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Old 04-29-2008, 09:11 PM   #41
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Before you get any more Pyrex you might want to take a look at this. They are true stories. Countless numbers of people who have been burned, cut, and hurt by shattering and exploding Pyrex. Dinners ruined, dishwashers ruined, ovens ruined. People and pets traumatized by these exploding for no reason with glass flying everywhere. These were in cabinets, on counters, and hadn't even been heated or used.

I'm not able to post the link. Go to "consumeraffairs" and add the usual before and afters and search for Pyrex. Scary stuff!

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Old 04-29-2008, 10:48 PM   #42
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Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets! I love going to Williams Sonoma and Crate and Barrel and just looking through the gadgets! Sometimes I find myself watching Alton Brown and saying, "I want that and one of those!"

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Old 04-30-2008, 12:02 AM   #43
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I've shattered a Pyrex dish. It's not all purpose, treat it any kind of way, rough and tumble like... I would say Cast Iron but Even that needs some care and will shatter under the right conditions. Treat pyrex right and it will treat you right.

As for how I store it, one day, maybe thursday before DW starts cooking for real again I will take a picture of the kitchen. The pyrex...

In a corner cabinet...
Top shelf 3 10x15's nested with lids and 4 9x13's with lids
next shelf down; 1 of both sizes of the round and the oblong cobbler dishes with lids and 4 8x8 dishes with lids and 2 2 qt oval casseroles
next shelf down; 4 4qt bowls, 3 2.5 qt bowls, 4 1.5 qt bowls, 2 2qt bowls
next shelf down all food storage dishes; 3 6 cup and 2 3 cu square containers, 6 2 cup, 3 1.6 qt, 2 1 qt and 4 1 cup that have lids and another 6 that don't, and a 8 cup, 4 cup ,2 cup and 1 cup measure and I think I lids for these.

On a shelf in a different cabinet are 2 8 cu, 1, 2cup and 1 cup measuring cup

Over the ice box in a cabinet are 3 16 oz , 4 7 oz and 12 4 oz ramekins
in the pantry 4 of the large and 4 of the small oblong 2 section , I dont know what you call them, but I got them so we could serve like dip and salsa or guacamole in 1 dish and keep them seperate

in the buffet are 5 of the decorative edge and 7 of the regular 9 inch pie plates

and finally in the basement there 4 of the 9x13 and 2 of the oblong casserole dish insulated carriers.

Tomorrow I will expound on what else I have and how I use this stuff.

Oh yeah, we do have the obligatory 3 dish casserole set with the flowers on the side. But I really think I took it from my moms other house
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Old 05-03-2008, 03:49 PM   #44
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My favorite thing seems to be buying authentic cookware from countries I travel to. My latest gadget is an "asador de arepa" from Colombia. It's a frying pan thats made for cooking arepas. A Colombian corn cake.
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Old 06-04-2008, 05:19 PM   #45
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I have too many kitchen gadgets. Sadly I really do use most of them so what can you do? Not surprisingly space is an issue in my apartment kitchen.

I have two George Foreman grills, one small and one large, both given to me as gifts. Since I live in an apartment they sub for cooking outside. Also, I really do prefer using them over an oven or stovetop, love the ease of use and how well everything always turns out. I use these several times a week so can't part with them to save room (sigh) I have thought of tossing the small but strangely I use it the most. I like keeping the large around too for when the small won't suffice for the size. I'm afraid if I toss one, the other will break, leaving me having to buy a new one. They stack on top of each other anyway, so really having two doesn't take up more space than just having one.

I have a sandwich machine which I love to use to make grilled cheeses. The sandwiches just taste better to me and this machine is wonderful for four sandwiches as lunch for me and my son in a pinch.

A blender, surprisingly use very little. I have to keep it around when the vodka monster comes aknocking though...

A small food processor that needs serious upgrading. Doesn't take up too much room and I use it often during cooking, what a lifesaver.

I have 2 microwaves. A large one I enjoy cooking with, and another white one I have to keep because it came with the apartment (sigh). I keep it in a bedroom closet.

A juicer. This large thing was the most expensive at 90 something and bought years ago when I was in my health kick. I use it very rarely but keep meaning to...so it's one of THOSE appliances. I know I would kick myself forever if I got rid of it though, so...

I have one of those worthless Walmart cappuccino machines. Doesn't work well enough so I have it sitting there in the corner where the teas and coffee collection are for looks. The coffee pot by it actually does get used for guests who drink coffee. That area (besides my teas!) mainly just serve as decoration.

I have an iced tea machine. generally people buy these and never use them. I, however, use it about five times per week. I drink so much tea it's been a godsend on keeping up with making tea and having the exact measurements come out every time. Truthfully I cannot tell the difference with tea on stove versus tea in this machine. Fresh tea versus store-bought, now THAT I can tell. This is my second one, the other broke, and the 2 pitchers they went with the machines have cracked from too frequent use and heat. It's the most used appliance, though.

A Cocoa machine. See the space issues yet? I bought this when I was on my cappuccino kick and the Walmart machine didnt cut it. Surprisingly this works very well and I love it. It's fun, easy, and creates genuine froth at the top of the finished drink that stays. It also keeps the drink warm as it starts to cool by heating back up again. I use it around once a month, I'd say.

Oh, and of course a bread machine. I'm a big bread addict and bake dough in there, freeze, and generally bake in the oven. I sometimes bake the bread in the machine, depending on the recipe and how it affects taste.

I have a hand mixer for blending, and a stand-up hand mixer I use exclusively for soap making. I have the little coffee bean grinder as I only use whole coffee beans.

I have a small pasta machine too. I have a decent collection of tupperware as I put everything in there for the fridge. I store the unused tupperware in a drawer in the fridge. I also collect tea pots and tea sets which take up too much kitchen space. See why I have no room? Groans
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You store empty Tupperware in your refrigerator?
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Old 06-09-2008, 02:54 AM   #47
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I've got quite a bit (At least I think so )...

Pots and Pans mix of All-Clad Copper Core, Demeyere, Le Creuset, and Calphalon One (I prefer the All-Clad)
Cutlery - Shun Elite, Masanobu, Shun Classic, Misomo, some Wustof Steak Knives.
Blocks - Assortment of BooS and True Bamboo
Processor - Viking
Toaster - Kitchen-Aid
Slow Cooker - All-Clad, and Crock-Pot
Blenders - Breville Hemisphere, and Viking Immersion.
Bread Machine
Microwave - Viking
Iced Tea Brewer (3qt)
Favorite Gadgets...Microplanes, Chef'sPlanet PrepTaxi Scoop, OXO Stainless Prep Bowls (one's with measuring lines inside), All-Clad (Stainless), Rosle, and Le Creuset (Silicon) utensils...I have Chef'n and Pyrex too..Korin Whetstones.
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Old 06-28-2008, 10:22 AM   #48
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You could say that I am a cookware junkie. I have an entire room dedicated to my cookware. I have six big stainless steel racks filled with cookware. I have almost every stainless piece from All-Clad. Yes....Yes...Yes...I am addicted. I even have a blog about my pans. Do I cook? Some. I think I am a better shopper than a cook! My husband makes fun of my pans constantly.
Visit my blog "Confessions of a Cookware Junkie" at http://panfreak.blogspot.com/
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I made my own proof box out of wood. I use a light for heat hooked up to a reostat so I can regulate the heat. Its my own invention and it works.

I have most the "stuff" I want.
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Old 06-28-2008, 08:07 PM   #50
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Originally Posted by college_cook View Post
I don't really like the gizmos and gadgets that are specific for just one thing... uni-taskers as Alton Brown says. I did get used to have a certain amount of equipment at hand when I was working in restaurants though, so I like to have large sheet pans, a FP with attachments, stand mixer + attachment (thats what I'm working on aquiring), a couple of pots and pans in various sizes, knives, utensils (whisks, spats, microplane, measuring stuff) , silpat, mixing bowls. Things like a garlic press or an egg separator or egg slicer? No thanks.
I agree an the uni-taskers but still once in a while I get sucked into buying one and then want to shoot myself. Here are some you just dont need some I have bought some I did not. Quesadilla Maker, Pizza maker, egg poacher, electric wok, omelet pan that cooks two separate sides, egg separater, crepe pan, ice tea maker and the list gos on for these things you don't need because you can use what you have. Most of this garbage is the as you see on TV and that includes the miracle hair removers, lip plumpers and all the other baloney.
Then again don't we all want the miracle item that will change our lives and make it better for only $19.99 plus S&H.

"It's so beautifully arranged on the plate - you know someone's fingers have been all over it." - Julia Child
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