i hope my baby's grandparents will be as happy as u seem to be! :D
bucky! i'll def tell you guys when i know,it doesnt matter for me actually,i will love my baby no matter what,doesnt matter if its a boy or a girl,it will be my baby,thats enough 4 me :) ,and i just hope its healthy,but i'm dying of curiosity myself,hehehe.

Don't let love interfere with your appetite. It never does with mine.
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Thanx ITK. Much appreciated. Now for the answers.
1. Yes, Our 1st.
2. Skye Eleanora
3. Depends who you talk to. She is really beautiful.
4. As far as I could tell. Susie said Mum was distressed near the end & Dad was going flat out on the gas..
5. I wasn't there when she was put in , but we were at the hosp. when she was born. Susie was in delivery room, I was in the 'other room'.
6. I posted on Birthsdays & intro's - "It's a girl". last week

The main thing is that child birth is an experience. I can't speak for women, but from my point of view, it is very scary. Susie & I have 3 so it must have been really interesting from her persective because it is choice.

5. I wasn't there when she was put in , but we were at the hosp. when she was born. Susie was in delivery room, I was in the 'other room

Brooksy, could you explain #5. I don't quite know if you are funning here or serious. Was it other than 'normal' start? I bet you are so excited and what a beautiful name. I am so happy you get to see her. Thought she was out of town. Sorry I missed the announcements but I only check Chit Chat and other special categories. The days go so quickly and you better get to know her as well as you can. She will be asking for car keys before you know it. Just can't keep up with them once they are here. Such a precious time. Mine don't think about getting settled and having babies. They like to be babies themselves. Just as long as they own up to any responsibilites that is what I tell them. They mess up they have to clean up. Tell your wife, Susie, congrats too. She got to see the whole thing. Amazing. Bet it made your daughter feel good to have mom there too

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No worries ITK, and thank you. Yes I was finning a bit :D .

Babymaking is a private affair, & that was what I was getting at: "I wasn't there when she was put in" - conceived, she meaning Skye. :oops: :oops:

Susie & I were certainly at the hospital when she was born, but all bar the Dad and females were ejected when examinations were done and birth imminent, even Granddads. Probably for the best.

Don't read this bit Sarah.

Two things I cannot stand are kids and women in pain and being unable to ease that pain. I was hunted to the waiting room & completed 4 big crosswords in about 15 minutes - haven't done a crossword in 6 years.

Read on Sarah....
We see our granddaughter everyday, & everyday I thank the Lord for the priviledge and the gift.

OK on the car keys, it is the plane keys I'm worried about.... I really hope I am around when she is old enough, but I know that isn't possible. I keep remembering the words uttered to me on many occasions by my Mum, "Be thankful for small mercies." And I am.

We live in a small country town & because of some perceived complications Skye was born in a major hospital about 100 miles away (in Newcastle). We travelled down each day to see them, next to flying I love driving, no airstrip close by so driving had to do. If we flew it would have cost us more in taxi fares than it did in petrol to drive down each day. (About $A15 per trip)

Anyway, this is Sarah's time & thread, & I am cheering for her.

Pics - I would but my tight fisted ISP doesn't give out webspace. Last time I asked him, the paramedics had to be called to jump start him.

Sarah, listen to the ladies my sweet, if child birth was a fearsome event, none of us would be here today. It is wonderful and the years of pleasure that follow are worth a few seconds of discomfort. Even when each of our 3 erred and cause a bit of heartache, it was always a pleasure to set things right & look to the future.

All our kids are over 6 feet in height (Erin is just 6') but they are still and will be forever my babies, and I know Susie thinks the same. Haven't got the guts to tell the boys 6'4'' & 6'9'.

The years of pleasure, fun and pride we have got from our kids far outweighs the seconds of grief and displeasure.

Oh dear, Skye is crying,

Taking off and flying are optional. Landing is mandatory
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