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ISO hot mango chutney recipe

I hear Clive's an expert ...?!


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This is my T&T recipe. You can up the ginger and add some red pepper for more spice.


7-10 C coarsely chopped fruit -- peaches or mangoes or pineapple (canned)
3 C sugar
1 1/2 C cider vinegar
3 cloves minced garlic
1 1/2 C chopped onions
2-3 TBS grated fresh ginger
3/4 C lime juice
1 C golden raisins
1/4 C chopped preserved ginger

Place all in large kettle and cook uncovered about 1 or 1 1/2 hours. Put in hot sterile jars and seal. Turn jars upside down immediately after sealing until cool.

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"T&T" being tried and true? If so, once I try, can I come back for hints?

Thanks very much -- looks spot on fundamentally. I'll try it once I master the basics of canning (which I'm in the process of doing, even though I'm intimidated!)

Have you by any chance tried Sharwood's Bengal Spice Mango Chutney? That's my current favorite by far, and I'd just love a few guesses as to what spices that contains!
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In India we have mango based sweet achaars (chutney for those in the west) and then a salty and savory achaar.

I like both. Unlike the sweet ones the salty ones don't use vinegar but use oil to preserve the achaar. It may be too intense for those of non-indian origin. It is heavily infused with spices like fenugreek, mustard and chillis and is ac acquired taste.

Also I like to use raw mangoes (green ones) to make my achaars. I can't really explain the difference between making a chutney/sweet achaar with ripe mangoes vs with raw ones. To me there is no comparison and green is hands down the better one for what we prepare. Here is a version that my mother used to make. Growing up in India mangoes were commonly available and relatively cheap. Try this and see what you think.

3 - 4 large green mangoes. Cut into small same size cubes (1/4 inch)
3-4 cups of brown sugar (more if you like it sweet)
Bunch of curry leaves (available at most indian stores)
1 tbsp of black/brown mustard seeds (also available at Indian stores)
pinch of salt
chili powder and cumin powder to taste
1 tbsp of oil (any kind other than olive is fine)
1 cup of water or more

In a deep pan, add the oil. Once it's hot add the mustard seeds and curry leaves. Cover to prevent it from splattering everywhere. Next add the mangoes, sugar, cumin, chili powder and salt. Add the water and cover and let it all cook on low for 30 minutes or so (Check for water to ensure the chutney does not stick to the bottom).

As the mangoes cook down with the sugar and spices it makes a super nice texture. You can continue to add more water (little by little) to ensure the mangoes are fully cooked. You can also adjust sugar and spices to your liking. Once it's cooked you will have an amber color and will have a prefect balance of spices and sweet and sour taste. It will last for weeks if not months in the refrigerator.
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Clive must be sleeping...but he'll be around soon to add his great ideas to those (great ones ;) )already posted!!!
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Canning chutney doesn't have to be in a pressure canner because of the vinegar and sugar content. Makes it a lot easier!!
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Originally Posted by Ayrton
I hear Clive's an expert ...?!
I make the stuff for a living, Ayrton!
Here's my Hot Mango Chutney recipe - T&T as you say; I 've made over 100 lbs in the past couple of years!
This was a small lot I made for a friend, so the measurements are according to the amount of mangoes I bought that day:
2.3 kgs fresh mangoes, slightly underripe
300 gms raisins
100 gms fresh ginger
1.1 kgs brown sugar ( We are sweet-toothed over here! You may want to use less)
375 mls white vinegar
8 cloves garlic
150 mls tamarind pulp
2.5 tsps salt
2.5 tsps coriander seed, , ground
3 tsps Garam Masala
8 tsps hot chili powder ( yes, 8. And I make my own!)
Peel the mangoes and dice.
Peel the ginger and garlic, add the raisins, place in a blender with the vinegar and blitz until almost smooth.
Mix all the ingredients together in a large stainless steel pot. Bring to a boil and cook for about 20- 25 minutes, stirring often to avoid sticking. Bottle and waterbath for about 20 minutes.
This recipe makes between 14- 15 200cc jars.

Most of my chutneys are directed at western palates, but to satisfy my own cravings for authentic Indian pickles, I make a Rajasthani Mango pickle with raw green mango ( skin and all) - as Yakuta says, it's an acquired taste. (Mine uses 1 cup of chili powder...).
I also make a brinjal (aubergine) pickle, tomato pickle, carrot pickle, ginger and garlic pickle , lime pickle and the thoroughly incendiary fresh chili pickle. I have a client on the other side of Venezuela who calls me from time to time " Heloo? This is Kumal Chanderpaul. Have you got any chili pickle left? We ate the last six jars you sent in a month..."
Wonderful stuff - although my chili pain barrier is a lot lower than Kumal's!!
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Old 08-02-2006, 09:28 PM   #8
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I've made Clives Mango Chutney [must admit I toned it down some] and it is wonderful, tasty, stupendous, marvelous [can you tell I liked it?]
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Thank you very much, both Yakuta and CliveB!

I'm ready to try either or both recipes, but I'm elsewhere on this site (in the canning section) trying to determine how much I can fiddle with these recipes and still stay 'safe' in terms of long-term preserving.

Yakuta, I doubt I can get ahold of curry leaves. Any substitutions you'd recommend for spices?

Clive, I'd have problems with both the tamarind and the garam masala. Are they crucial to your spice mixture?

By the way, you both refer to "raw" green mangoes ... by this do you mean un-ripe?

Thanks again!
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What is your recipe for "chili" powder? Or is it "chile" powder--what kind of chiles?

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