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Old 04-27-2006, 08:38 PM   #1
Sous Chef
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New Peanut Head... but not a Noob

I love this site for the variety of things I can search on, and for the warm community that exists here... no over-the-top chefs here that I noticed... just good people.

I work very long hours (IT related), but my un-wind is food. I also do not have a lot to contribute as most of my time is spent working (so I will have been usually late to an idea request). I normally have 10 ~ 20 minutes time to "serf" the web between conf calls, document reviews, and project support. But generally work between 7am ~ 7pm weekdays, and am call (via pager 7 days a week)....

I did want to say that I appreciate the "large" group of you that post almost daily, as I will eventually attempt adding your ideas into my cooking. I'm one of those that do not measure, but I very much use ideas from folks like you for my cooking experience.

Unfortunately, my family are all fast food grazers, and hard to cook for (so I usually cook just for me, or for my spouse which limits the ingredients). So, it is strictly a personal pleasure that I visit this site. I will say, that I do appreciate the gang of folks (especially the European contingent as I spent 5 yrs in Europe, and "loved" the food from all over).

To close, I don't have much time to contribute, but I certainly appreciate all of your inputs for good food prep/cooking.

Over the last few days, I have been going through the last two years of the threads... and can say I can see a pattern of good attendees: Godweed, Constance, Elf, PA, Raine, PA, Barbara, Marm, Sierra, Sarah, .etc (I know I left a bunch off), but wanted to say thanks for your adds to this site's efforts. I do appreciate what I've had time to read.

Hopefully, I will have time in the future to add some input :-)




If eating tasty stuff is a sin, I am certainly going south.
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Old 04-27-2006, 09:14 PM   #2
DC Grandma
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You forgot to add DC's Grandma...

May I always be the person my dog thinks I am.

Walk towards the Sunshine and the Shadows will fall behind you!
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Old 04-27-2006, 09:23 PM   #3
Chef Extraordinaire
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Welcome Kasper,
drop in when ever you can the door is always open We love having new faces join us.

HEAVEN is Cade, Ethan,Carson, and Olivia,Alyssa,Gianna
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Old 04-27-2006, 09:26 PM   #4
Executive Chef
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OH,oh...........CasperImproved, to the woodshed. Dove is also DC's disciplinarian. All in good fun...........Wasabi
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Old 04-27-2006, 09:28 PM   #5
Chief Eating Officer
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Welcome to the site!
You know you can't resist clicking
this link. Your eyes will thank you. VISUAL BLISS
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Old 04-27-2006, 11:01 PM   #6
Hospitality Queen
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You've already added so much to our site, with your well-written intro! Love the kitty avatar too. Welcome Casper. You are now a member of a huge family that has daily reunions.
Come visit my foodie blog: www.SockmonkeysKitchen.com
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Old 04-27-2006, 11:05 PM   #7
Certified Pretend Chef
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Welcome Aboard!
"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." -Carl Sagan
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Old 04-28-2006, 11:01 AM   #8
Head Chef
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Howdy Casper!

Welcome to the group! Don't worry about how much you post, just chime in whenever you get a chance!

Love the avatar, too! Looks a bit like tripod, the three legged cat my uncle used to have.


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Old 04-28-2006, 04:44 PM   #9
Sous Chef
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Location: Michigan
Posts: 681
Thanks John... and JKATH, you made my list, but I can only type so much :-). GP.. I don't know how I left you off the original list (you be quiet but all powerful). Wasabi - I'd love to have Dove as my Mawmaw... Anyone with her experience I automatically love. BTW, I also need disciplined.... I come from a split home when young... Mom worked like 18 hour days, and I've had three step dads.... so confused :-) Seriously though, I cooked my first hamburger when I was 8 yrs old (and no one was home) and also accounts for the lack of measurement even today. Kadesma - You are obviously a sweet person (HI). SizIN and others are on my "I like list" just can't type everyone since I went back two years in my review... but I did mention I didn't see an "over-the-top" kind of chef here... and that is important. While not intimidated by those types, they do tend to sour the family effect.

Thanks for you guys being just the way you are... I will read as many posts as I can, contribute where it makes sense, and cut&paste where a likely taste sensation exists...

Again... thanks for a pretty nice "family" forum... not enough of those out here in Cyber-Space that are not too far right or left.

I don't know how much I will post, but will love to camp here since I see you are *all* a family. I can appreciate that.

As for food loves.... I prefer Beef (roasts, steaks, burgers, etc... med. rare (even in Chili). Love whatever is in season veg/fruit wise.... And some ideas for things that are International just make my day. For example... I would have never have considered sliced boiled eggs on a pizza until it arrived on my table in Germany (and was *excellant* with the pizza sauce as a contrast). Just have a hard time making a menu when the Wife and Son (soon to move out at 21, and the older (23 moved out 1.5 yrs ago) prefer fast food, and no deviations from generic tastes.... Me... I like to experiment, like the hot, like the grill, like sauces, like European food, Like ..... too many things to be concise.

But I did want to say thanks for the welcome.... and for Dove.. I am old enough to have been switched from a Pear tree (from climbing to the top (65') and being caught by Mom :-) And not only do I know what a “woodshed” is… I not what a privy is ;-)

I have 3 Siamese cats with all three different personalities (my wife’s expensive love), and two pound dogs (my idea)... smart, but puppy like, and as family members need supervision. Heck… the younger one (2yrs old) still needs to be leash walked as he still thinks he is a puppy and must chase even a wind blown leaf.


If eating tasty stuff is a sin, I am certainly going south.
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Old 04-28-2006, 04:57 PM   #10
Head Chef
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