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Old 02-26-2007, 09:15 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by Riverlady2
You sure are having a rough time...I hate that for you...it should be a fun experience...we had to replace our dishwasher recently and two repair men told us..DON'T BY A GE ANYTHING ANYMORE...ITS THE MOST WORKED ON BRANDS WE HAVE ...SO we bought a dishwasher at our Lowes store...I won't even buy a $2.00 item now if its made by GE after their advise...hope things work out for you soon...Jan
I think it anymore its hard to tell. The bigger companies don't make a lot of their products. For example like is said above i had to replace my gas fired hot water heater. At first i was going to do buy a hot water heater at lowes because they sold whirlpool hot water heaters which i respected the brand. Well thank god i did some research before going to buy one. Whirlpool had a class action suit filed against them in 2006 because of faulty water heaters. The cause of the problem is a nonstandard defective thermacouple that keeps breaking on people who had the unit:
Consumer complaints about Whirlpool Water Heaters
Whirlpool and American Water Heater Company Water Heater Design Flaws

Does whirlpool make these units? No. Just like every big manufactorer they contract out to someone who will make them for the lowest bidding price which currently is American Water Heater Company which if i remember correctly was bought out by AO Smith. So your fancy new water heater is not actually made by whirlpool. It just has whirlpools name plastered on it. It doesn't matter whirlpool is still liable for these defaulty units.

I ended finding the best water heaters were braford white but are sold directly by plumbers so it would be about $800 for a new water heater. NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I ended up going to menards and they had something called richmond. I did some research and richmond is made by rheem. Still considered to be a very good water heater so i bought a richmond unit. Also GE water heaters are made by rheem.

I guess my point here is if your buying something from GE that doesn't mean its actually MADE by GE. Thinking your buying a quality product just because a brand name is not enough anymore. This is why the internet is such a great resource. I kind of wanted to replace my dishwasher because all my appliances in my kitchen except it are SS. The dishwasher is white. The diswasher is a maytag and is 12 years old and is still going STRONG. IT is awesome and removes food particles so well from dishes im kind of reluctant to replace it when my parents have had 3 dishwashers in this amount of time.


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got one...

Well guys/gals i wasn't going to get one and then i was in walmart tonight. They are gutting the local store in my area and rearranging everything. I was waiting on the pharmacy so i thought i would browse around at the appliances. Low and behold they have a GE convection microwave on an endcap with a $100.00 clearance sticker on it (originally 188). I fought with myself for awhile to decide if i should get it or not. It wasn't the brand i originally wanted sharp but it was bigger (which might be bad) 1.2 cu compared to .9cu of the sharp but for $100 i could not say no. I thought if i didn't like it i could just bring it back. I unboxed it when i got home and the features on this time are awesome. You can cook with the microwave or the convection or you can cook with a combination of microwave/convection or with a combination of microwave/grill (yes this thing even has a grill). So far im very happy and i couldn't imagine one of these things working this great. I used the combo microwave/convection and it worked wonderfully. The only thing i don't like is how much counter space it takes up since i have limited counter space. This thing is larger than your standard 1.2 cu micro.

Well this thing is a lot studier than the toaster ovens i buy and has a lot more room. I usually buy a new toster over every 1-2 years because i use it a LOT and no matter how careful you are the think ends up getting all gunked up and almost impossible to clean. I was quite suprised to see this convection oven just got slightly warm on the outside.

For anyone on the fence i think this contraption is just awesome.


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Old 04-10-2007, 10:51 AM   #13
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Ok guys the only thing im really wondering if you use the microwave/convection feature where it is using both microwave energy and oven energy at the same time then what can you cover your dish with? You can't use aluminum foil because of the micro energy and you can use saran wrap because of the oven. So what can you cover what your cooking with so it won't make a mess of the micro?

If you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen!!!
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You could always use a pyrex or corningware cassarole dish with a glass lid. However, it may be that recipes that call for the convection feature should not be covered.
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Try covering things with a paper towel. That's what I do. Usually if I'm re-heating something like chili or spaghetti sauce.
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How about waxed paper?
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I use a paper plate. It works great if you turn it over on the dish.
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Parchment paper maybe?
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Old 04-10-2007, 04:38 PM   #19
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Also, there are microwave covers covers that are designed to almost completely cover the plate of food that you are warming up so that any splatters of sauce or gravy is contained under the cover, and NOT on the interior walls of your microwave.

Yes Andy, you're right. The convection feature DOES work best without the food being covered such as a chicken, turkey or roast beef. It sort of sears and browns the outside and keeps the inside of the meat tender and juicy.

As for the micro-convection feature, this lets you use the speed of the microwave with the dry heat of the convection feature. So I can't say whether the food should be covered or not.

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