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Old 12-22-2005, 12:17 AM   #41
Head Chef
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This is harder than it looks!

1. I use to always watch my weight...(weighed 100 pounds after my third son)....but now....I'm 5'3"...and hit 168. Funny...it doesn't really bother me that much....and to think of all the good meals I use to miss!
2. For 10 years I was an office manager for an elite business man's type dinner club.
3. For 24 years I was a singer....starting out when I was in my 20's with my own country band "Kaylinda and Company"...and ending doing solo performances...all in local clubs between Oklahoma..Wichita...and here. Supported 3 sons at it...so wasn't too bad.
4. I had my first son when I was 15...another at 18...and the last not until I was 28!
5. Our restaurant is open 7 days a week...so I get plenty of time to cook.
6. This is my favorite forum because everyone is so nice to everyone else.
7. We live above our restaurant...so we never actually have to "go to work"...we're just always here.
8. I use to be a clothes fanatic...now I wear the same thing 7 days a week. (well...not the same thing...I have several outfits that all look the same)...black shoes...black hose...black shorts...black shirt...black ballerina type slippers...(maybe I'm in mourning and don't know it....lol). Have to wear the slippers 'cause I have bad feet.
9. All my life I dyed my hair black...and 3 years ago decided to go natural...now I'm grey/blonde.
10. Though I used to be an entertainer...I hate crowds. It was ok when I was up in "front" of them...but I don't like to be "within" them.

You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you can't close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.
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Old 04-21-2016, 06:41 PM   #42
Head Chef
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1. I'm a dextrocardia (my heart points towards the right side).
2. I adore the innocence of young children.
3. I am half Italian.
4. People turn to me with their emotional problems.
5. I am claircognizant (have the psychic ability to "read" people on first meeting them, e.g. get bombarded with data about them).
6. I enjoy upcycling (recycling stuff - mostly by changing its use/adaptation)
7. I have lost my sense of smell.
8. I am a semi recluse (by choice) although I have good social skills.
9. I have an explosive, infectious laugh!
10. I am spiritually focused.

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" (Charles M. Shulz)
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Old 04-21-2016, 07:40 PM   #43
Senior Cook
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I have 8 dogs.
I wish that I could drink less and eat more.
I have a "free range" horse who will walk into the house if I'm late feeding.
I can grow nothing except for Iris, Daffodil, Iris and garlic because the horse eats everything else.
I am dyslexic.
I had a good husband once, but he died.
I'm a pinko liberal and I everyone around me is a tea party conservative

That's not 10 but the question is very personal.
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Old 04-21-2016, 07:58 PM   #44
Head Chef
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Oh, heck, let's see. You all know I play with my dollhouses so....

I am an amateur astronomer

I have synesthesia

I used to raise and show mice.

I have a weird interest in viruses and epidemics.

I have a (very) basic working and understanding of French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

I made up my own number system that doesn't have a zero.

I marched in a Doberman Drill Team with my dog.

I love houses of all styles.

I used to help my friend work her horses for endurance (she won the World Champion Endurance Race three times).

I used to raise, breed, and show my model horses.
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Old 04-21-2016, 09:52 PM   #45
Chef Extraordinaire
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1. The tallest I have ever been was 4'9". I am presently 4'6" after having
shrunk another inch this past year.
2. I have been married twice and both husbands are now dead.
3. My first husband was a professional chef, my second one was a commercial
4. I did have five children, two daughter, three sons, four left.
5. I have 17 grand and great grandchildren.
6. I am Native American and English. My people were here to greet my
7. The happiest time of my childhood was living on a farm.
8. I love doing needlework, and reading.
9. I also really enjoy cooking for my family.
10. I love the ballet, classical music and have always wanted to do volunteer
work for the Boston Ballet Company.

Illegitimi non carborundum!
I don't want my last words to be, "I wish I had spent more time doing housework"
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Old 04-21-2016, 10:56 PM   #46
Chef Extraordinaire
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Interesting you bring back this post from 2005 Creative. Maybe it's a good idea with new members though. With the exception of Cara and Bucky Tom, I've never heard of any of these people from 2005.
I've been here a long time and I've shared about as much as I want people to know about me. Having said that, some of us are basically private people anywhere on the internet.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather by the moments that take our breath away.

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Old 04-22-2016, 03:48 AM   #47
Chef Extraordinaire
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Thanks for dusting this thread off, creative. It's been interesting and fun.

Addie, love the "my people were here to greet my people" line!

Let's see how much silly stuff I can remember:

1) I was born in a mansion. No, I was not delivered by any of the Sheppard family members. A cloud of "Canadian Soldiers" (mayflies) followed my Mom in through the ER door, much to the nurses' chagrin.

2) A friend once told me I was a SLIder. Street lights blink out as I get near to them, traffic signals will change when I point, and the TV in the kitchen insists on turning back on once I get to the living room and sit in my chair. Just so long as I never electrocute myself, I'm not worried.

3) I was a Girl Scout leader for two years, a Troop Organizer for one. I still thought the leader I had when I was young was way cooler than I ever was.

4) I used to cantor in church. Then my voice went south and I quit.

5) My most famous friend is a member of Actors Equity Association. She performed the part of "Christine" when "Phantom of the Opera" had its 10,000 performance on Broadway.

6) When our son and I visited Arizona State University before he attended there, we spent some time touring the state. Just in case he selected another college. We did a short hike down to the first rest house along Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon. The sign said to allow twice as long to hike back out as it took you to hike down. We made it to the rest house in 45 minutes; wanting to take no more than 2 1/2 hours, we hiked back out in spite of him wanting to go further. I guess I was in good shape - it took only 1 hour to hike back out. Seventeen years later and I'm still hearing it from our son!

7) I used to snow ski. That ship sailed a long time ago...

8) Our daughter swore our last house had a ghost in the basement. I don't know about that, but it sure creeped me out when I came up the stairs at night, even though we had a light in the basement.

9) My 10th birthday "gift" was measles. Thanks a lot, Elaine...

10) When I was a kid, I used to hang a basket outside my bedroom window in cool weather so I could have a couple cans of pop at the ready. That stopped the day the neighbor asked my Mom "why is there a basket hanging from your daughter's window?"
"Never trust a man who combs his hair straight from his left armpit." ~ Alice Roosevelt Longworth
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Head Chef
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Thumbs up

Cooking Goddess -Thanks for appreciating me renewing this thread.

Yes, I too find it interesting and fun!

I would like to know more about current members who might also enjoy the opportunity to share here - as can be seen, it needn't be too revealing. Thanks for those already doing so.
"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" (Charles M. Shulz)
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Old 04-22-2016, 12:18 PM   #49
Wine Guy
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Sure, I'll play...

1. I was once with a band that were the first performers to ever play at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas when it opened in 1993. Barbra Streisand was the second. It was her first live performance in over 20 years.

2. The same band performed as an opening act for the Beach Boys at the Las Vegas Hilton on New Years Eve of 1993. At that time, John Stamos (of television's "Full House") was their drummer. I remember at the time thinking that was weird.

3. One more Las Vegas tidbit. I performed at Don Rickles 65th birthday party. I was surprised to find that he's actually a very nice man, and nothing like the persona he uses in his stage act.

4. I used to work for a computer rental company that supplied equipment for several Hollywood movies, including "Casino," "Showgirls," and "Star Trek: Generations." On a related note, it's surprising what Hollywood people leave on their rental computers when they are turned back in. I've run across everything from scripts to celebrity contact info, and even emails that could potentially be embarrassing for the authors if they were ever made public. As part of this job, I once sat in a room with Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorcese, Joe Pesce, and Sharon Stone and fixed a broken laptop computer while they went over script changes. Talk about feeling like a fly on the wall.

5. I've never once eaten at a KFC. Mostly likely this is due to the fact I can't stand fried chicken.

6. I'm ambidextrous and can perform many tasks equally well with either hand, although I favor certain hands for certain tasks. For example, I usually write left-handed and eat right-handed.

7. In 40 years of driving, I've never once had a traffic ticket. I've been pulled over by police a couple of times, but it never resulted in a citation.

8. I've visited all 48 contiguous US states, but have never been to Hawaii or Alaska.

9. I was once referred to as a "sickly child." I came down with pneumonia 13 times during my childhood, and was sick enough to be hospitalized by it on four occasions. Strangely enough, I've never had pneumonia as an adult.

10. Many of you already know this because I've posted it here, but I'm an avid home winemaker, educator, and wine judge in my spare time. Up until last year I served as the president of a Minnesota-based hobby winemaking club with over 100 members. We're the oldest such club in the country, dating back to 1971.
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Certifiable Executive Chef
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  1. I have never been to a hairdresser or barber - I cut my own
  2. I dislike truffles - they remind me vaguely of used feet flavor
  3. I am a grammar snob (still mourning the death of the ly adverb) but can't type my way out of a paper bug bag.
  4. Micro fiber towels make my skin crawl - it's a tactile thing....
  5. When I was in HS, I was bitten by a copperhead when I sat on it... in the rest room.
  6. Cheese souffle, french bread and a salad is my favorite meal and I buy 'extra eggs' on the sly just so that there will be a regular excuse to have this meal. Love, love love hearing my DH say.. look all those eggs in the fridge, we need to use them up.
  7. My feet are larger than 'normal'.
  8. Bucket list items still to attend to: get a manicure - just once, ride a Clydesdale, shop in the size 8 section.
  9. I'm cheap... erm... frugal (see number 1) :)
  10. Linen slut here... I love nice linens. Crisp, folded and stacked nicely, scented with lavender.

Forget love... I'd rather fall in chocolate!
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