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Recently single: Now, I need cookware. Where to begin?

Hi Folks. :)

New guy here.

I am recently, happily single and getting into cooking. Currently, I have old beat up pots and pans that will be discarded very soon ;)

So I want to get new cookware (pots, pans etc) and just starting to gather information about what to get.

I would appreciate any advice, DOs and DON'Ts for acquiring all new stuff.

I read about all stainless steel and most of the high-end stuff does not have insulation on the handle (ouch if you forget) But i want the good stuff (and maybe some reasons why?)

So what do I need? Where do I get it. Lead me down the enlightened path of cooking bliss and let me impress my friends with shiny new professional or semi-pro cookware.

Thanks much



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Hi Ox, welcome to the group. Answers will be coming shortly.

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Welcome Ox! Try the Gourmet Chef Le Gourmet Chef - Bakeware Cookware Cutlery & Tools Decorative Gadgets & More Small Appliances As Seen On TV They have all the cookware, gadgets and dishes to get you started. You can begin with a nice set of frying pans, some pots for side dishes, gravies and such, and a dutch oven that can whip up almost any stove top dish. A griddle would come in handy to cook meats and veggies too. The Gourmet Chef is a great store to shop. You can find it online if you don't have one near you. Good luck and have fun shopping.
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Congradulations!, I guess. I wouldn't go crazy right away. Listen, learn and shop around. All the retails are hurtin' for business and Mother's Day time is here, so ther may be some good sales. Keep your eye on the local papers. On-line's good, but shipping costs sometimes can kill you. Check your garage sales, and 2nd hand shops, ie; Goodwill, Salvation Army. I would also look for some used pre-seasoned cast iron.

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Quicksilver has given you some good suggestions. You don't say where you live, but here in the U.S. we're on the threshold of yard sale season. I've picked up lots of great stuff at yard sales. Cheap, too. Got a wonderful, nearly new, multi-speed Osterizer blender for 50 cents. It's still going strong. Have snagged some nice cast iron at yard sales, also.
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It's amazing how many poeple find this great site looking for cookware advice, myself included.
Welcome, Oxford. I've been replacing my old TFal with some SS stuff and some non-stick stuff. I've got uses for them both and like to buy as I need, rather than a whole matched set all at once.
But that's just me.
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I guess I'm into instant gratification cause I want the whole set at once!! As mentioned, with MD coming up, you might find some really good sales.

You'll have to do some browsing, but you might want to take a look at this list of titles

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Amazon has some good deals, especially if you don't care about matched sets.

Welcome to the board, and if you are handsome and rich, I am looking.
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Originally Posted by Oxford View Post
Hi Folks. :)

I read about all stainless steel and most of the high-end stuff does not have insulation on the handle (ouch if you forget) But i want the good stuff (and maybe some reasons why?)
The handles don't get hot when using SS pans with SS handles on the stove top. The all metal design allows the user to go from the stovetop to the oven. HOWEVER, you WILL have a hot handle coming out of the oven. I'm like the lab rat that keeps getting electrocuted. So now I drape a dish cloth over the handle when I take the pan out of the oven, as a reminder.
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Hi Oxford:
You got some great advice here. I can only add a couple things: Don't buy a lot at once. Take a little time to see how you like to cook, what types of things, etc. There's nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a fancy matched set and find you only use a couple of the pieces.

I have a small set of anondized aluminum from Analon. They are pretty heavy duty and non-stick. Conduct heat well and easy to clean. I would start out with a 1 quart lidded saucepan, a 10-12" skillet and a non-stick grill pan. For a single guy, those are perfect for whipping up one chicken breast or burger.

Then, as you go along, trying new recipes, you can determine what else you need.

An often overlooked source: QVC.com!! They have some really quality cookware at very good prices, even with shipping and handling. I have never been disappointed by anything I have bought there!!

Good luck!!!

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