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Hello from sunny California!

I'm new to this forum, but not new to forum posting! I love food, baking and cooking when I can, and eating. I hope to open my restaurant and bakery in Northern America someday. I hope to make lots of friends here.


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Hi greetings.

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Welcome to DC!
She who dies with the most toys, wins.
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Welcome to DC

Practice Random Acts of Kindness ( RAK ) Makes you feel great too
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Welcome to DC. Nice to have you here with us.
No path leads to yesterday.
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Greetings from freezing cold Montana!
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Originally Posted by salt and pepper View Post
Greetings from freezing cold Montana!
Welcome to DC. Hope you're enjoying your warm weather, depending of course where you live in Ca. I lived for ten years in the San Diego area. DW is from El Cajon. It's too hot there for me. You will make friends here. You can't help it. We love to share what we know, and learn from everyone else.

S&P, how's the weather in Montana. It's 29' here in Michigan's U.P., with 2 inches of snow on the ground, a thin crusty layer on top, and freezing drizzle making our roads fun to drive on. Of course there have been numerous cars in the ditches as the foolish people who have forgotten how to drive on snow make things, um, interesting for those of us who do remember. We get three kinds of drivers with our first snows of the year, those who think they can drive like they do in summer, those who drive on 45 mph roads at 15 to 25 mph, and a few of us who know and understand the laws of motion, and the physics of friction, and can maintain control at safe speeds in slippery conditions. It simply amazes me how many people blame the roads for them going into the ditch, or getting in accidents, when it's their poor driving skills that causes the trouble.

Ok, enough ranting. This is the weather for something tasty, and so, I give you, StarsWithLove, a good recipe, one that I'm somewhat known for around these parts. Enjoy.

Chief Longwind's Best Pancakes

These pancakes are so light, fluffy, and moist; they literally melt in your mouth. The flavor is classic, slightly sweet, but with a balanced flavor between all ingredients. Once you have tried this recipe, you will never again use a box mix.

Another great thing about this recipe is that you can mix a large batch of the dry ingredients in advance, then place them into an airtight container and scoop out what you need for however many people you are going to serve.

To go a step further, I one time mixed in enough powdered milk to make 1 cup per cup of flour used, and enough powdered egg to make 1 egg per cup fo flour. Then, when I went camping, I just added water and the pancakes were as good as when made from all fresh ingredients.

You will have fun changing this recipe by adding things like M & M’s or peanuts, or bits of banana. I’ve added maple extract, or used maple syrup in place of sugar. I’ve add vanilla and nutmeg. You can really get creative, as long as all of the basic ingredients, both wet and dry, are there. Enjoy.

The key to these pancakes is proper technique. Follow this recipe and you will be known as the pancake king or queen of your household.

Dry Ingredients:
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 tbs. Sugar or sweetener of choice (I use Splenda)
½ tsp. salt
1 tbs. Double-acting baking powder (Calumet or Clabber Girl brand)

Wet Ingredients”
¾ cup milk
3 tbs. Cooking oil
1 large egg.

Preheat an electric griddle, or suitable non-stick, or cast-ion pan. For an electric griddle, heat to 370 degrees. For the other two pans, heat until water dances on the surface.

Combine all dry ingredients into a large, stainless steel, glass, or plastic bowl with a wire whisk. Add the wet ingredients and stir until blended in. But do not over-mix as this will toughen the pancakes. Leave small lumps in the batter. They will disappear as the pancakes cook.

Spoon the three to four tbs. of batter onto the cooking surface. If I catch you squishing the cooking pancakes with a spatula, I’ll come over and whap your hands. Once they are cooking, leave them alone! Turn when bubble appear on the surface, but before they remain open. Cook for about forty more seconds. Remove and serve immediately.

This batter also works well for waffles. If you thin it with more liquid, and add an extra egg, you have a wonderful crepe batter. If you substitute cornstarch for ½ of the flour, you have a very good tempura batter.

As I said above, play with the recipe after learning to make the original. Make it yours. And feel free to share it with others, so long as they know where it originated. It is copyright protected by law. And I don’t charge for this, my signature recipe.


Chief Longwind of the North
“No amount of success outside the home can compensate for failure within the home…"

Check out my blog for the friendliest cooking instruction on the net. Go ahead. You know you want to.- http://gwnorthsfamilycookin.wordpress.com/
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After Chief Longwind's mini-novel, I'll be brief Welcome to Discuss Cooking
Anyplace where people argue about food is a good place.
~ Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown, 2018
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Head Chef
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Originally Posted by salt and pepper View Post
Greetings from freezing cold Montana!

5 below this morning...
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Welcome from a fellow Californian, Stars! Not too sunny in these parts right snow, but that's OK...looking forward to some real weather.

Stick around, and look around the forums. Hope to see more of ya here.

Grandchildren fill the space in your heart you never knew was empty.
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