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Foodsaver update

Well I got my food saver last thursday or friday or wednesday,one of those three, I got from ebay for $30 and $12 shipping. The day before I got it I went to costco and got the big box of foodsaver rolls for $40. My foodsaver came without a vacuum hose.
So I vacuumed some parsley I think it is, for DW cause she will let it go to waste and then sunday morning I had my waffle adventure.
Made a nice batch of waffles from the age old fine cooking, light and fluffy waffle reciepe, and put them in the freezer to freeaze, and started the 2nd batch, when I realized that I hadn't put any baking soda in them, I thought they felt funny, a little too dense, so chucked that batch and proceeded with the 2nd batch. Got the first 2 in the freezer, ate the 3rd one and it tasted pretty good. Got the old food sucker out and proceeded to cut some off the roll and sucked them up.
At this point I began to play with the early cut off feature that lets you stop vacuuming before I vacuumed my waffle out of existence. Havent quite got the hang of it yet, but my waffes are only slightly bowed.

I then had the pressence of mind to see whether the waffle would actually fit in the toaster and suprise, they won't. I have half a mind to try and find a toaster oven that it will fit into, (it's a cusinart classic round waffler) or to try one of those extra long slot toasters, but i figure it wont be deep enough to get the whole waffle into and I've never known a toaster oven to cook stuff evenly on both sides. Besides eggo's are 2 for $10 this week.

In any case sunday afternoon, i went to all the major grocercy stores, in my neighborhood looking for provender for my foodsaver and I got the big lamb roast and the biggest chunk of ground beef that i figured my wife would allow into the house and asparagus was on sale, and the zucchin and squash looked good, and while I got green beans at one store and the last store they just looked better.

So I gt home and vacuumed half of each vege so that we will have vittles next week, well maybe next month :) and she thought the lamb was just so big, so that got wacked in half and I now trying to figure out whether it is better to vacuum the hamburger in it's package or to take it out.

I have been suckering the potato chip bag and i almost think they are fresher or more crisp after suckering than they were when I first opened the bag.

In any case I went to the outlet mall today, which isnt really that much of an adventure, it's about 30 mins from my wife's job in search of a vacuum hose, and prices of the canisters, to see whether I would do better, buying them online.
Hit the kitchen collection and the corning revere store. One is 3 doors down from the other. Kitchen collection claimed they used to sell the hose by itself but no more. They were selling the bags and the rolls at $10 a piece, you get different quantities depending on what size bag or roll you get, and they had the mason jar sealers for $9 and $10 for the wide mouth. The canisters were $24 for the 3 piece set. Corning Revere had the bags and rolls at the same price but the canisters were $20. So of coruse I get the canisters and then I think to myself , self it will be awhile before I come back this way again so let me go ahead and get the jar sealers as well. So I proudly go back into kitchen collection make a bee line for the jar sealers and seal the deal.

So I come home and go to food saver website and fire off a email asking how do I get this accesory hose, and then I drift over to ebay to see whats hot and figure I've spent enough on cannisters for one day especially when I have no hose with which to use them...
And then I go to amazon.com I look around at the mason jar sealers and notice that they always picture them with a hose. I say hmmmm... I look at the product specifications and on the wide mouth they say, includes vacuum hose. I get real curious and tentatively happy and tear into my packages and then hallejuah chorus starts ringing out, I HAVE A HOSE!
Houston we have ignition!
So I have toys to go play with it

3 parting thoughts
1. unless you just want the roll cutter holder one those paper cutters that you can get at a office supply will cut the roll just fine, just put the textured side toward the blade

2. Cut the bags bigger than you think you need to. Cutting the bag 2 or 3 inches to big and cutting off the 1/2 inch at the top that you sealed and re using is cheaper than cutting the bag exactly to size and then throwing away the whole bag.

3. So far I have been sealing the bag to close to the product that I am sealing in. So I wind up with a lot of wasted bag before the seal.

And 4, so far from what I have seen, I have model 1085 and I wouldn't want one of the newer or more expsensive ones. They tend to have roll storage and cutters and such but they would take up more counter space and I dont have any of that as it is.

Hope I havent bored everybody...
Oh yeah so far I have spent about $125 with tax and I have a model 1085, the 4 roll pack of rolls, the 3 piece bottle set and the regular and wide mouth jar sealer. I think I have come out ahead of buying the package.

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