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My 16 yr. old kitty has never had any interest in getting up on the dining room table or kitchen counters. He doesn't care much for human food, although once in a while he likes a little treat of a bit of mild cheese.

In the past though, I've had cats that I've had to take the squirt bottle to - but even that didn't help much. They learned real quick that by the time I barely even reached for the nearby squirt bottle, they were gone - down the hallway and under the bed. LOL

Grandchildren fill the space in your heart you never knew was empty.
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Originally Posted by Whiskadoodle View Post
..........I once put a new stick of butter on a plate and set it inside a cupboard. Come time to use it and I thought that's funny, why are the edges completely rounded on one end instead of it being squared off. Then I heard a cupboard door slam pretty soon after, and my doors are heavy. Little Miss light on her feet but growing bigger in the belly by the minute was a busy girl. Except in summer, I like to keep the butter out of the fridge. Now I store it in the microwave, since they haven't figured how to open that door. Yet.
I love your posts, Whisk - they make me smile.

Grandchildren fill the space in your heart you never knew was empty.
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I landed at JFK (America! Enormous cars! Cops with guns...), and immediately got whisked to dinner with my fiancee's family. Dad was a diamond dealer in Manhattan, and Mom zipped around the world as a splashy Nikon representative.

I was working-class Scottish, about a foot taller than all of them, with hair down to my ass and a Navy kit-bag. Dad's attitude towards me was basically "You've been diddling my daughter!" I was ... uncomfortable. I quickly realized that the whole family ran on puns, with rapid-fire repartee back and forth.

The cat jumped up on the table. Everyone, in chorus, said: "He's never done that before!" Dad fed the cat some cheese, and asked if I minded. I said: "Gosh no, and now he can go after mice with baited breath."

Stunned silence. Dad grabbed his car-keys and came back shortly with a case of Guinness. For me. One of my glory-moments.
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Teddy's food goes on the floor. And so does Teddy. Here and at home with Spike. Any time we give him people food, it goes on a paper plate and right next to his water bowl. Spike got Teddy at eight weeks old and immediately started training him. He refused to be ruled by an animal. Right now he has started nipping at your heels when he wants attention. I keep an empty Windex Spray bottle filled with water at hand all the time. I have it set on mist. Now all I have to do is reach for it, and he stops in his tracks. And he is six years old. Old dogs can learn new tricks. He also has a habit of running to the door barking when anyone is in the hall. He gets his one bark out and turns and looks at me. If he sees me looking at him, he stops instantly. But as he is going back to his bed, he lets out his last bit of a yelp.

He is allowed up on my bed for patting and loving. And if there should be a thunderstorm, up he comes and I wrap him tightly and cover his ears. It seems to help calm him down.

Oddly enough he knows the rules for here and at home with Spike. Here he can jump up on the bed as well at home. He can bark his head off at home, but not here. Elderly folks do not like barking dogs. He knows he cannot leave my apartment without his leash. If he needs to go out, he brings it to Spike or Pirate. Spike has pads that he trained him on as a puppy. He keeps one out when he has to leave him for a while. He will use it as a last resort. I have to give Spike credit for training him from the very first day he brought him home.

BTW, nothing turns my stomach quicker than seeing an animal roaming on the counters where food is prepared. I would rather watch open heart surgery. But that is just me.

Illegitimi non carborundum!
I don't want my last words to be, "I wish I had spent more time doing housework"
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